Dec 30, 2011

Wish List, Likes, Dislikes...

I had a brainstorm idea this morning. (Watch out world!) I belong to several online stitching groups and each group has a questionaire asking about wish lists, likes, dislikes, etc. I find it time consuming to be typing the same things over and over, so I thought... Why not put it all in my blog, and then reference this entry? Good idea, eh? I thought so! So here goes:


Favorite fabric: 28/32ct evenweave/linen, hand-dyeds

Favorite needles: 26ct petite needles

Favorite Threads: Victoria Clayton Silks, GAST, Glissen Gloss Colorwash Silks, SSS (needed floss colors are in my wish list link below). Love specialty flosses.

Colors (include favorites & least favorites): Favorites: soft pretty colors such as pastels and lighter tans/mottled browns; Dislikes: dark, drab colors.

Themes (include favorites & least favorites): Likes: Fobs, Stitcher Accessories, Christmas ornaments; Least favorite: religious, folksy, abstract, fantasy, Celtic.

Magazines (include favorites & any that are subscriptions): Any UK mags, Stoney Creek , JCS

Favorite Designers: Miribilia, Joan Elliot, Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate as well as a few others.

Favorite Foods/Drink: ice tea (or flavored hot teas), cocoa, skittles, jelly belly jelly beans, Lindor chocolate, Ferrero Rocher chocolate

Collections (things you collect other than stitching): old cameras (I’m a photographer too)

Scents (include favorite & least favorite): My favorite scent is Lilac. I have allergies and asthma so strong scents don’t work for me.

Favorite ONS:
123 Stitch I have a wish list there. My email addy is:
Keepsake Needlearts
Hand-Dyed Fibers

Favorite LNS: Don’t have one close to me. There’s a Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.


Pictorial Wish List located HERE

Charts wanted: see Pictorial Wish List link above

Kits wanted (including just charts from kits): see Pictorial Wish List link above

Threads/beads wanted: anything but DMC/Anchor floss. I don't use Anchor, and I have 2-3 complete sets of DMC.

Accessories/Gadgets wanted:

Leather Scissor sheaths
#26 Stitch Fixer
DMC Brand Plastic Bobbins

Do you have an online photo album? My Album

How do you store your threads? On bobbins in plastic storage cases

Floss bags or bobbins? (Cardboard or plastic bobbins?) I use both bags and bobbins. Mostly bobbins. I’m in the process of switching from cardboard to plastic DMC bobbins.

Do you have pets? Yes. A little 6lb. dog named Celeste


Alberta ('Berta) said...

What a great wish List...who designed the stitcher's sampler? Love your new photo home!

valerie said...

Needle in a Haystack (NiaH) is my LNS...isn't it great!? I'll be heading there tomorrow to take a class. I love that place...

Becky J said...

I don't know if you like to stitch HAED's but I found two, while I was writing down my enormous wish list. The fist one is Moon Maidens by Ruth Sanderson, and the second, which I think is just absolutely stunning if Turandot by Kinuko V. Craft Arts. Just take a peek when you get a chance.

Kristin said...

Great list

Carolyn NC said...

Great idea!

Jenna said...

SSS = Six Strand Sweets? If so, what colors are you looking for? Also, I think I have some DMC plastic bobbins I can send to you.

Akila said...

Lovely idea. Such a pretty wishlist

Akila said...

Oh and wish you a great 2012 with a whole lot of stitching and everything wonderful

Laurita Hall said...

What a good idea Meari!