Jan 21, 2013

Marvelous Monday Update 1/21/13

A few have asked about the new job. It is going well! Just the other day, I was thinking to myself, "It's nice to work for a company where morale is good and coworkers seem happy." Going home at the end of each day knowing I had a productive one is also a plus! (As opposed to sitting around twiddling my thumbs wondering when my job will be eliminated.) Recently, we received an email that my new employer was giving everyone a Happy New Year gift:

Since the dress code is very casual, I'll be able to wear it to work... almost anything goes as long as it's not offensive and body parts aren't hanging out.

Have you ever bought lipstick and it turned out being one of your favorite colors? Then the cosmetic company doesn't make it anymore?! Why?!! When you get to the bottom of your favorite tube, you can make it go a bit farther. One way is to use a lipstick brush and swipe it out. Another way is to make lip gloss with it. Yep, that's right! Take a small bit of petroleum jelly (and I mean small... like 1/2 tsp or less) and put it in a small plastic sandwich bag -- push it down into a corner. Then take your almost gone lipstick and scoop out the remainder from the tube. Put it into the plastic bag with the petroleum jelly and twist the bag so that it all stays in the corner. Smoosh it up until the color is distributed evenly in the jelly. Once mixed, snip the corner and squeeze it into a small container with a lid. I used a contact lens case. Petroleum jelly makes for soft lips and you still have your favorite lip color! Cool, huh?

I don't know about you, but it seems like my mascara thickens up way before it should. Is there a fix? Multi-purpose contact lens solution! A few drops in the tube will make the mascara less thick and extend tube usage a bit longer. (You should replace your mascara every 6 months, though, to reduce chances of eye infection.)

Last week, I think I spent just as must time frogging as I did stitching. Whoever sent the frogs... thanks. Could you please take them back now? Because I am sooooo close to finishing Sampler aux Bouquets! Here's the progress:

Other progress pics can be seen HERE.

I brought my lunch hour work project home so I could take a photo and show you its progress. Doesn't look like much progress after 2.5 hours of stitching, does it?

I received word that my first finish of 2012 arrived at its new home so now I can show it off:

For Sue in VA
Design: Christmas Cardinal
Designer: Stoney Creek
Fabric: 14ct Zweigert White with Silver Metallic Aida
Fibers: DMC, Kreinik
Embellishments: Handmade Cording, Snowflake buttons

Yep, just like the one I made Glenda at Christmas. Now, I just have to make one for myself. I really like this design!

Until next time,


Faith... said...

Sampler aux Bouquets looks great Meari!

Congrats on your first finish of 2013! :)

*-* said...

Meari, thank you. You are a wealth of knowledge with your clever tricks, Much appreciate those.
I do love your lunch time project even a couple of hours a week soon mount up. I'm looking forward to seeing it completed. The Cardinal is beautiful, Lucky Sue.

Sue said...

Meari, first, I just loved the tips with the makeup! You are just so clever.

Your sampler is gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the finish; the lunch project has come a long way for 2.5 hours! I am also anxious to see this one complete.

The soup sounds so yummy that I MUST try it! I love oriental food of any kind! lol

I am glad you liked what I sent to you for Christmas! I always enjoy surprising you.


Carolyn NC said...

Great tip with lipstick. Sorry about the frogs, but your stitching looks great! Enjoy your new job, too!

mab3500 said...

I can see why you want to make that cardinal chart for yourself, it's adorable. I might just have to add it to my stash for next Christmas. I'm glad to hear you are happy with your new job and I hope it continues to be a happy place to work.

Berly said...

Your stitching all looks beautiful!! I love that cardinal! I'm so glad the new job is going well for you. You deserve it after so much anguish at the old place!

cucki said...

such a sweet post..i enjoy reading it..
lovely stitching..
love for you x

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

Your Christmas Cardinal is really pretty. I can understand why you want one for yourself!

Tobie in So. Cal.

Anonymous said...

Meari I love the cardinal and your sampler, beautiful colors in the sampler. Great tips and so glad your job is going so well. Your lunchtime stitching is coming along fine.
Thanks again,
Jennifer M

Joyce Clark Frank said...

As I collect and love cardinals, it is my favorite. Very pretty and well done. enjoyed your blog this week.

Vickie said...

Hey Meari! I am going to do the mascara thing today. I was just saying this morning that the mascara has thickened up already! Cool.
ooOoo the Sampler is sooo pretty. Almost there!

Jo said...

such a cheerful Cardinal, it's lovely and your sampler is looking amazing.

Katie said...

So glad you're still enjoying your new job. Hope it lasts. Love your new shirt. It looks warm and cozy.

Your ornament is too beautiful. Good luck getting rid of the frogs.

Anonymous said...

The stitching is gorgeous and I see what you mean about being so close to finishing on the sampler. That new sweatshirt looks comfy, too. I just love that cardinal - yes, indeed, one for you seems reasonable. LOL

AFwife99 said...

Great stitching as always. I am glad your new job is working out so well1

Akila said...

Great tips on makeup. I still have not thrown out my favorite lipstick just for memories sake, though the company are not making it any more. But then, it's very old and I can't make a lip balm either.
Wow, by my standards that's quite a lot in 2.5hrs. I'd have probably stitched 2 rows hehe.
I love this design too, very pretty

Mouse said...

oooo I like the hoodie :) and gorgeous progress on the sampler and sorry about the frogs visiting wasn't me who sent them .... and lovely tip about the lipstick :)
really like your ornament too :)
love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

That was interesting about the lipstick.

I have pinned it so I will remember, so you may be getting more visitors. Hope that was okay – if not let me know and I will delete the pin.


Kate said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your new joy. Lovely stitching - have you finished Sampler aux Bouquets?

Sunshine said...

Looking foward to seeing your SAB finish. Thanks for the cool make-up tips :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Meari

Your Christmas ornament looks gorgeous, I really love it
Your other stitching looks beautiful too


Vicky L said...

Sampler aux Bouquets looks so wonderful! So excited you are almost done. I really love the cardinal. Its adorable.

Anonymous said...

Meari I am glad that you love your new job and your boss seems to be really awesome.

Your Stoney Creek Cardinal is lovely - sorry about the frog this time of year.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are enjoying your new job.

Love the cardinal ornament.


Pam in IL said...

How nice of your employer to give you a gift and that you get to wear casual (comfy) clothing to work!

Stitching looks great as always. Sorry the frogs decided to stay with you though.

Stay warm!

Kay said...

I love the cardinal ornament, so very cute! Your stitching as always is wonderful! Such a crafty and talented lady you are! Have a great week!

Debbie said...

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!! Love the progress on your stitching. Thanks for the make up tips.

Denise SA said...

Glad you have found a job you like . I really must start my Sampler

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're still enjoying your new job, Meari! I love the cardinal ornament.

Karin in CA

glenda said...

First off...just go ahead and send me the hoody. I'll use it all the time, lol.

Your sampler o bookay looks gorgeous. Actually, to me that looks like a good amount of stitching for 2.5 hours. I think I'm horrible slow!

I do think my cardinal is better... hehe

Carol said...

So good to hear you're enjoying your job, Meari--it really does sound like a wonderful work atmosphere.

You are a wealth of knowledge on so many things--thanks for the frugal makeup tips. I love saving money :)

I'll bet you'll have a spectacular finish to share with us next time. Your sampler is just lovely. And the cardinal is so cute. Only another stitcher would know and appreciate just how much time is involved in stitching a piece like that!

Marge Bobo said...

Your stitching looks great! Love the makeup tips. I will have to pass them on to my daughter. Your Cardinal is beautiful!

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

In Cambodia, I wore flip flops to work- it was so nice & comfortable!

Love your Christmas Cardinal. He (She?) is really cute.

- Lisa N.

Anonymous said...

Excellent on all fronts Meari!!!! As always great tips, tricks and stitching.


Melinda said...

The Stoney Creek Cardinal is on my too do list to - it looks great on the fabric you selected.

Great new Hoodie, so nice you can be casual at work.

Karen said...

I am all for a casual dress code at work! It's not only cheaper on the wardrobe budget (don't have to buy two sets of clothes), but it so much more comfortable. Love your new hoodie!

Great tip for extending the life of your lipstick. The manufacturer has stopped making my favourite colours more than once.

Sure hope the frogs have finished their visit with you and have moved on. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I hope the frog has finally gone elsewhere. I love the cardinal ornament and thank you for the hot and sour soup recipe. I love it but I've never had a recipe to make it fresh so I'm looking forward to trying it.


Vickie said...

Love the lip gloss idea. Your stitching looks amazing as usual. I am so jealous of your new jacket. It looks so warm!!!