Aug 1, 2012

What To Do with Leftovers

What do you do with the floss, thread, beads, and other elements you have left over from full project kits?

I have a DMC color card... the one with the *real* floss samples.  So, I match up leftover threads to the closest DMC color and then label a floss card and attach the floss.  Sometimes, I will use the floss for ornaments or other "smalls".  Recently, I used some floss from a kit to try out punch needle.

If I have leftover beads, I will put them in my bead storage containers to be used on other projects that I think they may look good with.  I always save the needles, too.

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Loretta said...

I always save the beads in a little tin and use them to add to ornaments when I'm doing a round of finishing.

Julie M said...

Great suggestions for using the leftovers Meari! I rarely stitch a kit so the leftovers I do have are just put back where they came from to be used on the next project that calls for them.

Melinda said...

So awesome to read about your adventure in Punchneedle. Beautiful heart.

Claire said...

Hi just found your blog.Nice stitching.

CJ said...

Meari -

You are so organized, I used to be organized then we had kids.


Shaunterria Owens said...

I am seriously considering trying out punch needle now. Unfortunately, the last thing my tiny place needs is for me to acquire another hobby :) That would be a better use for floss I am not going to use than friendship bracelets though *lol*


glenda said...

omg!!! I did it! I am weird/picky about floss..i put all kit leftovers in my ort jar. Mostly because I despise all kit thread and won't use it unless it is specifically listed as DMC. I have had a lot of trouble with breakage and knotting in the's not worth my time to save a few bucks! (If it's good floss it goes to the thrift)

Akila said...

Good idea. I am wayy behind in getting my stash organized. I am sure it's going to take me ages.