Dec 24, 2012

TUSAL - Final One for 2012

The Totally Useless SAL is coordinated by Daffycat.

This month, my ort pile features threads from:
Sampler aux Bouquets
Winter Warm Penguin


Patty said...

Ouch - those sweaters hurt my eyes - lol We got some of your weather - not nearly as much - today was 40 so its melted pretty fast. Love your ornie - love cardinals - we have several that live in the bushes around my home - always a treat to see them. Hope you feel better - not good that you have to miss christmas for sickness but I've been there - usually missing my birthday as well (today -24th) but the older I've gotten the less I've gotten sick.

Feel better so hopefully you'll be able to enjoy some of it.