Nov 14, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 11/14/11

For all the wonderful comments regarding my commencement ceremony last week. Wow, I'm still amazed and thrilled at how many of you took the time to congratulate me!

Now that graduation is over, I'm settling into my routine again. I finished the last part of the iStitch Mystery SAL. I ended up frogging the initial box twice and finally decided to use one of the other motifs instead. What a bugger it is to frog over-one stitching. I highly don't recommend it!

I'm also almost finished with Parts 4 and 5 of Purple Garden. I ran out of the purple thread. One would think with as much floss as I have, it'd be there somewhere. Nope! After getting the needed floss, I went to town on stitching. Here's what it looks like now:

Last week, Shanda asked what the backs of projects looks like, so I thought I'd share mine here:

iStitch Mystery SAL

Purple Garden

Treasured Memories Quilt Afghan

Guess what? It's my blogversary at the end of this month! Six years ago I started blogging. Lots of bloggers celebrate by doing a giveaway amongst the commenters of a particular post. I'm going to do something different to celebrate my blogversary! Not gonna tell you what, though... that would take all the fun out of it, LOL. Suffice to say, I'm working on a stitchy project. Shhh! It's secret.

And now onto other stitchy news...

I have had Maia's Winter Majesty on my wishlist for a long, long time. Thanks to some retail therapy on eBay, I was able to get the UK kit for less than 1/2 the price it normally costs! Look at this gorgeous piece of art:

The packaging

What it looks like in its entirety

Look at that beautiful face!

Have you ever had pumpkin muffins? I made some over the weekend and they are DE-lish. This was my first attempt at baking them, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Absolutely scrumptious!!

Oh Yeah! (I feel like the kool-aid pitcher guy. Remember him?) I found a hinged double 8x10 frame from the 1960's-70's that I'm going to use as part of a birthday present. More on that present to come in December -- I am so excited about it! Also found a desktop pencil holder like I bought years ago for my desk at work. Why is it when you buy a product in the store and really-really like it, it gets discontinued? Anywho, now I have one for my desk at home for a HUGE fraction of the cost I paid for the one I have at work. Now for the "good" awesome finds:

I flipped through every "project" in this book. The information and photos are great! Easy to understand, and even gives good tips on using various things around the house.

Wouldn't you like to "play around" in this workshop?? I would!

These are photos on the inside cover of this book:

Even though I know how to frame, there is a section in the book that talks about making your own frames. So you know me... Ms DIY... I figured it'll come in handy one day.

Years ago, I tried my hand at making Teddy Bears, and still have supplies to make them. The ones in this book are so adorable. It even tells how to dye the fur, which is really cool! The patterns are full size so it should be easy peasy to whip one or two up. Can you believe this gem was only 10cents?

If you love Victorian stitching, these older Leisure Arts books are wonderful! A couple of projects that caught my eye:

Kissing Ball
Isn't this pretty?

Victorian Santa Ornaments

Santa and his reindeer.
I really, really love this project!

Here's another ten-center. I mainly wanted this magazine for "The Stitcher" project in it.

All of the books/magazines (except for the Crafts Encyclopedia) above were purchased at our local VOICES used bookstore. VOICES is a domestic violence program in my area. Having had to utilize the program about 20 years ago, it does my heart good that my purchases are going to a good cause. If I can get my act together, I'll be gathering up the books I no longer want and donating them to VOICES.


Berly said...

I only have 1 word to say about everything on your blog today - Amazing!!

Pam said...

Meari, this blog this time is so chock full of wonderful stitching, baking and fun things to see.. Fantastic.. If I didn't like you, as I do, I would hate you for the backs of your stitching.. Some hints on how to accomplish such a feat would be greatly appreciated.
Maia's Winter Majesty is beyond gorgeous.. So happy for you that you got it at half price. What a bargin!!! All the rest of your progresses, as always Meari, phenominal.. You are such a fabulous stitcher.

Cleejoow said...

oh wow, lovely findings there... love the christmas designs... so little time so much to stitch...

Kay said...

Meari, you always find such amazing treasures! Your stitching is beautiful as always!

Sunshine said...

PG is really coming along! Way 2 Go!
I love the Mystery SAL! How will you be finishing it? Looks like the perfect design for a boxtop. Great finds from the Voice. Looking forward to seeing your projects from the books.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new stash. I can't believe how neat the backs of your stitching is.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the finish!!! It is beautiful. Your WIP is looking great. Can't wait to see Maia's Winter Majesty all stitched up. She is gorgeous. Great stash shopping. I have made pumpkin muffins before. They are yummy especially this time of year. Have you ever tried Zucchini muffins? They are delicious too.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Bette said...

Gorgeous stitching! And I love the Maia kits. Never thought to look for them on ebay though!

Anonymous said...


I LOVE Purple Garden! I agree with you about frogging over one. I was doing a name tree over one and had to frog. I seriously thought about scrapping the whole project! What a difficult thing to do! And the backs of your stitching... Lovely. That's how I want mine to be. Then I get lazy. :)

I wanted to ask you about the VOICES bookstore. I'd love to donate some books there. Can you find out if they accept donations mailed to them and the address? Or could they be mailed to you instead? Please let me know!


Sue said...

Wow; lot of things going on this week! I love your Mystery SAL finish; it is wonderful; I swear, your backs look as great as the fronts of each project~

A couple of great finds! That book should keep you busy at least through the winter....LOL.....the way you love to do crafts.

I am so proud of you with the Purple Garden piece! You are catching up quite nicely! I have no doubt in my mind that you will finish this in plenty of time.

I love your quilt. Very beautifully stitched. As for the pumpkin muffins, brings back lots of good memories for Dad was the cook in our family and he made them every Thanksgiving. Wish here were here...........

Okay, I have rambled.........great blog, as always!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be late-CONGRATULATIONS on your becoming a graduate!

Your istitch looks great.

Purple Garden looks wonderful! I have the same problem that I have all this floss but why is there always a color not present when I need it?

I knew your backs would be neat as you always have nice stitching.

Ohhh I can't wait to see your start on Maia's Winter Majesty. It is going to be gorgeous.

Never had pumpkin muffins and they do look delicious.

You always find the neatest things to share. That kissing ball is very pretty and I like the Santa Ornaments so cute.

Have a great week Meari!

Mary Ivancicts said...

I just love the Purple Garden! You stitching is so beautiful! Happy Graduation, I missed it sorry!

Anonymous said...


Your stitching looks so lovely
and that maia kit looks just like you :)

oh I love that Leisure Arts books kissing ball. That I want to stitch ssomeday


Deborah said...

GREAT new treasures!!

Love and Hugs!!

RuthB said...

Belated but no less sincere congratulations on your graduation!!!!!!!

And congrats on all your other accomplishments of a less stressful manner (treasure hunting, stitching, etc)! How you manage it all, I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Great update as always Meari!

Maia must wait until you have finished Blossom Splendour!
I love your Stitcher Mystery SAL as well as the Teasured Memories Quilt Afghan - both beautiful pieces!

Purple Garden is looking good!

I too have a series of old books and magazines that were passed down to me by members of our guild - and some I picked up for a small fraction of their value.

Your pumpkin muffins look yummy as I am having a piece of my mom's pumpkin banana bread.


Nancy M said...

Purple Garden is very pretty and congrats on getting the little SAL done with all the frogging! Your new kit looks right up your alley. Looks like you got several new books to keep you busy and your crafts heading in new directions!

Anonymous said...

You've had a good week, Meari. Nice "shopping" on eBay too.


Denise SA said...

Well done on the stitching ,the bakng, and the shopping.

Anonymous said...

Your stitching all looks great, Meari. I love the Winter geisha.

Karin in CA

Lana said...

I totally missed the ceremony post, so let me say "CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU DID IT!!! AWESOME!! YOU ROCK!!!"....Isn't it a great feeling? It almost probably doesn't fee real yet....that's how it was for me, when I graduated! LOVE your stitching!!!

Pam said...

Wow, this post is chock full of wonderful stuff. I lOVE the old Victorian ornies you found. Those will be so cute on your tree! PG is looking great--front and back. Look forward to seeing your progress next week. Have a great one-- ;)

Linda said...

I feel so worthless....I never get all the things done you do...I am going, right now, to whip up some dessert..just because.
Purple Garden is glorious! I hope you are taking some down time after the past years in school. I am so glad to hear you finished. What a feat!
Now you can wow us with more and more food, fashion, crafts, and stitching. I loook reading all of your blog entries. Keep it up.
Linda in TX

Veronica said...

Wow! The back of your work is so neat. Congrats on the SAL finish. I still need to work on mine.

Oooh... gorgeous Maia kit you got there. So when will we be able to expect a WiP pic? ^.^

That's some cool finds you found there. This is why I love visiting used bookstores though there aren't that many here.

Take care!


Kay said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful items on your update this time. Wow!
I love lots of the projects from your finds. Your stitching is beautiful right & wrong side. I love it all but the piece with the scissors, caught my eye. Your new Maia project look very pretty & quite demanding. I do love the Victorian Kissing Ball, would love to make one of those, sometime.(as if I need another Christmas project) LOL.

Shanda said...

Oh my holy cow!! Your backs are just tooooo gorgeous!! If you saw mine you'd keel over of a heart attack!! The fronts look bad enough, but they back? LOL.
Congrats on your graduation!

Katrien said...

You stitching looks great, sorry to hear those frogs were bothering you again, frogging over was is hard!
Nice new stash.
Thanks for sharing your stories with us!

Anne said...

What gorgeous stitching!! Carol's Sal piece is beautiful and I have to say you have very neat and tidy backs!! Those craft/stitching books mags are amazing!! I love the Victorian one too. Good to see that the proceeds goes towards a much needed program, that is often overlooked.

Lynette said...

What an interesting blog entry! So much to read about! Thanks(NOT!) for sharing the pics of the back of your stitching! I have to say, mine are better than they used to be but they can't compete with yours!
I love the Maia kit you got on Ebay and I just know you're going to make a beautiful job of it when you get round to stitching it.
I somehow missed your graduation entry so belated congrats from me!!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is lovely as usual and you always find such gems, and the new kit is gorgeous. Your muffins looks yummy.


Akila said...

Meari, absolutely stunning backs of your projects!!! Hats off to you. How do you manage that. Do do, give some tips on how you go about your stitching please.
Love all your new treasures. "The stitcher" is so so pretty. Would love to get my hands on the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Love your update Meari. I have that Leisure Arts book too and I think my favorite design is the 3D Santa and Reindeer as well. It's on my "one day" list.


Mel said...

Your backs are sooo clean!

Love all your treasures as always.

Dani - tkdchick said...

A belated congratulations on your commencement!

Congrats on finising the istitch mystery SAL! Your work is beautiful!

chrisstitches said...

I don't know how my grandma made stuffed animals with emphysma years ago, but they were treasures....
Love all your projects.
Congrats on graduation.
Trouble with blogs lately....was frustrated....can get on some & not others....
Now I suppose you can stitch with your free time .....haha

Carol said...

Wow! That new project you will be starting is incredible--good for you for tracking down a great deal on Ebay :)

Love your SAL finish and I know just what you mean about frogging on over-one stitching--ugh!!

Pumpkin muffins are one of my favorite things to bake this time of year (I put raisins in mine, too!!)--I love the way the house smells when they're in the oven.

Enjoy your weekend, Meari :)

Debra said...

Great finds and beautiful stithcing, even your backs are so neat.

Mouse said...

cooo don't know why but somehow I missed this post ?? and especially since it had every thing from buns to teddys to stitching etc ... isn't it amazing what you find in "charity" shops :) love mouse xxxx

Shelley said...

Wow!! Great stash haul!!

Love the iSAL. It turned out fabulous. Your backs make mine look horrendous, lol :)

glenda said...

Now that's a blog post! Your stitching looks lovely, as do your backs :) Mine aren't horrible, but they are not that good because I am lazy with the stopping/starting sometimes. Congrats on all your finds!