Mar 30, 2010

Where Did March Go?

I say that almost every month, don't I? The older I get, the faster time seems to go by. Remember when we were young and it was summer? "Mom, I'm bored!" Well, I don't recall being bored often as I had 3 siblings and we were always doing *something* (but don't tell Mom!). Anyway... it seemed like time went on forever, didn't it?

Last week, I *maybe* got about 10 stitches total in on ABC Lessons. So, no pic (again). However, I was surprised when I learned my Flip Flops is being featured on the SNS2 homepage. Woo Hoo!

Jennifer over at Feathers in the Nest is sponsoring a giveway in celebration of the homecoming of her son. Bounce on over and Welcome Brandon Home!

The new semester started last week. My International Business instructor is 29 (and not looking forward to turning 30 this year, LOL). She's from a small town in Iowa and started studying abroad at 19. Now, she has TWO masters degrees and a pHD. She now lives with her husband in a small hick town southeast of where I live. I said to her "Why?!" It reminds her of home. Awww.

This week (already!) we have a 1-3 page paper due on an international news article. I worked on mine last night and emailed it to her. Oh, she's a treehugger :) so she wants everything as electronic as possible. By this morning when I woke up, she'd already graded it and sent it back to me! The paper isn't due until Thursday. How's that for efficiency?! I got 97% because of two grammatical errors. One of which I take issue with. Since I got an "A", I'm not going to argue it.

Unbelievably, temps are supposed to get close to 80F by Thursday. Thunderstorms by the weekend. I'm thinking about getting out on the bike trail if the storms stay away.

My tulips, daffodils and irises are popping up all over.

See the little periwinkle peeking out?

And -LOOK-, a special flower!

No, this is not my dog. I just thought it was cute.

Mar 22, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 2/22/2010

We ended up getting about an inch of the white stuff Friday night, but most of it was gone by Sunday. Today I got up early enough to watch a beautiful sunrise. :)

Our local assault and abuse agency sponsored its second annual comedy night. The MC for the evening was a local attorney I've known (of) for years. I kept thinking "Who would've thunk it?" as he did stand up comedy and was actually funny. The main comedian was Los Angeles based, Jackie Kashian. She's been on Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing. Pretty funny lady :)

I had looked online prior to buying tickets to see if she had videos online of her act. (She does) So, as she was doing some of her act, I knew what was coming and I started giggling (more like snorting) to myself. Yeah, I know. Bad me. LOL

Unbeknownst to me, ALL of my coworkers were there also. I invited "new guy" to go. We both enjoyed the show. Today, my coworker (and friend) came up to me and she acted like she was going to faint over how HOT he looks. She also said we made a great looking couple. This woman is old enough to be MY mother! LOL

I did get some stitching done this past week, but not enough to warrant a photo. Why? Read on...

I found a couple of boxes marked "display cabinet" that have been hanging out waiting patiently to be unpacked. Now that I have the china hutch, I could do that. Ever start unpacking stuff and then think, "I really don't want this on display anymore?" I'd say at least 1/2 the stuff went back in the storage box.

I'm a bit miffed because I have a box of really old cameras that I wanted to put in there. Can I find the box? No. I have a feeling I'm going to have to pull all the boxes out of the closet in the spare bedroom. Do I want to do that? No. *sigh*

The china hutch really doesn't feel "arranged" to me, yet. Know what I mean? But stuff is in there.

Sunshine Award & Giveaways

Blu of Therapy by Thread gave me the Sunshine Award. :) Thank you, Blu!

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*whew* It's hard coming up with 12!!


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Mar 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 3/15/2010

I think Spring is finally here! Most of the snow has melted. It rained most of last week, but today the sun is shining. :)

It really was a tough road getting through this past semester. Grades were officially posted last Friday. I am thrilled to announce I got A's in my classes!

Woo Hoo!!

The new semester starts next week, which means I need to read the first couple of chapters in the textbook. Here I go again!

I'm still plugging away at LK's ABC Lessons. Here's my progress:

Other WIP pics can be seen HERE.

The "new guy" and I went to a play being put on by the college's theater department. At first, neither of us thought it would be very good. Most plays are put on "representational style" which means actors interact with each other and the audience becomes a passive viewer of the experience. This play was presented in "presentational style". You can read more about it HERE.

The play itself was set in a small farm community during the depression. Water and faith are in short supply. A charismatic but back-sliding preacher drifts into town and meets a gentle but misunderstood boy with the gift of divining or water-witching. The two outcasts find a common bond and help each other divine for truth, faith and hope. The townspeople try to get the preacher return to a way of life he no longer believes in and it drives both to a crisis of trust. It's an earthy, funny, poignant and profoundly tragic play has echoes of John Steinbeck’s classic depression era work. The characters are simple but good people searching for hope and something to believe in.

As it turned out, the play was very good once you got used to the presentational style.


At work today, we had a potluck to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We celebrated 2 days early because several people would've been out of the office on St. Patrick's Day. I made fruit salad from a recipe Debra shared on her blog. She was right when she said the recipe makes a LOT. I ended up freezing 2/3 of the salad. It was really tasty, but next time I think I'll leave out the blueberries as they turned everything blue, lol.

This is what was left after the potluck.

Beautiful Bloggers & a Giveaway

I received this award from Debra from "All About Me". I have met Debra and she's a very nice person, as well as a talented crafter. Thank you Debra for passing the award to me. :) It makes me feel good to know people enjoy my blog.

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1. I was born 3 months premature and barely weighed 4 1/2lbs.
2. I have been clumsy my entire life.
3. Being with nature brings me peace and calmness.
4. If I'm not wearing glasses, I can't see more than a few inches from my face.
5. I have large scars on both my knees. One from the bike accident last summer. One from an accident when I went on a cruise to the Caribbean.
6. I'm allergic to everything except feathers and cockroaches (Yes, that is funny!).
7. I'm not a picky eater, and will try almost anything once.
8. I'm afraid of heights.
9. I almost always have a pedicure, and rarely a manicure.
10. I've had enough drama to last several lifetimes.

And now to pass the award onto others:
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Mar 8, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 3/8/2010

Temps are getting warmer, days are getting longer, and the sun shines more. Spring is coming!! It rained most of the day yesterday, and today I woke up to lots of fog. By the end of the day it's supposed to be 48F. Woo Hoo!

My last week was quite stressful with 3 papers and 2 tests to be completed. If I'm lucky, I'll get A's and at worst B's in both classes. I can breathe a sigh of relief that it's over, and I'll be enjoying the next two weeks of free time before the next semester starts up.

I have a little "rant". Why is it when you're happily dating, the ex's come out of the woodwork? I mean seriously... two ex BF's and even my exDH has made an appearance, much to my chagrin.

#1 You don't get the benefit of affection when you're not in a relationship!

#2 Just because you're having a text-fest with your buddy about feminine hygiene (of all things), doesn't mean you send hygiene tips to all the women in your contact list, and think you're being funny.

#3 We have no familial ties, so there is no reason you should be fraternizing with my family 9yrs post divorce. (There's a whole other rant in my head about family member participation, but I won't go there)

I'm half-expecting that my 4yr "phone stalker" ex will be contacting me soon seeing as I haven't heard from him in about 4 months. Thank goodness he doesn't know where I live.

Ever since I moved into the homestead, I've been on the lookout for a china hutch to use as a display cabinet and storage for my many photo albums. I didn't want to spent a lot and a problem I was running into was most hutches have a shelf in the storage area, which meant I couldn't use the area for my photo albums. There was also a size issue -- bigger is not always better, lol! I also wanted something that had a little "character".

While out doing office errands on Friday, I walked by a consignment shop. I glanced in the window and saw this:

It was only $99. Made by Keller Furniture Company, it's solid wood with a medium stain (maple, maybe?). There are a few flaws and the storage doors below need new pulls. I was even able to get it delivered for $15. The delivery guys were soooo careful and considerate about walking through my house with wet shoes. I was impressed.

Mar 1, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 3/1/2010

Crisis averted! I made a trip to my local satellite campus about the textbook for my online class. Both ladies there were SOOO helpful! They immediately got on the phone to at least four students they knew had taken the class and might have a textbook. They acquired it and I was able to get the chapter I needed for my last two weeks of class.

This week is finals week. I have one more paper to write, and two tests. Then I am free... FREE! (for a couple weeks anyway until the next semester starts).

Between school and dating (Yes, I'm dating again!), I haven't had much time to stitch. I did get to put a few stitches on the ABC's last night. Here's my progress:

No, not mine. Sarah over at CraftyMoo is celebrating her blogversary with a giveaway. Click on over to see what it's all about.