Dec 6, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 12/6/10

My area was under a winter storm warning last Friday. For days, forecasters told us that we could possibly get 6+" of snow. Well, they were right. My city received about 7" of the white stuff between Friday night and Saturday morning. Wet, heavy snow! It took me over 2 hours to clean my driveway with "Little Blow" and "Push".

Last week I showed you the ornament I sent off for the HOE Christmas ornament exchange. Now I get to show you what I received.

A big thank you goes out to Becky in OK! Now, I just need to put up my tree so I can hang it. :)

I did quite a bit of stitching on TMQ this week. Well, more than last week anyway! Here's what it looks like:

Jennifer at Feathers in the Nest is playing Santa with a fabulous giveaway. Check out what she's got in her gift sack!

Lisa of Mad Stitches is also hosting a giveaway. She received an unexpected gift and is sharing her happiness.

Ahhh... This is the last week of the semester. I am SO glad we're at the end of the tunnel! Group oral presentations will be given this week. I *hope* I do better (i.e. Don't stutter or stammer) than I did with last semester's oral presentation. The same night as presentations, we also have our final exam. How sucky is that?!? On the upside, I got my second paper back and got 96%. The instructor took off points for two (very stupid on my part) grammar errors. And... after Thursday, I'll be "on break" until Jan 10th. Woo Hoo!


Chris said...

Hey Meari,
Stay safe and warm in the snow.
Your stitching progress looks great.
You need to get that tree up :)

CJ said...

Congrats on finishing another semester of school, enjoy your break. Hopefully tha tis all the snow you will get this winter. LOL

Have agreat day.


Carol said...

Oh, I'm sure you're counting the minutes 'til your winter break begins, Meari! Best of luck on your presentation and your final--you can do it!! I'll be thinking of both you and my youngest son who is in his final's week, too.

Good for you on clearing your own driveway--that is great exercise and it is always a good feeling when it's done. Hopefully, the snow will leave you alone for a bit now...

Your ornament from Becky is so pretty and I love how TMQ is turning out!

Hang in there, Meari :)

Shari said...

wow, you got a lot of snow.......keep hearing about so much, but we only have a light dusting....I will come, but wow!
Love your ornament you received.
Woohoo for being done with school, for now!!! Enjoy the break!

Kay said...

That is great school is almost done for you. That is a lot of snow you got, we have been getting the same thing as well here. Love the exchange you got!

Sunshine said...

Love the snow pic. Everything looks so fresh and clean.

htimcj said...

That's a lot of snow. It's been really snowy here in Idaho too. The ornaments look great and good luck on your final and presentation.

Nancy M said...

Nice exchange and good progress on your piece! We are still pretty much snow free over here. We have lake effect warnings right now, but our county is really on the far edge, so no shovels to be seen. But 2 counties over they have over 12 and still snowing. I've got 2 of my 3 trees up and my Christmas dishes to put out and then I'm done! Shopping? Not so much. I'll be cramming that in the last few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I don't envy you that snow!

It's currently 19F here in central Ohio with wind chill making it feel like 6. We're to warm up too by Thursday to I think he said 25 j- woohoo - break out that sun tan lotion! lol

The cold I can live with - the snow I can do without!

Glad you were able to dig out!!

Have a great Monday


Kathy said...

While the snow always looks so pretty I could do without it yet. :) You can keep it. Thank you very much. LOL

Love the ornament you received. So pretty. And your sampler is coming along. Now that school is out maybe you will get it finished. :)

Good luck on the oral presentation and the final.

Rachel S said...

Ugh, keep that white stuff there! Good luck on your presentation.

chrisstitches said...

You can keep that white stuff, you have just had frost & light pretty dusting....late for us. Cute gift you got in exchange. Glad you get a break from school.
St. Nick was good to my son & toy puppy. They had stockings out all week. Kyle & I filled loot from St. Nick for area nursing homes last Monday so Kyle was probably hoping he'd come

Anonymous said...

Meari, your home is beautiful in its blanket of snow!

Love the ornament you received - the trim sets it off beautifully!

Cindy in MS

Barb said...

You look like we do, completely snow covered! Does this mean a white christmas? Your wip looks great and nice exchange pieces you did and received.

Anonymous said...

Your TMQ WIP is looking great!!!! Keep up the great stitching.

Betty in AZ

Vickie said...

It all looks great!! Glad you have snow and I don't!!!!! HEE HEE

Anonymous said...

TMQ's looking good! I wish I had a break coming up. I have 2 term papers due Sunday, then start my 2 new classes on Monday. That's one of the disadvantages of going online - I get a 4 yr degree in only 3 years, but no breaks!


EvalinaMaria said...

Yeah, snow... here at least is a dry, fluffy powder and it doesn't weight anything... no big deal to shovel but, oh, boy! it makes hard to drive!
Congrats on the nice exchange and progress on your WIP.

What are you taking next semester?

Pam in IL said...

I was thinking about you when I was out shoveling our 14+ inches of snow at 4:30 am on Saturday. We must have been the lucky ones to get the heavy snow this time and I just heard that we could be in for another large accumulation this weekend.

Enjoy your break from classes!

Pam in IL

Mary said...

Your house looks all set for Christmas. Good luck with your presentation and final!

Anonymous said...

TMQ is looking great! Congrats on making it through another semester!

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

Sure missed reading your blog. That is a lot of snow, just had a couple of inches here in Canada. Your ornament is very pretty and your WIP is coming along very nice.


Mary Ivancicts said...

We didn't get as much as you, but we got the cold! The ornament is beautiful! TMQ is looking good! Another semester behind you!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

My area didn't get quite as much as you did Meari but enough.

I like your gift that you got through your exchange partner. That is so pretty.

You are making great progress on your TMQ. I love those colors.

Enjoy your Break while you can Meari...get lots of stitching done okay. Good luck on your Oral Presentation. I hope you do well.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :) from Linda K, Railroad

Mel said...

Woohoo no more school. That opens up stitching time!

The house looks so pretty with all the snow. ;)

Kristin said...

Yay for getting a break from school!

Great work on TMQ.

Love the ornament you got in the exchange!

Stay safe and warm in all the snow.

BTW, thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I'm so glad we found each other online.

Anne Sans Tete said...

Love the Christmas ornament but can't say the same about the snow! :D

- Lisa N.

Lyn said...

Glad to hear that another semester is winding down for you. Your stitching projects are wonderful! The snow seems a bit early to me, but every year is different. I just hope that this doesn't mean we are in for a harsh winter! Bite my tongue!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari, I've been enjoying the music on your blog as I've been catching up on my reading. TMQ is looking great. The ornaments from your exchange are very cute. My semester is nearly done as well. Got one more paper to finish up for next Tuesday and then I get to heave a HUGE sigh of relief that this term is done. It's been a rough one for a lot of people.

Sandy in NM

Daffycat said...

Wow, look at all that snow! Winter is getting such an early start this year!

Carol R said...

Love your house snuggling in the snow!
Great exchange piece from Becky too.
There's a giveaway on my blog Meari so come pay me a visit.

Terry said...

Stay dry and warm! I'm sure you enjoyed the shoveling so much....NOT! At least you got some exercise outside right??!!

Yeah school is on a break or will be shortly. lol Hope you get to enjoy some down time during the holidays and relax a little

Stitching looks great as always. I'm jealous that you've had the time to do some stitching with your crazy work/school schedule. lol I haven't had time this week but today I plan on planting my butt in my chair and making it go numb while I stitch. lol

Have a great weekend!!

Katrien said...

enjoy the school-break!
TMQ looks great

Anonymous said...

Your TMQ looks so beautiful and
Enjoy your School break and nice to see that you have snow too :)


Anonymous said...


Always fun to catch up on what is happening in your life via your blog. No comment on the s*ow, it is a bad four letter word in my vocabulary, but we have some here now too. I am so looking forward to leaving on December 26th for a week in Myrtle Beach. TMQ is looking great. And so glad that school is over for your now.

Love in Stitches,