Feb 14, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 2/14/2011

A few weeks ago, I learned that Improvements put ornament trees on sale for half price. They come in three sizes and two colors - gold or black.

I decided to go for the 40" one in black so I could leave it up year round if I wanted. The best part? If you sign up for their catalog, you get 15% off your order :)

So for less than $13 including shipping, my ornament tree arrived... ready to be assembled. After untwisting what seemed like a zillion twist-ties that held the parts to a piece of cardboard, I was ready to check out the assembly instructions. I'm sure the men out there are thinking or verbalizing: "Instructions? Pfftt! Who needs instructions?!" Let me say I didn't get past Step One...

You ask, "Why?" The base pieces fit together nicely, but when I tried to put the bottom pole through the hole in the base, it wouldn't slide through! Apparently, some chinese man (or woman) was in a hurry and over-welded the legs to the circular bracket, and the resulting spillage made the hole a tiny bit too small for the rod.

Being it was 7pm, I went out on a limb and called the customer service number. *Gasp* A live person answered within 2 minutes! After I regained consciousness, I explained the issue. The lady was very empathetic, and concerned that I not poke an eye out trying to force the pole into the hole. Yes, she actually was concerned about me hurting myself, lol. After we chatted about the dangers of impaling metal into body parts, she told me they would send out another tree immediately and that I didn't have to return the one I had -- since they obviously couldn't re-sell it.

So in a week or so, I should have myself a new ornament tree... hopefully welded correctly. This was the first time I've ever ordered from this company. Talk about great customer service!


Card and floss from
the CSE Birthday Floss Club

I've been a follower of Jenna's blog (Tale of a Shooting Star) for years. She's been on a finishing frenzy since the beginning of the year. You should see her stuff... Beautiful! When I saw that she stitched and finished Lorri Birmingham's Crystal Pink Pincushion, I asked if she would be willing to trade the chart. She was down with that, and said she'd send me a chart. Then I could decide how much it was worth for the trade. When I received it, there was a note that she saw it had been my birthday recently and that I could consider it a birthday gift. :) She even sent the beads with it! Thank you so much, Jenna.

My latest progress on Blossom Splendor. I can see the middle section shaping up!

Readers who have been my fans for any length of time are sure to know that I LOVE the handmade cards fellow stitchers have sent to me. I saw a version of this card on a website and I just had to try making one.

I didn't think it turned out too bad seeing as this is only the second card I've ever made, not counting the ones made in grade-school art class. :)


Sunshine said...

I ordered a black tree too. Mine is still in the box. I'm going to check mine out now. I hope it's OK. Thanks for the Heads Up :)

Anonymous said...


I love that tree. What great customer service. Glad they could help. Enjoy those B-Day Goodies. Thanks for posting the recipe. I am going to give it a try. Ohhh I am loving the Blossom splendor! You did a great job on the card!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Berly said...

That's a great reference for a company! I think your card is lovely!!

Cyndi said...

Very nice ornie tree! I'll have to try that company. I work in a construction co. with a complete cabinet shop in the back and weeks ago I asked my favorite cabinet guy, Johnny, who is about 78 and will never retire, to make me an ornie tree from his left over maple pieces. I'll post it when it's completed.
Thanks for the recipe!!

Emily in NC said...

Did a great job with the card and the ornament tree is such a cool idea, hope the new one is easier to put together.

Anonymous said...

That tree is pretty neat. Great that you're getting 2 for the price of 1! (Knowing how handy you are, I'll bet you get the wonky one put together!).

Happy belated birthday and your stitching and card look great.


Carolyn NC said...

Love the ornie tree and good deal, too! Nice colors on your stitching. Great cards and goodies - and thanks for the recipe!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the tree Meari. Did you get your new one in gold? What are you going to do with the tree you ordered at first? Did it come with ornaments?

Meari, I have the same frog socks. I just got mine last week. I got a pink pig and a brown dog with red background. They are really comfy.


Carol said...

Great ornament tree and great customer service! I have a feeling they'll be selling quite a few of these after your post is read, Meari!

What a nice gift from Jenna--very pretty chart...

Oh, I made your enchiladas for dinner last night--we all loved them and they were very easy... Thanks again for emailing me with the recipe.

Blossom Splendor and your little heart card are beautiful. I'm sure the recipient of the card just loves it :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Meari!

Kay said...

The ornament tree sounds like it will be beautiful. I like the idea of keeping it up year around. The belated birthday goodies are nice, I love the card you made, I have never tried to do this but have some friends that do this as well and they always do such a beautiful job of it. Your sewing progress is coming along quite nice, I just know this will be beautiful when done.

Faith said...

Love the tree Meari! I so want to get one one of these days.

Thanks for the recipe too...will try to get them on our menu for next week.

Mel said...

Ohh the tree is so cute! Good to know there is still some customer service alive and well out there.

And as you know, I love the card. :)

Sue said...

Oh Meari, I love the tree! So cute; and the card is adorable.....I love the pink check design..........

Nancy M said...

Glad the tree business was all worked out. Nice stitching.....I thought JG was your focus piece?? I like the card, but won't be trying any on my own! LOL

Spanish Princess said...

o.K. so now I want a tree that I an keep up year round, am in the mood for a variety of craft projects and am hungry for enchiladas! I am anxious to see how the pincushion utrns out though ...

Rachel S said...

That is a nice tree!I am glad they were responsive to you.

Kathy A. said...

Love that tree! Nice stitches.
Wonderful little card.
Enchilada recipe has gone into my files! Gotta try this one

Donna said...

I love to hear of good customer service.
Your stitching looks great and I love the card.
Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Anonymous said...

What great service and your tree looks so nice. Your card looks great.


Debra said...

nice shopping and great that they are sending you a new one.
Your card is really cute.

Joy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Meari!! I am sorry I missed it. It is wonderful know that good customer service still exists and you can still get a human on the phone! LOL The tree is cute...I may have to check it out. You did a great job on your card!

CJ said...

Love the little tree. I may have to get one. As for the recipe, I may hve to make some tonight for me and Sammy.

Take it easy.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy getting caught up on your blog, Meari. You have some great music in your playlist... lol. Good luck with the rest of your school term, and enjoy your newer stitching project. And belated birthday wishes if I didn't get to give them to you earlier. It's been so crazy that I don't know if I'm coming or going sometimes...LOL

Sandy in NM

Shelley said...

Wow!! You don't hear of customer service that awesome anymore.

Awesome birthday surprise. LB designs are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,
I run the Improvements Social Media dept & I came across your blog.

I'm glad our customer support dept was able to help you w/ your ornament tree. I've forwarded your comment on to our merchandising team so they can be aware of what you've encountered.

On a side note, I love the "Health Benefits of Kissing" post - too cute! :)