Jun 30, 2016

Summer... Lots of Activities

One of the birds built a nest on the backside of the birdfeeder I have hanging near the window of my four-season room.  I've been documenting the babies over the past week.

June 20th
June 24th
June 27th
This week both of them flew the coop.

I've recently attended two plays at local community theatres. Both were a bit controversial, but the actors/actresses did a great job.

“Over the Tavern” is a comedy set in Buffalo, NY during the Eisenhower years of the 1950’s and introduces the audience to the Pazinskis: Mom, Dad and their four children (Eddie, Annie, Georgie, and the hero of the play, 12-year old Rudy).  Rudy is a precocious kid who starts to question his family values and the Roman Catholic Church.  He believes God put us on Earth to “have fun” and tries to figure out why his family isn’t having any.  There is a lot of interaction with Mother Superior at school and dealings with living over a tavern owned by Dad and Grandfather. 

Some people left at intermission due to the Catholic portrayals.

“I Never Sang For My Father” is a drama that probes the epitome of a dysfunctional family… disquieting alienation that can exist between a father and son, a separation that time and old age can sometimes only deepen, despite the best intentions of both.  Gene, a college professor, has tried all of his life to find love and acceptance from his father, a successful, highly respected man, who is sometimes callous, unloving and selfish. Upon the untimely death of his mother, Gene is forced to help his father through his dark days. His sister urges Gene to break the ties for good, or else he’ll wind up as bitter and cold as their father.

The play hit some areas close to home for me that I actually cried.

The weather was sunny and hot, but I still ventured out to enjoy the activities offered in my area.  Two car shows and a hot air balloon festival with blues music.

Car Show sponsored by local classic car club
Car Show at Blues & Balloon Festival

Part 7 of the Words 2016 SAL seemed to go much faster than the previous two sections despite having to frog part of it. Who sent out the frogs?

I've finished the final section - Part 8 and am working on finishing up the border.  The frogs came to visit twice!

Combine a dream and flowers, what do you get? A pretty freebie offered by DMC.

Click HERE to download the PDF.

Until next time....

Jun 10, 2016

This, That, and The Other

Most of you know that I can sling a mean paint brush... when it comes to refurbishing filing cabinets or side tables or even painting walls.  Recently, I took a watercolor class offered by the park district.  Not wanting to be totally uneducated, I jumped on YouTube to learn some basic watercolor skills.  Here's what resulted from my using my niece's Prang watercolor paints from grade school (many eons ago!).  The tutorial I used was very good in that it went step-by-step on how to draw and paint.  My result:

A few days later I went to the class.  I was disappointed that there wasn't more instruction.  We were basically told to draw the flower and then paint it doing the lightest shade first, followed by medium, and then shading.  There was no demonstration or anything.

We were allowed to use primary colors to paint with: red, yellow, and blue.  After the teacher had difficulty mixing up a gray with them, he got me some brown... and still couldn't get it.  After trial and error, I finally got a color that worked.  Since I was late to class (didn't know where the community building was), I was stuck with the only flower left which was a white rose... hence the gray paint.  Roses are hard to draw and white is hard to paint!  I came home with this:

Over the past couple of months, my Fitbit band started pulling away from the face. Not a big deal. A little over a week ago, the button on the side of the face fell out somewhere.  It controls being able to scroll through the data screens.  Even though I can tap on the screen... hit or miss at best... it's easier to press the button.  It's disappointing that a piece of equipment that costs so much didn't hold up better.  I've only had it 10 months.  I contacted Fitbit and sent a photo collage.

Since it's still under warranty, Fitbit sent me a replacement.  I even got to choose a color!  I'm hoping this one holds up better.  ::fingers crossed::

A few weeks ago, my niece graduated high school.  She also was accepted into the College Now program her junior year of high school, so a week before graduating high school, she graduated with an Associates college degree.  Both with honors!  I am so proud of her.

It seemed like it took me a lonnnggg time to finish Part 5 of the Words SAL.  I haven't had a lot of time to stitch lately.

Part 6 didn't seem to take me as long.  I'm working on getting more of the border done since this part is the top of the design.

If you're interested in seeing what other participants have stitched, you can see them HERE.

Earlier this year, Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread announced she would be having a big birthday this year.  She turned 60! To celebrate, she decided to RAK 60 gifts.  I was one of the lucky recipients.  Using my needlebook tutorial, she created and sent me this:

Don'tcha just love the measuring tape ribbon?  So cute!
(It can be found on Amazon... I asked, hee hee)

Be sure to visit her blog to see all the other RAKs she's given out.  She is so talented.  And which her a happy birthday, too!

I almost forgot!  Back in April, I received my Stitcher's Day Exchange from Jennie K in Rhode Island.  She sent me a lovely felt backed heart.  It's perfect for a bookmark.  Jennie also sent me a Sweetheart Tree quadrille ornament chart.  One of my favorite designers!  Thank you, Jennie.

If you like summertime and beachy motifs, DMC has a freebie that has some very cute designs!

 Click HERE to download the PDF.

A while back, I mentioned being invited to a Facebook group called Throwback Stitching.  I thought I'd show my recent post here on my blog, too.

This was the first patriotic design I'd stitched.  I matted and framed it myself adding the wood patriotic hearts.  The design is from the premier issue of Cross Quick magazine.

Until next time...


Jun 7, 2016

Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop: Thrift Stores

Long time readers know that I love-love-love discovering treasures at the thrift store. Over the years, I've scored lots of goodies! 

As a stitcher, the thrift stores are my "go to" place for frames. Not only are they inexpensive, they are also more decorative than what I find in big box stores.  Click on the various links below to see how I repurposed items, or to just read more about them.

I found wonderful fabrics and quilting supplies.

Awesome Spice Carousels

Stitching Cabinet

My stash armoire!

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