Oct 25, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 10/25/10

It's off to the races! My instructor this semester is the city finance director. He's not very technologically advanced. Five hours of class time included no visual aids... just lecture and discussion. The upside is that he gives us a 15 minute break every hour. Just like all my other in-seat classes, there is a group project that requires a written and oral presentation. We formed our groups. I have two new group partners. The third one has previously been a group member with me in two other classes. Each time we've gotten an "A" on our project so we figure why mess with a good thing!

Last week Veronica asked about Charley. She's still doing well. Her latest favorite thing to do is fly to the top of the drapes and sit on the curtain rods. Charley flying around the house drives Celeste crazy. For some reason, Charley thinks the dust bunnies on the window trim are "good eats" LOL. Her way of "grooming" me is to taste under my fingernails. Maybe she figures if it tastes like me, it must be me. Who knows? When I give her millet, there is nothing and I mean nothing that will drag her attention away from it until it's gone... gone... gone.

I harvested my last veggies from my pathetic garden. These are the only carrots my garden produced. These were supposed to grow to about 7". See that FAT one?

Last week, I worked on three (Yes, three!) different projects.


Gingerbread House

A New Start: Blessed Be

With all that went on last week, I forgot to post who the winner of the QOTW contest. I know... I know... How could I?!

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared how their floss was organized. I put all the names in a bowl and drew one. The lucky gal is.......

Julie M

Julie, please send me your address and I'll get a prize out to you.

If you don't know Julie, she blogs about life and stitching over at I'll Cross That Leg When I Get To It. To see how she stores her floss, go HERE.

Since we're talking about giveaways... Cindi at Cindi's Stitching & Stuff is hosting a giveaway. Make a visit over there and while you're at it, check out her progress on LK's Dog Lessons.

Several months ago, Mel sent me some stitched pieces to make into finishes. Two semesters of school later, here they are (with her permission, of course):

Two pin pillows and one flatfold. Although it's hard to tell from the pic, the green coffee one is the flatfold. And I'm not sure why the fabric looks wrinkly in the photo either because I ironed it before hand. *hmph*


Emily said...

Charlie looks very happy with her millet, glad she has adjusted. Good stitching progress and good luck with your new semester of classes.

Kay said...

Good luck with school, I hope it goes well. Your stitching and finishing work is beautiful!

Sandy P said...

All your new stitching is great Meari! Charlie is cute and looks like he found a great home. You sure picked a winner for the floss. I'm going to try to do that too, I feel like I won too.
Sandy P.

Bette said...

Your stitching is lovely. And you did a really nice job on the finishing.

Kathy A. said...

Good luck with your next semester of classes.
Your stitching pieces all look great. Good progress.
I checked out Julie's floss storage - Jealous!!!!!

htimcj said...

Charlie looks very pleased! I love the stitching and the finishes that you did. Good luck with this semester.

Julie M said...

Thank you Meari! I'm thrilled I won the giveaway! I'll email you shortly with my address.

5 hours of class time!!! Good Lord I think I'd put a hit out on either myself or the professor!! That's just too long for one class. Suppose that might explain why I dropped out of school???? And I hate group projects too!

Charley sounds like a character!

Love your projects too. The gingerbread house is too cute!

Have a great week Meari!

chrisstitches said...

Charley is so cute.
Like your 3 projects....suppose you needed a break from Japanese Garden...busy week for me too.
E-mail overload & fall-leaves clean-up.
Best wishes in school & try not to doze off.
Chris B.

Sue said...


Wow, that was a long class! LOL

Charley is darling........and I know he is a lot of company!

Your projects all look fabulous, as usual. Love the gingerbread house!


Sunshine said...

Great pics of Charley!!!!

Kathy said...

Good luck with the new classes. I hope all goes well and it's another A course.

Yoru stitching progress looks great. Love the new start too.

Charlie looks so sweet. But poor Celeste. :) I wonder how it will take her to get used to Charlie. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like school is going well, and your stitching is lovely. LOL about your carrots. We planted some carrots last year, and they all grew together into mutant clumps.....probably because we didn't feel like thinning them out, LOL. We left them in the ground. Did you know that carrots flower? They put up long stalks and huge puffy flowers. If you leave them in the ground long enough. :)


Lyn said...


You stitching looks wonderful.

Good luck with school this semester.

I love your bird!


vEr0n!c@ said...

Gosh, I love that bird. Thanx for giving us an update and pics too ^.^ She's cute. So are your carrots. Especially the fat one :P

Beautiful stitching as usual. I like your new start. Is the designer LHN? Looks like it but I'm not completely sure.

Wow! Julie's thread storing system certainly makes mine seem pitiful. Thanx for directing me to her blog.

By the way, I'm having a Giveaway on my blog. Do drop by if you're interested :)

Debra said...

your wips look great and congrats on the finishes.

Carol said...

I'm sure you'll have another successful class, Meari. I keep forgetting to ask you what your degree will be in when you're all finished up?

Cute carrots--we only got 2 pumpkins this year, so I guess it was just a bad year for orange vegetables :)

Don't you love Blessed Be? I gave my finish away in my last giveaway--have to make another to keep for myself!

Nancy M said...

Nice finishing for Mel! Cute projects you are working on too. I made beef stew this weekend with our own potatoes and carrots. I have more carrots in the garden to pick. Maybe yours are so short because you didn't water? Our garden gets watered when the sprinkler system runs, which is ALL the time, the way Carl wants his grass green!

EvalinaMaria said...

Good luck with the school Meari, Charlie seems very content, harvest looks good and of course your stitching is lovely as always!

Kelly said...

Good luck with the new classes Meari!
Love your finishing and the stitching is good. Love your new project!
Charlie is a very pretty bird!

Blu said...

Good luck with classes. It's always tough when the prof's a bore. There's a good reason I slept through every minute of Plant 101 (and it wasn't just because plants are boring!)

Lovely stitching on your WIPs. The gingerbread house looks adorable.

Rebecca (Becky J) said...

I like the Ginger bread house. Very cute, my carrots looked the same too.

Becky J, MI

Shari said...

everything looks great Meari...
hoping this semester is very smooth for you!!!!
so sad that the gardens are done for the year....I am still getting a few tomatoes here & there, but that is about it

Carolyn NC said...

Hope school continues to go well! Stitching and finishes look great! And how cute Charley is. :)

Mel said...

I can't believe I"m just getting to this post. OMG Meari the ornaments are AWESOME! Thank you, thank you!

I think the green one is likely just the way the fabric is... it was odd to stitch on to.
And I ADORE the mini pillow. Ohhh I can't wait for the postman to bring them to me!

Really like that gingerbread house you're working on.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you're teacher will get better on making class more exciting. I'm sure you and your group will do great. I've created groups on my classes on the same criteria - we know each other, we're both good students, we won't screw the other one up - cool, let's work together. :-)

Your stitching and finishes look great. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy in NM

Katrien said...

Your stitching looks great. Enjoy your vegetables :)

Shelley said...

That is so nice of you to finish those pieces off for Mel.

Charley is cute as ever!