Jul 12, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 7/12/10

A couple weeks ago, I saw that Donna at Stitching for a Cure needed some volunteers to stitch ornaments to be given as gifts to the Relay for Life volunteers. I decided to help out since I've been wanting to do something for a while. Last I knew, Donna still needed a few more ornaments so if you want to help out, I know she'd be grateful. You don't even have to finish it if you don't want to... She will do it, if you do the stitching. Go ahead, go for it! :)

I finished the stitching in a few hours. Now all I have left is some beading and construction of the ornie itself.

The floss looks red but it's really a dark pink

I've had a few people ask what Gentle Menagerie is supposed to look like when it's finished so I've scanned a photo from the magazine. You can click to see a larger pic. They are supposed to be the American country cousins to the fabled Brementown Musicians.

I finished the cow, and have set the project aside so I can work on other things -- the breast cancer ornament and frogging JG.

We had some strange weather on Saturday. It had been HOT and sunny, blue skies with a few fluffy clouds. On my way back from the grocery store, I noticed a black ominous looking cloud, yet the skies around it were blue and it was sunny. Within 20 minutes that cloud had moved over the city and let loose.... heavy winds, rain, thunder and hail. All the while, I could see blue skies all around it. Within 30 minutes, it was all over. Weird!

I was on the other side of town over the weekend, so I stopped in at the thrift store to do a bit of treasure hunting. This cute little shelf caught my eye:

I thought it would look cute hanging in my spare room/craft room.

I didn't really give much thought to the bath products inside -- a bonus as far as I was concerned. Turns out there was shower gel, bath salts, soaps, and a candle. After I got home, I found out they smell heavenly!!

Upon closer inspection, I found out the pulls, hinges, and decorative grates are all attached via screws. A new paint job will be a breeze!

Almost forgot... My new "treasure" only cost $1.99!

Flowers and vegetables are growing like crazy! Due to the wet weather, I didn't get the garden in on time so everything is behind. I'm surprised the corn is still growing considering how many times the wind has knocked it over!

Other flower pics can be seen HERE.

Do I live next door to redneck neighbors???

It's bad enough that the neighbors have shoved placed every bit of extraneous piece of crap stuff they don't have room for (or can't find a place for) in between our garages... think 2 1/2 ft wide space. This keeps me from spraying the vines that grow on the side of my garage.

Over the past week, a lovely rust bucket of a car has showed up next door.

They have proceeded to yank everything off the car except the engine. I don't know if they are trying to make a stock car or what (Haven't worked up the nerve to ask... maybe I don't wanna know!). You can't see in the photo, but the extra car pieces are next to the driveway by my garage. You also can't see into THEIR garage... how full it is of stuff!

See that chain link fence in the background? They have made two dog kennels in their backyard... two dog houses and FOUR dogs. From what they have told me, the city has been out several times because of this. Nice. Personally, I don't think it's right that at all times only two of the dogs have access to the dog houses. Oh, and let's not forget that the dogs will howl and howl at certains times... in heat maybe? There *are* two males and two females... because they're planning on breeding them. Again, nice.

Remember the above mentioned storm? When it started pouring, the neighbor seems preoccupied with covering up the car parts and neglecting the fact that his "good" car's windows were down, LOL. The good neighbor I am, I yelled out my door that his windows were down.

Might Be A Redneck If... (Click HERE)

Bette from Reflections of a Desert Rat is hosting a giveaway. She's been working on some beautiful poppies. If you're interested in seeing her work, click on over.


Sharlene said...

We use to live next to neighbors just like your in GA; we had a beautiful home; I spent big money on flowers and baskets; we had a beautiful home; then right next door was the "burbs" LOL I haven't thought of them in years and you made me smile.

Hugs, Shar

Bette said...

Thanks, Meari, for coming on over and visiting my blog. Your flowers are gorgeous. And I can relate to your issues with your neighbors. How about having the SWAT team show up, not once but twice? The cow is too cute. That will be so nice when it's done.

Debra said...

Oh nice neighbors you have. You might be able to get something done with the stuff that they put between your garage and their's by taking a picture of it and then taking it into the city board.
Your flowers look nice and the ornament will be pretty.
The Redneck jokes-the last one cracked me up!!!

Carol said...

Can't believe the deal on that shelf and bath products--incredible, Meari! I just love it!

Your garden is way ahead of ours--no sign of our tomatoes ripening, but we do have armies of zucchini invading :)

Gentle Menagerie is so cute--love that little pink pig...

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Meari Once again I enjoyed your blog. It was great after dinner reading to night. I love your thrift shop find. If I were more mobile I would be thrift shopping and yard sales. Your flowers and veggies are doing well.


FIONA said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog - great stitching and lovely reading! thankyou! x

Donna said...

Thank you so much for the mention of the needed ornaments and thank you esp. for stitching one. It is quite beautiful!
I am jealous of your tomatoes. We have had the squash and the cucumbers, but have only seen one real tomato. We have had an unusually rainy time here.
I love your stitching.
As far as your neighbors are concerned, well, my grandma said if you can't say anything nice say nothing at all. SO nothing at all!

Sunshine said...

I look foward to seeing your ornament finish. Not one of my strong points. Your flowers and veggies look Great. I know what you meaqn about the sudden storms. we have had a few here this past week. Love the cabinet.
Happy Stitching

Moreen said...

Meari I have enjoyed reading your blog you always make it so interesting.
Your flowers and garden are lovely what a shame you have such untidy neighbours - they sound like mine so I know how that feels.
Love your cute little cupboard what a great find.

Mary Ivancicts said...

Enjoyed you find and your garden! Our neighbors have 3 cars in their Yard, a small city yard taken up by 3 cars,I called but nothing happened!

Emily said...

Really like the ornament for Donna. Your find is great, doesn't even look like you will have to repaint or anything.

Pam said...

Love your stitching and that design - makes me want to stitch the PS design of Brementown now. Congrats on the lovely little bath cabinet too!

Nancy M said...

Your new project looks like you're making good progress. I hope your about done frogging JG, I want to see some progress stitching photos on it!!!! Are your neighbors really irritating you? If they are, you should look into your city ordinances. We have one that a car can't be in your driveway if it's not drivable and have a valid license plate. And there might be something about all the other stuff laying around too.

Katrien said...

Gentle Menagerie is going to be gorgeous;

Sadie said...

Beautiful stitching Meari ans I love your thrifty find :-)
Your garden looks beautiful, everything is growing well. You will have loads of fresh veggies :)

Kathy said...

Love the ornie for Donna's SFAC. And the cow is adorable.

I really had to laugh at your description of your neighbors. Mine are almost as bad. Only they have way too many cats and their idea of shelter for the cats is a huge pile of mattresses. Oh the plastic flowers and carpet on the front walkway are lovely decorative touches too. (My neighbors.) LOL

Love your thrift store find too.

EvalinaMaria said...

I love your cow, love your garden and I would not comment on your neighbours, the language I would use wouln't be proper here...

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely neighbors...not - hope it improves! Love the cow in the menagerie and your shelf is a deal!
Nice stitching!

Marissa said...

hahaha...!! Now you really made us laugh with that link Meari! DH is seriously thinking in changing our doorbell ring hahaha...! Incredible! :D

Anonymous said...

Love your blog & sense of humor about life & also the deals you find....
That was wonderful of you to help with a great cause.
I've been tending the gardens at church... one side row needed help ---- 3 full paper grocery bags full of weeds pushed down..... guess that part needed some loving care.... other parts look great. Good exercise for me.

Take care & thanks for motivating me on my cross stitch!!!


Julie M said...

Hey Meari!

What lovely neighbors you have!! I want some just like 'em! NOT!!

Great stitching, I love when people stitch things from some of the older magazines. There is still some good stuff in them.

What a great deal on the shelf! What color are you planning to paint it?

Have a great week!

Meadows08 said...

Lovely stitching...you leave the cow just as she is. Too cute!

That sucks about your neighbors. The mess they make affects your property value!

Anonymous said...

Your Hope stitching looks so lovely and that another stitching coming really nice too .
I always enjoy to read your block


MaryT said...

Love your stitching! We have neighbors like that next to my MIL's house. You would think that they wouldn't be that way he is a retired attorney and she is a retired high school art teacher. maybe they think the stuff is art! LOL

Mylene said...

Beautiful flower pots and your garden. What a lovely bargain you've got at the thrift shop.

CJ said...

Hey Girl -

You are busy as usual. Love your new acquisition--what a cute cabinet. Oh, I would hate to live next to your neighbors. I can't stand trash in the yard--makes me crazy.

DH is looking into buying a new camera, SLR type. Do you have any recommendations?

Have a great day and stay cool.


Mel said...

ugh. bad neighbours drive me crazy.

What a lovely little piece you found. I can't believe the awesome things you find for storage for so cheap!

Your flowers are sooo pretty.
Our weather has been crappy too. They say it's b/c of the volcano ash that was let into the atmosphere in May. But who knows.

htimcj said...

I grew up with NO neighbors and now that I have neighbors there are times I wish I lived in the country again! I feel your pain.
Your garden looks wonderful.

Kristin said...

Gorgeous flowers, fabulous veggies, and I love that you are making those ornies for the Relay for Life!

stitcherw said...

Lovely ornament, looking forward to seeing it all finished with the beads and such. GM is a fun piece, nice progress on the cow. Sorry the neighbors are such a pain. You're working so hard in your garden and it looks so pretty and then to have to look at that.

Anonymous said...

The breast cancer ornie is beautiful so far, Meari. I love the little cabinet you found!!

Karin in CA

Shelley said...

Gotta love that crazy Illinois weather, although I know it isn't specific to your part of the country. We get freak storms like that here but not in the summer time. We just get 10+ straight days of triple digit heat!!

Love the little cabinet find!! Again, I've got to go shopping with you...

Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful garden pics. I only wish my thumb was as green as yours.

If I had neighbors like that it would be like a scene from The Burbs, lol! I'd be doing everything I could to get them to leave. I hope for your sake the city gets after them about those dogs.

Julie R said...

When did my Brother-in-law move in next door to you?? ;)