Jul 22, 2013

Marvelous Monday Update 7/22/13

For the past few weeks, we've had horrendously HOT and HUMID weather here in the upper Illinois flatlands.  Why do people call us flatlanders, anyway?  The area I live in is far from being flat.  Besides acres and acres of crop fields, there's rolling hills, proliferous woodlands, and curving waterways.  But I digress...  After dealing with temps in the mid to upper 90's and heat indexes of over 100, we've finally received a much wanted and anticipated reprieve from the humidity.  (I for one say, "Thank Goodness!  It's about time!!)  It's still not cool enough for me to go on walks during my lunch hour, but at least it's cool enough that I can mow the "hayfield" of a yard at The Homestead without fear of falling over.

This is how I spent my evenings and weekends:

I'm sure Celeste felt like this:

There were several days that after doing my hair, I swear it looked like this:

Okay, maybe not that bad but it sure felt like it!

Sigh.  I'm really beginning to despise garden pests.  I had planted about 10 hills of cucumbers and two plants grew (which were promptly eating down to nothing in ONE day).  I had planted a bunch of herbs in the garden, too.  The only ones that grew were the ones in pots.  Is it possible something at the seeds before they had a chance to pop?  Recently, I noticed the Japanese Beetles have been devouring my rose bush.  I hand picked about eight of those little buggers off the bush yesterday.

*stepping off soap box now*

Despite the above rant, I do have some lovelies growing on The Homestead:

I forgot to take snaps of the planters and hanging basket. Darn it.

The local college put on its rendition of Big River.  Based on Mark Twain's 1884 novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,  it features music in the bluegrass and country styles in keeping with the setting of the novel. I have to say that there are some very talented theatrical students at the college. 

Some of the singing literally gave me goosebumps... it was *that* good.

The Snowflower Diaries is hosting its first ever giveaway. Click on over to see what it's all about.  There are also some freebies that you may want to stitch up.

I am almost doing a happy dance.  Almost... but not quite.  I didn't realize how much I really had done on Yuku.  After this past weekend's stitching marathon, I've only got Yuku's right sleeve to finish!  Yay.  Here's what she looks like:

Other WIP photos can be seen HERE.

I should take some close ups so you can see the details better. (Note to self: take better pics of Yuku)  I need to take a break from all the BS and FK's.  Sounds naughty, doesn't it?  LOL  Yuku is going to be put away for a bit while I work on an exchange piece and some gift ideas I have.

Balloon Glow is coming along nicely, too.  So many pretty colors in the sky.  I'm about 1/4 done with one page.  It still doesn't look like anything but blobs of color.

See that tiny little brown rectangle?  That's one of the balloon baskets (in case you were wondering and all...).

I've been doing some projects around The Homestead so stay tuned for future installments.


CJ said...

Great update. Hope your arm heals quickly.


Vickie said...

Glad for the update. I know, we have been having the same yucko weather here above you.
Your stitching looks great. So near completion on Yuku.

Kay said...

It was super hot here as well last week, I am happy for the cool days we have had here as of late! The flowers are beautiful!! Sounds like the play you went to was wonderful. Been a few years since I have been to something like that, it is a little theater that does plays in the summer, it is called Rabbit Run Theater. They have some good shows and actors. Love your stitching as always! I have been so busy that I have not had time to stitch as of late. Have a good week

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work,

Denise F

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

its looking beautiful!! ANd I feel your pain i nthe heat only its bloody dry here!

glenda said...

I feel your pain...damn weather is starting to piss me off! We don't usually have humidity..so it's a real pain when it shows up. I think the last couple days have been around 100 or so.

Great job on the stitching. I took a couple weeks off and am back at it now.

Mouse said...

ouchie re the arm ... golfers elbow it sounds like .... and love the stitching update and you can tell its a balloon basket cos of the balloon shape about it ..lol
and I can soooooo relate to that hair hahahaha love mouse xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Love the Stargazer Lilies & the Tiger Lilies...bet they are heavenly to smell when you walk by!


Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching Meari! I'm with you on the weather and yes those Japanese beetles are horrible. Hope your arm in back to normal in no time:) Beautiful flowers and your not alone with garden disappointments, I think it has to do some with the weather.

Jennifer M

Faith... said...

Yuko is looking great!

The weather is super hot and while I WON'T COMPLAIN about the heat because I can't stand the cold even more - I could go for some rain or a couple of cooler days!

Sorry to hear about your garden - that stinks!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful lilies, Meari. My neighbor has stargazer lilies around her tree and they are spectacular too.

HUGS, Dee in TN

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bugs getting to your plants. The ones that they left alone are gorgeous. Yuku is looking great!!! Your WIP is coming along well too. Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Shaunterria/Ca11i0pe said...

Your stitching is beautiful (per usual), even the sky :) Your flower pictures are gorgeous, they helped brighten my day...I think some fauna has been eating at my flora too because I recently tried to plant some Calif. wildflowers and only one sprouted from the whole bag. Good luck with the rest of your plants, I hope you have a bountiful harvest when it's time :)


Pam in IL said...

Don't like hearing about your arm/elbow -- hope it gets better quickly. We haven't had a break in the heat and humidity. Not even a drop of rain since the beginning of July. We have tons of garden pests too. Beautiful flowers and stitching is looking great!

Anonymous said...

We are having the same kind of weather here in Ontario, Canada.

Love your flowers and sorry about the other plants.

Great stitching on your WIPs.


Southpaw Stitcher said...

Wow, Yuku is stunning! Balloon Glow looks really pretty, too. Great stitching!

Vicky L said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I know what you mean with your hair and the humidity. All last week it was huge when it wasn't in a bun.
I like how Balloon Glow is looking and I can see a balloon forming. I can't wait to see more.

Denise SA said...

Yuku looks gorgeous hope your arm is better soon

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that someone have had HOT days. We have has quite cold weather , really cold wind many days.

Your flowers and stitching looks wonderful


cucki said...

Oh dear...sending you col wind from South Africa..
Super sweet stitches...it's looking so pretty
Hope your arm feel better soon.
Hugs x

Sue said...

Hi sweetie, I know the feeling with all the humidity. I will be so glad when cooler weather arrives.

Your flowers are beautiful! I love the lilies; Isn't it funny how pesky those beetles can be; I remember as a kid picking them off of my Grandfather's beloved rose bushes. They do not seem to be any less of a nuisance than they were many years ago. Something like the beautiful ladybugs you seldom see anymore.

Yuki is looking fabulous, as well as your balloons! I really need to get my LK ABCs finished before we meet at PALS in October! LOL....

Your blog looks wonderful, as always.

Sue your SM

Carol said...

Horrid weather...disgusting garden pests--I'm right there with you, Meari! Sigh... At least we have our stitching to bring us some smiles, right? Yuku is looking incredible--such lovely detail in that piece and you're making wonderful progress on your balloon piece, too.

Hope the rest of the summer cools down for both of us--they are saying tomorrow is supposed to be ideal here (which means you are probably having that weather today!)...

Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful, Meari! I think the BF is going to have to wrap you in bubble wrap or take away all your 'toys' so that you only have access to them for so many minutes a day. I hope your arm is better soon!!


Akila said...

Very pretty flowers, love the colors.

Wow, yuko looks so elegant. Imagining such a lady in person!!

Melinda said...

love the BS and the FKs Your blog is so much fun to read - the Lion King picture is the best and your flowers are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Yuki is looking great, Meari! Your lilies are beautiful.

Karin in CA

Anne said...

100 degrees is too hot! I like the cartoon photo of the lady cooling down! Good to hear that the weather has let up a wee bit. As for the bugs eating at your garden, I can't say much as I don't have a garden, but I have heard that putting spices down like cayenne pepper and cinnamon? helps deter some bugs. At least you have some gorgeous lilies in your garden!! Great progress on Yuku. She's a very pretty Geisha girl!

stitcherw said...

Hot and humid here too, with temps and humidity levels similar to yours. However, the last two days have been a bit better, we'll see if it lasts. Yuku is looking lovely, that is a gorgeous piece.

SoCal Debbie said...

Yuku and Balloon Glow look beautiful. Thanks for clarifying what the brown square was!

Shelley said...

Wow!! The pics of your flowers are amazing. Stargazer lilies are my all time fav flower.

Yuku is so close to being done. It looks wonderful.

I love the colors in Balloon Glow.

Happy Stitching

SueH said...

I think you really deserve to do a happy dance Merie, your stitching is beautiful and so detailed. The new piece looks lovely too and as you say, the colours are so pretty.

I know what you mean about the weather. It’s been extremely hot here in the UK too but this week it’s broken and we have rain and thunder storms at the moment. There’s promise of more hot weather heading our way later in the week thought ….heading up from Spain apparently.

Happy Stitching!

htimcj said...

Beautiful flowers! Sorry the bugs are eating everything in site!