Jul 24, 2017

The Great Flood of 2017 - Part One

A series of thunderstorms rolled through the Midwest and wreaked havoc on my area.  It all started with this:

Winds were followed by rain for several days.  Rain, rain, and more rain!  The severe thunderstorms even brought some hail. Usually when it rains for days on end, I get a little water in my basement.  This the worst I've had so far.

Although my house it on higher ground, water seeped into my basement.  I sucked up 30 gallons of water over the weekend and more continues to sneak its way in from the water-logged ground.

This liquor store just opened in the last year or so.  To the right of it is an auto repair shop with LOTS of cars buried in flood waters. To the left is what used to be a fire station that was relocated after the Flood of 2010 (You can see photos and videos about it HERE and HERE).  Now it's a cleaning and restoration business. I found it ironic that it's under water now.

The photo above Duncan Donuts.  It came to the city in March of 2016.  Prior to that, the building was home to Sonic, which was also damaged and didn't re-open after the Flood of 2010.

Above is the same shopping center the Duncan Donuts is located in.  Right below the Logan's sign in the distance, you can see a small child standing on the cart corral.  There were young kids wading through the water.  Why any parent would let their kids do this in flood waters is beyond me.  There are electric signs out in those waters still running. Yikes.
The following photos are areas on the outskirts of the city.

Stay tuned for more on the flood in a future post, meantime...

Jul 17, 2017

It's All About The Stitching

My fourth finish of 2017 is Victorian Pansies Sachet.  Finishing involved making a small bag filled with the lavender and polyfil. The bag was then put inside the ribband sachet.  Even though it was a bit fiddly, I like how it turned out.

 The Victorian Pansies series consists of a bookmark, needlecase, scissor keep, and sachet.  Each is a kit by Textile Heritage.  I stitched the scissor fob in 2007 and the needlebook in  2008.  The bookmark and sachet in 2017.  The entire set is beautiful!

Long time readers may recall I finished up Yuku Haru for Debby a few years ago.  She recently sent me a photo of it framed and hanging on her wall.

Now that I've got the sachet done, I'm working on another project of Debby's called Swallows by Maia. She did all the X's and asked me if I'd finish it for her by doing the backstitching.  Here's what it looked like when it arrived in the mail:

The little bit of backstitching I've done has made quite a difference.

Actually, it's mostly long stitch (not backstitch) which I'm tacking into place.  I'm thinking it won't take me as long as Yuku did since there aren't as many French knots.

I.... am... so... ashamed.  ::hangs head::  Back in December, I hosted a giveaway that Pam in IL won.  I've had a post-it note on my dining room table since then to send her prize from my stash.  Apparently, laziness procrastination got the better of me because I never sent the prize until now.  Hey... six seven months isn't so bad, is it?  And since they guilt made me feel bad, I bought something special for Pam.  If you haven't had a chance, hop on over to Pam's blog to see her adorable grand-fur babies, backyard birds, and crafty goodness.  Anywho, just wanted to let Pam know that the prize giveaway is on its way!  So sorry about the tardiness.

Until next time...