Mar 4, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Friday Update 3/4/11

Whew! What a long, long week it has been... Where do I start?

Last week, I spent three days in the Green Bay office. It’s a 4.5 hour drive each way. The Monday before I left, they got snow up there. Monday here? Ice. Ugh. Luckily by Tuesday afternoon, weather was fair and roads were good. The hotel was great, service was great, and the food in the restaurant was awesome. I highly recommend the Comfort Suites, if you’re ever there. I received crash course (a day and half) training in some new software the company developed, and this week I was on my own servicing new clients. Things never go as planned when you start a new project! I ended up working extra hours trying (said "trying" not succeeding) to get everything done that needed to get done. Needless to say, it’s been a very, very long and stressful week.

I’m in my last week of the semester. All the “complaints” and observations I made early in the semester carried through to the end. Whatever. All I care about is that I’m getting a good grade. So far, I’ve been carrying an “A”. Our written paper is due this week. So… In addition to work stress, I’ve also had the stress of trying to get my paper done. Our assignment was to choose a company and analyze their financial statements based on financial ratios assigned by the instructor and answer 19 additional questions he came up with. I chose a company called Robert Half International. I ended up writing 17 pages, did my final editing, and uploaded it to the online classroom today. Whew! It’s worth 20% of our final grade. Even if I really screwed it up, I will still walk away from the class with a “B”. I now have two entire weeks free!! Free, I tell you, free! Oh, and now I only have 3 classes left until I graduate :)

And now for some fun stuff...

It's been a while since I've shared some photos of Charley and talked about her antics. Since I spent a lot of time this week working on my paper at the dining room table, I opened the door to her cage (which is next to the table) and let her amuse herself by climbing out and up to the top. It cracks me up that she spreads her wings and hovers while looking toward the floor at Celeste. Like she's a predatory bird or something, lol.

Sometimes she's content just sitting on the door of her cage.

It's not quite so fun when she takes flight to the nearby curtain rods and then proceeds to crap on the curtains or the plant below! Bad bird, bad!!

Much to my surprise, my Geisha Needlebook was featured on the DMC blog (HERE). How exciting is that?!! Thank you to CJ for letting me know. :)

I didn't get to work on Blossom Splendor very much, but I made a little progress. I just wish it would start looking like something!


Carolyn NC said...

Awesome to be free! Not too much more and you'll be done! Nice stitching and congrats on being featured.

Sunshine said...

Excellent news about School! Enjoy your time off. Love the pics of Charley. He looks very content in his environment. Well Done!

Donna said...

Woo hoo! A break from school! Congrats on the DMC posting. Charley looks very happy.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get some rest this weekend and a break from your class. Love the pictures of Charley.


Kathy A. said...

Whew - the sememster is almost over. I am sure you will do very well.
Love the update. That silly bird LOL
And some Shania - my fellow Canadian to listen to. Perfect.

Sadie said...

It sounds like your two week break from school is well deserved! Hope work calms down a bit too.
Congrats on being featured on the DMC blog :-)
Blossom Splendor look so beautiful! Those colours are so pretty and spring like. Keep at it :-)

angel parker said...

You should have things on the dmc blog. You are a marvelous stitcher! I am glad that you are down to three classes. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy your free time.

Debra said...

Love the colors in the dress.

CJ said...

I am so glad to hear from you. I was getting a little worried. Charley looks great as usual. Congrats on getting schol finished, enjoy your two weeks off.


Bette said...

I love the colors in Bloissom Splendor. Very pretty! Only 3 classes to go? You're on the home stretch!

Carol said...

I'm sure you're counting the days until your two week break, Meari! You still amaze me with all you do in a week!! Congratulations on having your needlebook featured on the DMC blog--I can see why! It is gorgeous.

I'm confidant that you'll receive your well-deserved "A" as well. I can't believe you only have 3 more courses--you're almost there :)

Nancy in IL said...

Meari, I'm so glad your stressful week is over, but at least you had a great place to stay.

As for school, you'll do just great on your paper. I predict you'll land an A. Isn't it wonderful that you only have 3 classes left? My DD only has 2 left, and she is ready to breathe for a time before going on to get her RN. With a degree in psychology, she can pretty much write her own ticket, as they say.

I totally enjoyed the antics of Charley. Great pix!

Despite your busy schedule, you have quite a lot done on Blossom Splendor.... beautiful colors!

Nancy M said...

When I read the pay it forward post, I thought I had missed your Monday one! Enjoy your 2 weeks off! I wondered if Charlie pooped on things, or you had him trained not to do that either! Don't know if I even mentioned that we know someone with a big bird and we always save our pork ribs for them when we have a slab. Their bird really enjoys them. Pick up any Packers stuff while in GB?? LOL

Emily in NC said...

Work and class do sound stressful, good that you have two stress relievers at home to play with. You've shown of Charley, now more of Celeste!!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks wonderful and
Congratulation that your needlebook is in that DMC blog, it is really great that peoples can use your instruction.

Nice to hear that your school going good.


Pam in IL said...

Meari, as always, your blog makes me smile! I love seeing what you're up to.

I'd like to participate in the PIF and it might be just what I need to actually start a blog of my own ;)

Vicky L said...

I love how Blossom Splendor is shaping up. You are getting there. Dont give up. Now you have 2 weeks off, are you going make any progress on JG? Wow, 3 more classes, woo-hoo!

Mary said...

Congrats on getting your paper posted!!! I'm glad you survived your work week away from your office. I love the pictures of Charley, especially with her wings spanned wide. Also congrats on your needlebook tutorial being mentioned on the DMC blog. I'm so behind in my blog reading that I haven't read that post yet. I hope you have a great week!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Enjoy your 2 weeks free time :) You deserve it after working so hard and especially after your long and stressful week. Charley's still the cutest bird I know. Love her!

Congrats on being featured on DMC blog. Your needlebook is beautiful so I'm not surprised.

mbroider said...

3 classes until you graduate!! Wow, Meari!!

Also congrats on being featured in DMC blog! See, it looks like good times for you now:)

Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Sorry it was such a stressful week Meari! But I'm sure you did fine on your paper!! :o)

Happy Trails,
Pam K. :o)

EvalinaMaria said...

I can relate to your week... the only difference is in driving conditions - despite the weather, our roads are good!

Thank you for sharing Charlie's pictures and good luck on the finals!

PennyB said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your grade, but I'm sure you'll do great. Love the pictures of Charley. And congrat. on your needle book on DMC. I love it!

Mylene said...

Great pictures of Charley! WOW, for being featured and enjoy your break.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like work is keeping you busy. You're almost done with the semester! Yay!

Karin in CA

chrisstitches said... were so close but the roads to get to you weren't good. So now you are a pro at the new software LOL
I'm sure you did a great job on the report. Don't know how you do it all.....maybe a bit tired.
Blossom looks very colorful & that is what I like.
Charley was a little bit sassy. probably missed you.
Take care & hugs

Anonymous said...

Meari, there's visible progress on Blossom Splendor--don't give up! And
I'm hoping your paper does well so you can get the well-deserved A!
Happy stitching and God bless--
Patricia Cecilia (aka Dr. P in NC)

Kathy said...

Your Blossom Slendor is looking so pretty. Love the colors in this one.

Love, the photos of Charley and LOL about your curtains. Bad birdie. :)

Enjoy your weeks off from school. But you must really be getting excited about being so close to the end. How soon do you think you be able to finish up?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had quite a stressful time one way and another Meari! Enjoy your two weeks off school!

Congrats on getting your needle book featured on the DMC blog!


Anonymous said...

Hope things were a little better at work this week. Congrats on being so close to being done with school. I understand how hectic that can be. Charley is way cute. Congrats, too, on being featured on the DMC page. That's really exciting stuff.

Sandy in NM

Vickie said...

Charley is a the stitching but where is JG??? Congrats on school!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the stress at work and the long drive. Great to hear you finished your school term. And congrats on being featured on the DMC blog!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Great progress :) Congratulations on being on the DMC blog - believe it or not, I'm actually missing college!