Mar 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - March

Time to report on the Stitch From Stash challenge coordinated by Mel at Epic Stitching.  The idea is (obviously) to stitch from our stash to reduce spending.  I also look at it as a way to focus on reducing my accumulation of stash.

During the month of March, I have spent zilch...nada... zero!

I focused on stitching and shopped my stash collection instead of online or at the store.

I started and finished Stitcher's Heart:

I worked on Japanese Garden:

I started Petal Pincushion:

I also finished the Spring/Easter mailart, but can't show photos until it arrives to its new home.

Until the next SFS,

Mar 24, 2014

Marvelous Monday Update 3/24/14

Spring is slowly crawling its way in my area.  Most of the snow has melted and its wake the nasty brown stuff has been left behind.  We're due for a bit more snow today and tomorrow, but possible temperatures in the mid to upper 50's by the weekend.  I am so looking forward to leaving winter behind!  This last one was the 8th worst on record for my area.

I think I'm finally getting over the cold I have been battling with for the past three weeks.  The cough has been lingering... and lingering... and lingering.  I've had more energy so I think I'm on the downhill slide.  Let's hope!

I think I've mentioned a time or two that my employer has a healthy living incentive program.  We have to earn and maintain a certain amount of points for certain healthy living activities (pre-determined by an outside provider) in order to get a discount on our health insurance premiums.  Last week, some coworkers and I participated in a 3K Run/Walk.  It was my first one.

(I'm the one in red)
In last week's mail, I received the Stitchers Day Exchange from DJ (Tickled Pink in Stitches).  She stitched it over-one and made it into a beautiful little flatfold.  I am so happy with it.

Thank you, DJ!
I received word from DJ that she received the exchange piece I stitched for her so I can now show it.

Design:  Stitcher's Heart*
Designer: A Mon Ami Pierre
Fabric: 28ct Silkweaver Opalescent Cashel Linen
(Shimmering Romance)
Fibers: DMC
Embellishments: Handmade Cording, Beads
*At one point in time, this design was a freebie offered by A Mon Ami Pierre.  It's no longer on the website, but perhaps they could email by request.  Worth a try...
Last week, I started Petal Pincushion mentioned in a previous post.  I've cut out all the fabric pieces and have stitched the button and most of one side.  This will be my new work "lunch hour" project.

I finished the Spring/Easter mailart that will be going to Anne, but I can't show photos until it arrives in Canada.  That counts as the fourth finish this year.  Woo Hoo!
I pulled out JG yesterday and made a bit of progress.  Much to my dismay, I think I may run out of a couple Eterna Mini-Twist colors.  I did a search online and I would end up paying twice as much for shipping than I would for two skeins of floss.  I emailed Stitchers Paradise for a quote, but haven't heard back yet.  Anyone know of where I can get the floss with reasonable shipping?  Or, does anyone have Eterna in their stash?  I'm looking for 4110, 290, and 2840.

Until next time,

Mar 16, 2014

The Week That Was

Where do I start?  How about last Monday morning?

My boss, the controller, is always in her office either before or at 8am.  At quarter after, I wondered if she was sick and no one had sent out an email yet.  The CFO came to my desk shortly after that and asked me to come into her office. She said, "I don't know if you've heard yet..."  Uhmm, no.  At that point, I truly thought my boss had an accident over the weekend.  The CFO then informed me that the controller and the 80+ year old tax accountant (both were my go-to people when I needed to learn or know something) were let go, along with a gal from human resources and a gal who was a business analyst.  I was so stunned and shocked by it all.  Sure, it didn't surprise me about the 80 year old since the controller had been telling me for months that his performance had been going down hill for the past 6 months.  He just wasn't mentally processing things quickly and it took him forever to accomplish tasks.  But, the controller?  I was was truly surprised and caught off guard.  The reason we were given as to why they were let go is "duplication of efforts."

Although, when I think back to when the CFO was hired...  She was hired about 4 months after I was.  At the time, management said: "Things will remain the same.  You all will still report to the controller as in the past.  Blah, blah, blah."  I remember thinking: "Why would they need a controller and a CFO?"  Ah well, here it is a year later and the controller as well as a few others have been axed.  Management has told us we "don't need to be looking over your shoulders. It's a one time deal. It's done and we're moving forward."  Management has also told us that the employees would be taken care of... whatever that means.

Needless to say, morale was a bit down on Monday.  Even by Friday, I still felt pangs of sadness for my former coworkers.  I *really* liked my boss, the controller... I will miss her.

My hunting adventures haven't resulted in any major "finds" lately, but I still like to go and look.  I've acquired a few small things:

A sock monkey!  These little fellas take me back to my childhood.  My grandmother (RIP) had one of these and I remember playing with it when I went to visit.  Did you know that the sock monkey originated in Rockford, Illinois not far from me?  This particular sock monkey is a Ty Beanie Baby.

A few small cross stitch kits. With some modifications, I think they will make some cute projects.

Temps have finally warmed up some.  The "Tunnels of Terror" and mountains of snow in my yard have slowly been melting away.  By Wednesday, we're supposed to have temps in the mid 50's. Woo Hoo!

Apparently, I didn't knock on wood hard enough or long enough.  I have "caught" the cold bug that's been going around at work.  It started off with a tiny little cough and then developed into a deep, barking one that hurt when I sneezed.  I've had a bit of a runny nose and sinus congestion, too.  I think I'm on the downhill slide now.  The cough isn't as bad and I feel better with each day.  Unfortunately, I have passed on the good fortune to the BF.

I have been working on two projects the past several weeks.  Both are for exchanges so I can't show them quite yet. 

It was decided by one of the Yahoo groups that March 25th is Stitchers Day. In celebration, an exchange was coordinated. I sent my package off to DJ (Tickled Pink in Stitches) on Saturday, so hopefully I'll get to show pics next week.  I had a fiddly of a time getting it assembled to my vision, but I finally got it.  I hope she likes it... I really wanted to keep it!

The other project is for Anne (Doll's Musings).  After we did our Christmas mailart exchange last year, Anne asked me if I'd be interested in doing a Spring/Easter mailart.  I hand-dyed a fabric and have been diligently stitching away on it.  It is turning out so adorable!  I'm close enough to being finished with the stitching that I'm thinking about embellishments and finishing.  So exciting!

Once I get the mailart piece done, I will be starting a new project.  I agreed to do a SAL with Christina (A Stitchers Work).  We are going to be stitching the Petal Pincushion shown on the front cover of the April issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.  Interestingly enough, neither one of us are going to use the recommended supplies.  Christina is doing hers in yellow and pink.  I will be doing mine in dusty rose fabric and either dark pink or purple floss for the flowers. What color do you think would look better?

The color I go with for the flowers will determine the color I use for the ribbon ties.  I plan on hand-dyeing the ric rac green to (hopefully) match the greenery of the stitched piece.  I also need to get some flower buttons since I don't have those.


Until next time,

Addendum to Week That Was

I forgot to mention a couple other things....

1.   Remember the black and white photo I did of my niece... the companion piece I showed in my last post?  I finally delivered it to my brother at his workplace.  He was so thrilled with it, he showed it off to his coworkers and told the story of how I did similar ones of his other two daughters. As I left, he thanked me again and said, "I love it!"  I'm sure it wasn't long after he got home that the new one was hung up on his wall along side the other two.

2.   The sweetheart that he is, the BF bought me a subscription to Just Cross Stitch as a Valentine's Day gift... so that I could do the SAL with Christina.  If you're considering getting a subscription, I highly recommend getting the digital version.  Each issue is a downloadable PDF file that is searchable.  For less than $20, not only do you get the current issues throughout the year, but you also get access to the prior two years back issues... including the ornament issues.  The back issues are also downloadable and searchable PDF files.  That's like getting three years for the price of one!  What I like is that I only need to print the pages I need when I want to do a project.  Takes up less space and I can still peruse them anytime I want.