Jan 23, 2012

TUSAL 1/23/2012

I just love these old canning jars. It's not often I find them with lids. When I do, I snatch them up.

I chose a pint size one for the 2012 Totally Useless SAL coordinated by Daffycat.

My jar contains threads from:
• Japanese Garden... pretty pastels and sparkly #4 Krenik braid
• Little Snowman... whites, blues, and orange
• Blossom Splendor... blues, purples, and greens
• Oh, and a mailart... reds, browns, and other muted colors

Wow, I've done a lot of stitching so far this month!


cucki said...

Sweet tusal xxx

Katie said...

Cute jar.

Anne said...

Wow, what a cute jar!! Lots of great orts in there too!!

Mouse said...

ohhh that jar is soooo cute ... I want one ...lol and yes I do think you have done a wee bit of stitching there :) love mouse xxxxx

Elena said...

Your needle has been flying!! lol
Happy Stitching!

Faith... said...

I love those jars too...yours is going to look very pretty by the end of the year!

Kay said...

I tried to join this year Meari but my emails bounced back. I'll probably have mostly quilting threads for the first half of the year, so maybe those threads won't qualify. You have done allot of stitching so far.

EvalinaMaria said...

Just a pint size? With school out of your way you definitely will need a bigger jar!

Cindy said...

You have a great start Meari. This is my 2nd year & I actually remembered to post my picture. Last year I kept forgetting to post them.

Laurita Hall said...

Your little jar is adorable!


Akila said...

Wow, that's a great amount of stitching for, well.. not even a month through the year. Great going :)

Ziggyeor said...

oh cute I like that canning jar.

Bridgette Friedman said...

Luv the jar so ol’timey + a nice pile of orts!

Bridgette ~ stitchsavelive.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I love your jar, save these along with many other stuff. The TUSAL is a cute and fun idea. I had a pile going and my husband though it was trash and threw it out when I was not about. Men, I need to watch him more than I do my little guy, Trace. Just does not seem right, does it?

Were you baking Meari? I seem to acquire those when I am baking. I think it is the oven attacking me
I will wait for your side of the story.