Mar 16, 2014

The Week That Was

Where do I start?  How about last Monday morning?

My boss, the controller, is always in her office either before or at 8am.  At quarter after, I wondered if she was sick and no one had sent out an email yet.  The CFO came to my desk shortly after that and asked me to come into her office. She said, "I don't know if you've heard yet..."  Uhmm, no.  At that point, I truly thought my boss had an accident over the weekend.  The CFO then informed me that the controller and the 80+ year old tax accountant (both were my go-to people when I needed to learn or know something) were let go, along with a gal from human resources and a gal who was a business analyst.  I was so stunned and shocked by it all.  Sure, it didn't surprise me about the 80 year old since the controller had been telling me for months that his performance had been going down hill for the past 6 months.  He just wasn't mentally processing things quickly and it took him forever to accomplish tasks.  But, the controller?  I was was truly surprised and caught off guard.  The reason we were given as to why they were let go is "duplication of efforts."

Although, when I think back to when the CFO was hired...  She was hired about 4 months after I was.  At the time, management said: "Things will remain the same.  You all will still report to the controller as in the past.  Blah, blah, blah."  I remember thinking: "Why would they need a controller and a CFO?"  Ah well, here it is a year later and the controller as well as a few others have been axed.  Management has told us we "don't need to be looking over your shoulders. It's a one time deal. It's done and we're moving forward."  Management has also told us that the employees would be taken care of... whatever that means.

Needless to say, morale was a bit down on Monday.  Even by Friday, I still felt pangs of sadness for my former coworkers.  I *really* liked my boss, the controller... I will miss her.

My hunting adventures haven't resulted in any major "finds" lately, but I still like to go and look.  I've acquired a few small things:

A sock monkey!  These little fellas take me back to my childhood.  My grandmother (RIP) had one of these and I remember playing with it when I went to visit.  Did you know that the sock monkey originated in Rockford, Illinois not far from me?  This particular sock monkey is a Ty Beanie Baby.

A few small cross stitch kits. With some modifications, I think they will make some cute projects.

Temps have finally warmed up some.  The "Tunnels of Terror" and mountains of snow in my yard have slowly been melting away.  By Wednesday, we're supposed to have temps in the mid 50's. Woo Hoo!

Apparently, I didn't knock on wood hard enough or long enough.  I have "caught" the cold bug that's been going around at work.  It started off with a tiny little cough and then developed into a deep, barking one that hurt when I sneezed.  I've had a bit of a runny nose and sinus congestion, too.  I think I'm on the downhill slide now.  The cough isn't as bad and I feel better with each day.  Unfortunately, I have passed on the good fortune to the BF.

I have been working on two projects the past several weeks.  Both are for exchanges so I can't show them quite yet. 

It was decided by one of the Yahoo groups that March 25th is Stitchers Day. In celebration, an exchange was coordinated. I sent my package off to DJ (Tickled Pink in Stitches) on Saturday, so hopefully I'll get to show pics next week.  I had a fiddly of a time getting it assembled to my vision, but I finally got it.  I hope she likes it... I really wanted to keep it!

The other project is for Anne (Doll's Musings).  After we did our Christmas mailart exchange last year, Anne asked me if I'd be interested in doing a Spring/Easter mailart.  I hand-dyed a fabric and have been diligently stitching away on it.  It is turning out so adorable!  I'm close enough to being finished with the stitching that I'm thinking about embellishments and finishing.  So exciting!

Once I get the mailart piece done, I will be starting a new project.  I agreed to do a SAL with Christina (A Stitchers Work).  We are going to be stitching the Petal Pincushion shown on the front cover of the April issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.  Interestingly enough, neither one of us are going to use the recommended supplies.  Christina is doing hers in yellow and pink.  I will be doing mine in dusty rose fabric and either dark pink or purple floss for the flowers. What color do you think would look better?

The color I go with for the flowers will determine the color I use for the ribbon ties.  I plan on hand-dyeing the ric rac green to (hopefully) match the greenery of the stitched piece.  I also need to get some flower buttons since I don't have those.


Until next time,


Vickie said...

Great finds Meari. I am sorry you were ill and now the BF. Enjoy the warmer weather. I did.

Rachel S-H said...

I hope you feel better soon. I ended up on antibiotics to get rid of mine.

That little monkey is adorable!

I like the paler color of fabric.

Fay and Charlette said...

Meari, I would go with the blue/purple for the flowers. I do think the green has to be lighter, too. This is going to be fun! I can't wait to start this project with you!

Gillie said...

Mm, a great shame, can quite understand about the low morale. Sorry about the cold, but SO generous of you, lol! Looking forward to seeing our Stitchers' Exchanges!

Sue said...

Hi there! WOW, you have had a busy week! It is always depressing when employees are let go suddenly; I know you will miss your boss; good people are hard to come by these days.

Your finds are adorable!

I have that issue of JCS; my Sherri gave me a subscription for Christmas. I can't decide which would look better sweetie; the dark pink or purple...... my first thought was the dark pink, but the purple would be a nice contrast on the fabric. You are such a talented gal! :)

Weather here is flip-flopping again......ugh.....wintry mix tonight through tomorrow, after temps in the 70's this past week.

I am sorry you have a cold; hopefully, you will be better soon. I hope BF feels better too! Those things happen when we get 'too close'...LOLLLLL

BTW, Butch is doing better; somewhat! That is always a good thing. I am happy about that, I just wish they would find the cause of his problem :(

Take care, and I will email you soon.

Love ya,
Sue, your SM

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your co-workers, Meari. That's always unsettling. Hope you and BF are feeling better quickly.

Sandy in NM

Joy said...

I am so excited to see you stitch that piece out of JCS. I was eyeing it up but it looks like too much work for now with student teaching looming which will seriously decrease my stitching time.

Faith... said...

Sorry to hear about the layoffs. It is not easy on anybody - the ones let go or the ones that stay behind. Hopefully your job is safe.

Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery hope the BF will be joining you on that road soon.

Personally - I LOVE the idea of the purple flowers but you know - that is just my color so I had to pick it!

Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear about your co-workers. Things like that can sure bring down the morale. Glad that you're feeling better, but too bad the BF has it now.

You know my favorite color is pink, so I'd choose the pink floss for the flowers. I've been looking at this design too, but I have a few other things that I have to get done before I can tackle the pincushion.

CatsnCorgis said...


Honestly, you have been on my mind..i was worried that something was wrong. I eveb checked your blog early this AM!

Have you been able to talk to the woman laid off? I hope that they treated her "right", i.e., bonuses, etc. It is hard to watch this happen...there's usually some guilt and worry about who could be next. I wouldnt be surprised if the stress lowered your immune system, therefore the cold/flu.

May I offer some advice? Listen to gossip, dont participate..only parially believe when it backs your intuition. Sit down and logically think about why and who may be next. You may be able to figure out what is, or has gone on in the company. Follow your own values, which i think are very solid.

You are lucky to have worked with her...a good supervisor is rare, and an honor to work for. If you are comfortable, reach out to her with friendship.

Stitching seems so casual when compared to your situation and illness. I hope everything smooths out...and spring finally least by next week.


Kay said...

Great finds as always! I hope you are feeling well soon. So sorry to hear about how work was going last week. I can imagine that this caught you off guard.

CJ said...

Hello Meari -

Great to have an update from you. I am sure you and your co-workers will get back to your happy place. I look forward to seeing the petal pincushion--that should be a challenge.

Enjoy the warmer weather.


Sandie said...

Sorry to hear about the lay-offs at work. It is always unsettling when a change is so unexpected.
I love the purple with the pink fabric for your next project. But I think maybe the green might be a little too dark (unless it's the photo!)

Anonymous said...

Meari that must have been a very stressful week, but I am glad that you are adjusting to the change. Your SAL looks like fun.


Katie said...

So sorry about your work friend. I really hope your job is safe you seem to like this place.

Love the sock monkey and the stitching kits. You will make them beautiful no doubt about that.

I love the purple thread but I'm a purple freak so not surprised I picked that one haha.

Anonymous said...

A long blog post! It's always scary when people "nearby" are "let go", for whatever reason. It's happened here, too, lately...though I think some of those may have been voluntary. It's a bit odd, though, because it's been some really senior (in experience) people.

That petal pincushion almost got me to buy the magazine! I'll enjoy watching yours come together. :)

Karin in MA

valerie said...

So sorry about the work situation. I hope there aren't any more surprises. Cute sock monkey and great thrift finds! Glad that the weather is warming up there. Hope you and the BF feel better soon!

Shelleen said...

So sorry about your coworkers. I hope that you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Meari, sorry to hear about the situation in your office and hope that things settle down soon.

Hope you feel better and the BF as well.

Like your thrift finds.


Berly said...

I'm so sorry about your coworkers. The sock monkey is adorable though!

cucki said...

Oh dear I hope you feel better soon
Big hugs x

Sharon said...

I'm sounds like you had a really stressful start to the week. I'm sorry for the loss of your co-workers. It's always unsettling when folks are let go...good that you've received reassurance that your position is stable.
Who doesn't love a sock monkey? I remember my godmother had one that I always love to play with when I went to visit her. Good memory.
I know I'm in the minority here but I really like the dark pink floss for your project. No matter what you choose, it will be a gorgeous finish.
Hope you feel completely better soon...hard to sneeze and stitch at the same time! :(

SueH said...

It’s quite worrying and leaves a nasty taste in your mouth when peoples suddenly disappear from work, doesn’t it. Fingers crossed that everyone else’s jobs are safe.

I love the look for the new project you’re about to start. If it were me stitching it, it would definitely be the Purple with the Pink fabric, especially as I think it would give a little more contrast than the Dark Pink thread, but then shades of Mauve, Lavender & Purple are always going to be first choice for me, Lol !

Happy Stitching!
x x x

Anne said...

Sorry to hear about the workplace issues. Low morale isn't fun to go to work with. Hope things turn for the better for you. Great finds Meari! I haven't done any treasure hunting in awhile...maybe I should! Eeek! I am just planning yours now! We did say April right?! I finally am on Spring Break so I can get some stitching done!! Can't wait to see what you've made!! Hugs!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That Petal Pincushion is going to be amazing!

Vicky L said...

You had a very tough week. I hope next week is better for you. The sock monkey is cute. I would use purple in the pincushion. It is gorgeous and very sweet your BF got you a yearly subscription. Glad your brother loved the picture. You did a great job and it is gorgeous.

Akila said...

Oh dear, lay-offs always make us uneasy, especially when it's someone who we were close with. Hope it's the end of it all

I think purple flowers would look best on the pink