Jun 20, 2012

TUSAL 6/19/12

I'm a day late. I'm sure no one noticed.  If you did.... Shhh!  It's our secret, OK?  As you can see, froggy felt the need hop into the photo.  Sneaky little bugger!

This month's orts are the result of stitching on:
•  Fleurs et Papillons
•  Stockings Were Hung
•  Baby Afghan
•  Forgive Quickly
•  Sampler aux Bouquets
•  By The Bay Summer Mystery Sampler
Here's a compilation of the first six months.  It's pretty neat to see my jar fill up.

(Clickable for larger image)

The Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long (TUSAL) is sponsored by Daffycat.  For more information about the TUSAL, click on the badge on my sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

Your Orts look very pretty & I can see you’ve been very productive. I tried to join, the TUSAL, earlier in the year but my email kept bouncing back. Justas well as all I have to show is all white threads from my quilting, not stitching. I hope it is continued for next year & I will join again then, when I get back to cross stitching.

I love to read your updates each week, it helps to somehow keep me in the loop.

Kay, NZ.

Daffycat said...

Awesome ORTs Meari!

Faith... said...

What a great idea to show your monthly progress. Makes you see just how much you have been stitching.

Akila said...

Oooh, lovely orts. Love the collage. 6 months of the year have already gone!!