Nov 30, 2005

What's New With Meari?

It’s a bright COLD sunny day where I’m at. They’re calling for snow tonight – it’s all coming way too soon for me. So.... What’s new with me?

I’ve enrolled in American Literature II for the spring semester of college. I am getting ancy because I only have 9 more credit hours to finish my degree. 3 more classes! Next week the schedule for the summer classes comes out. Maybe they’ll have a class I need. If not, I’ll be taking the summer off.

I’ve managed to get my Christmas cards sent off, with the exception of those who get letters put in them. I have two more people to shop for and I’ll be done with that. I need to get some of the gifts wrapped by this weekend because SO wants to come over and help me set up my tree. He’s like a little kid – it bugs him to no end knowing about presents and surprises! I’ve started my holiday baking: Raspberry Mocha Cookies (yum!).

In the past few weeks, I’ve framed and matted 1938 John Deere Model A that I cross-stitched as a gift. I started it on 8/28/05 and put in 33.75 hours of stitching. I’m about 7/8 finished with Northern Lights. I have about 115 hours of stitching in so far. I started a small Disney kit that has two bookmarks stitched on vinyl weave. I’m not sure I care much for vinyl weave, but I’ll stitch one up and see how it turns out.