Mar 28, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 3/28/2011

Where has March gone?? It seems it just started yesterday, and now here it is... almost over! Mother Nature has "blessed" my area with snow, sleet, rain, and hail (twice) plus some sunshine this month. What an interesting month it's been.

Here's the best way to study on a chilly night:

Just when I thought the instructor couldn't get any lazier worse, he has shown me otherwise. Rather than ask 14 individual questions on our first quiz, he has instead chosen to make only ONE answer blank, and students have to put 14 different answers in it. Talk about stupid, and confusing! Other than that, my first week in my online class went pretty well.

Edited: I checked my grades this morning and found out I got a 94% on the quiz. Woo Hoo!

Went to one of the antique malls in town. It's always such fun to look in those places, you never know what you might find. A friend spotted a box in a corner with a bag of floss in it, so I went to check it out. The entire box was filled with stitchy goodness!

In addition to the supplies, this beautifully stitched piece was in the box:
Butterflies and Blossoms
Designer: Karen Avery (Dimensions Kit 3617)
Fabric: 18ct White Aida
Floss: Unknown
Size: 12x6"
Finished: 1992

The floss I needed for JG came last week, so I did work on it for about an hour. I think I figured out the specialty stitches. No pic because it doesn't look like I got much done.

Did you notice froggy in the above pics? He made his presence for a bit while I removed erroneous stitches on Blossom. There are two dark star symbols... one is slightly larger than the other. Why do designers do that?? Luckily, I only had to frog about 10 stitches and re-do them. And they were on the edge of the kimono, so a relatively easy fix. I finished Pg 2, and am onto Pg 3. I also decided to start some of the backstitching. It gives the piece some great dimension. Here's the progress so far:

(Sorry for the dark photo)

Until next time,


Ruth said...

I like your way of studying :D
Great stash collection and the piece of stitching is lovely, what are your plans for it ?
I hate when designers make two symobls near the same and the frog invariably visits me when they do. Good progress though.

Berly said...

That was a AWESOME find! Blossom is looking good! Waiting for a picture of JG.

Sunshine said...

Love the cozy place to stitch, but my knees wouldn't last long on the floor. I'd have to find a chair to sit by the fire. Lots of goodies in the box....Wow, wish I could find stuff like that in my area. Great Find!!!! I like your idea of backstitching as you go along. I plan to do that too with my AOCS. BTW: I have that same little frog magnet...Ain't he cute!!!! Lucky you to catch him b-4 there was too much damage done.........

Nancy in IL said...

Meari, what a bonanza you hit upon!!! I was nearly drooling looking at the contents of your find. I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the owner of such goodies. Died? Quit stitching? Hmmm...

Blossom is coming along beautifully! Really taking shape now!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful find, lucky you.

Love seeing your works as well, beautiful.

Woodstock, Ont

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stash haul!! Sorry for the teacher and the frogs, too! Nice stitching!

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl. What a spectacular haul.

I like the reindeer best in aida. You should be awarded special credit for all you went through trying to stay in time.


Donna said...

What a great surprise!
Sorry Mr. Frog had to visit, but I am glad it was just for a short while. And as for your teacher, well, Mom said if I can't say something nice I shouldn't say anything at all...

Katrien said...

cozy place for studying :) congrats on your grade!
awesome find of stitchy goodies.
Sorry about the frog passing through, they must travel so fast, because he was here too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you get ALL that stitchy stuff? Amazing! And I suppose you got it for a bargain price!
Blossom is gorgeous - sorry about your visit from the frog!

Congrats on your test result!


Faith said...

Great job on your quiz...that is a pretty odd way to for an instructor to give a quiz.

Love your find! What a great haul you got there.

Blossom is looking wonderful

Kathy A. said...

Congrats on the high mark!!! You definitely know more than that instructor.
What a great find!! Thank goodness for friends with eagle eyes.

Blossom is coming along beautifully.

Kay said...

My goodness, I am envious of what you found! Looks like you got a lot of goodies to keep you busy! Your weekly progress is coming along nicely.

Ranae said...

Great find at an antique mall.
Good going on the quiz
Thank goodness you caught the symbol difference in only 10 stitches, me... I would have stitched more, lol
It is looking so pretty

Mary Ivancicts said...

Sorry the frog cam to visit! What a find! Looks like you hit the jack pot!

Rachel S said...

You made out like a bandit! I hadn't ever thought of looking at the antique store!

Sharon said...

I'm glad that all the stitchy goodies found a home where they will be loved and used. :)
What a comfy place to study on a cold night - I'll still take reading by our pool and palm tree, but the fire is a lovely pic! :)
The instructor sounds like a "twit" - but I'm glad you're doing so well.
As always, your stitching is just beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

You hit the mother load again. Congrats Meari.


Carol's Stitching said...

Looks like you hit the treasure chest of stitching Meari! I love your progress on your stitching and the colors of this piece is just beautiful! Good luck on the class..... hugs!

Bette said...

What a haul! How come I can never find stuff like that? Your stitching is wonderful too.

htimcj said...

WOW! What a find! Your Blossom is coming along really nice.

EvalinaMaria said...

You are one lucky girl! Congrats on the new stash. Can't wait to see pics of JG.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What an awesome stitch find!

What beautiful stitching too.

Anonymous said...

What a great haul, wish we had things like that around where I live. You are making great progress on your picture. Congratulations on your 94%, knew you could do it.


Barbara said...

What a haul you made, Meari. I just love finding great stitching items at resale shops and the like. Your stitching is coming along beautifully.
Barb in TX

Carol R said...

Your fireside throw looks inviting.
Great stash find!

Anonymous said...

wow, what a haul!!! Congrats!!


Sue said...

Honestly Meari, you NEVER cease to amaze me with the 'finds' that you come across in your travels...LOL Great stash!

I love the photo of your study area too; so warm and welcoming. Anyone would be fortunate to have such a nice place to relax.

Your Japanese lady is looking great! I love the fabric you chose and the colors of thread are so complimentary.

Carol said...

Good to read about your amazing grade, Meari, even if the class and teacher aren't the greatest...Your study spot looks mighty cozy :)

Amazing find at the shop--have fun with all that stitchy stuff... And I'm glad you figured out the specialty stitches on JG--that's always a good feeling, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Cute design and finish on that Reindeer.

Congrats on your jackpot find at the antique's mall. You just never know.

Dee in TN

stitch_days said...

Congratulations on finding so much stitching stash!

chrisstitches said...

Lucky you to find all those goodies. I have done a little nativity in the cottage with frame. Like the little bears too. Looks like you'll be busy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the good grade!!! Wow, that is some stash shopping. What are you going to do with that finished piece? Your WIP is gorgeous. Keep up the great stitching. On a side note, our temps here are becoming Summery without having a Spring. It is going to be 82 today & up to the low 90's on Sat. We should only be in the mid 70's. Don't know whether to shut down the heater for the season or wait just in case we get a late cold spell. Hoping your weather turns warmer soon.

Betty in AZ

Mel said...

Great finds on the stitching stuff! And love Blossom. She's coming along.

Nancy M said...

You hit the motherload with that stop! Blossom looks great and the backstitching really sets it off.

Terry said...

I'm so jealous of your find at the antique mall!! What a haul!!!

School sounds like too much fun again. lol

Anonymous said...

Hello Meari!
Congrats on your grade. I think you should have to grade your teacher at the end of a semester. ;)

You always have the greatest luck when your go to those places. Have fun going with all the new finds.

The frog as already come my way. He sure is making his rounds.

Your WIP is coming along. I really love those colors on that fabric.

Have a wonderful week!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your grade.

The instructor sounds like a total putz.

And, what a score with the stitchy goodness.

Akila said...

What finds again!! I tell you, you really do have some luck when it comes to finds and thrift stores :)
Your work is coming along so great

Anonymous said...

What a haul!!! You must have squealed with delight ;) (I know I would
have )


Anonymous said...

Wow Meari, you really hit the jackpot with that find. I am sure you will find a good use for everything. Will you finish the stitched project for yourself or give it away? Your update on the WIP is really coming along. Looks Beautiful!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Wow - what an amazing haul!! We had one tutor like that - luckily he only guided us through our dissertation, and it was easy enough to work out from the textbooks. I think we've had Spring - it was lovely last week, this week it's back to wet and windy :(

Spanish Princess said...

Hello Dear Friend. I know I hadn't been here in a while. but I've been having what I refer to as a "Meari" good time! Now that my little guy is learning to self-entertain, I can sit with him and stitch ... so I've gotten a few small projects done.
It looks like you found quite the treasure on your recent outing. Congrats!
Well, happy stitching dear friend,

Shelley said...

Glad to hear you passed the test anyways...

WOW!! What a haul!! You are one lucky shopper :)

Your stitching looks fabulous!

Lillie said...

Wow! what a lucky find.
WIP is looking good.

Anonymous said...

Blossom looks great, and congrats on your stitchy find. :)

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! All that stuff was in that little bag??? Great find!! Glad your frogging wasn't too bad. I get frustrated with symbols that are difficult to distinguish from each other. Especially when there aren't many colors! I didn't quite understand what it was that your professor did. Confusing to me too! Hope it worked out ok!


Anonymous said...

What a great bag of stash you found!!

I have noticed the symbols that are similar, only one is slightly larger in many of JE’s patterns…I am going to mention that to her next time we e-mail! I have had many close calls because of that!


angie said...

wow what a great box of stash you walked up on. Enjoy it.