Oct 25, 2011

Who Let The Dogs... errr.... Frogs Out?

Who let the frogs out?

(rib-bit, rib-it, rib-bit, rib-bit)

When the stitchin’ was nice, the needle was smokin’
Progress was goin'

(Hey, Yippie, Yi, Yo)

Who let the frogs out?

(rib-bit, rib-it, rib-bit, rib-bit)

I see ya hoppin’, your little legs headin’ my way
Get back you hippy-hopper
Go away, get away now!

Who let the frogs out?


Debbie said...

it wasn't me...little dickens have been here too!!
Hope you get back to smokin' needles soon.

Mouse said...

ohhhhh dear .. shouldn't be giggling but I am .. thanks for the song whizzing round the ole head now !!! love mouse xxxx

Nancy said...

Those frogs have been partying across the nations as they visited me this weekend also. I must admit that I love your version of the song. Hahahaha

CJ said...

It might have been me. They were here yesterday and I told tha told frog to "scat"!!


Lyn said...

I hope the frogs stay away from my house. I have had to pull one complete thread on my elephants already. I don't like frogging!

Mel said...


Sue said...

Oh my goodness; sounds like the trouble I had at PALS! LOL


Lonneke said...

Way too many frogs here too!

Shelley said...

It wasn't me for lack of stitching. What did they attack?

chrisstitches said...

Yikes, if the frogs are out, don't come to my house.....or I'm taking a siesta....no stitching.