Mar 4, 2013

Marvelous Monday Update 3/4/13

After the week and weekend I've had, it's definitely a marvelous Monday!  So what's been going on with me?  Read on...

It snowed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week!  I was up at 4am every one of those days cleaning the driveway so I could get out of my driveway without sliding into traffic.  Three out of the four nights, I had to clear the driveway again!  By Wednesday, I was very tired and quite irritable from the snow and lack of regular sleep.  To top off the week, I was working on the last pass with the snowblower and the shear pin broke.  Argh!  The snowblower was out of commission and I ended up shoveling the last bit.  The weekend was beautiful.  But, guess what?  Tonight, it's supposed to snow and we're due to get another 6-10" of heavy wet stuff.  Where I work (45min from home) is due to get up to 12"!

Several weeks ago, the Check Engine light went on in my car. The BF checked it with his code reader and it said it was the EGR valve. A couple days later the light went off. It was off for a week or so then came on for a day, then went off. It came back on toward the middle of last week.  Since it kept going off and we did some research on EGR valves, we didn't think it was a dire problem.    The BF's light comes on and off all the time and it's not a serious problem either.
Then the car started idling and running really rough. So, I looked online for symptoms of a problem EGR valve. Mine matched, so I checked online for prices and got one from the local auto parts store. On Sunday, the BF dug into the engine and replaced the valve. 
Since the car needed an oil change, I checked the oil while he was finishing up putting the car back together. Imagine both our surprises when there was NO OIL in the car! Not even on the tip of the dip stick.  For those who might not know, that is NOT good.  Not good at all.  There was no evidence of leaking oil at work or at home so the BF thinks because the EGR valve was more than likely stuck open, the engine was burning the oil and sending it out the exaust.  I was very lucky we decided to replace the valve when we did since there was no oil in the car. The BF said I'd probably would've never made it to work today... and I would've ended up replacing the engine for around $5K, installed.  He put oil in the car and reset the codes. We drove it for about 30 minutes and it runs and sounds so much better!  I'm going to check the oil frequently for a while to make sure the car has enough. Since I've always had newer cars, I've never had to worry about checking the oil between the regular oil changes.
For fixing my car and the snowblower, I took the BF out to lunch at a China Buffet.  Good trade, don'tcha think?
I frogged the lazy daisy stitches on the January Hardanger SAL and redid them with four strands of DMC instead of the perle cotton.
I also started and finished the February Hardanger SAL.  The cutouts are a bit rough and the doves eyes aren't the greatest, but for the first time around I don't think they turned out bad.
I've also worked on JG, but there's not enough progress to show (maybe in my next post!).

I have always wanted one of these.....

Singer Serger

So when I saw it at the thrift store, I had to get it.  Since I've never used a serger, it'll be a learning process for sure.  I am so excited!
Until next time,


Pam in IL said...

Your hardanger pieces look good to me! I went back and redid the doves eyes on mine and haven't started March's piece yet.

I'm really hoping the weather forecast is WRONG and that we won't get much snow.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow..I hate that you've had all that snow. Hope it calms down soon. Nice stitching on all and nice find!

Kaisievic said...

Sounds like quite an eventful time. Have fun with the Overlocker.

Melody said...

Good catch on the oil level in your car! You are lucky to have a BF to work on it for you.

We are in the same situation as you with the snowfall. Be interesting to see if we get what they are projecting for Tuesday.

I have a serger that I received from my Aunt. I use it to serge around my linen. Love it for that!

OctoberLace said...

Cool thrift shop purchase! I hope it works out well for you.

Kate said...

Hardanger stitching looks good.
Wow, you've had a lot of snow this year, I hope it stops soon. Sounds like you've had a lucky save with your car. Enjoy your new toy!

connie said...

Your hardanger pieces look great.This is something I have never tried..

I am tired of the snow too..we are supposed to get 3 to 6 inches on Wednesday unless it changes..can't rely on what the weatherman says..

I noticed spring flowers coming up so that makes me happy..

cucki said...

sweet hardanger stitching..
have with with overlocker :)
hugs x

SueH said...

Oh my, what a week you’ve had, glad you sorted the car though.
Loving your stitching, the second piece is so pretty. I really should give Hardanger another go!
Happy Stitching!

Kay said...

Your hardanger pieces look very beautiful to me, I have never tried it before, but I know I would butcher it if I did. Just keep thinking spring will be here soon! Have a good week ahead!

Berly said...

Wow, you really lucked out with the car! I had an engine die because of no oil when I was many years younger - it's not fun!! Your hardanger looks great! Good luck with the serger!

Carissa said...

I can so sympathize with the aches and pains of dealing with the snow. We don't have a snow blower so the bigger boys and I do the shoveling (dh can't since his heart attack) and we've had just as much snow here in WI as you've had.

I'm so glad you found the missing oil in your car, because it's definitely not fun to replace an engine (done that a couple of times). Checking oil is 2nd nature to me since I've always had vehicles at least 10 years old. We recently had to replace the head gasket in our van and that was a nice $2k hit - thank goodness for taxes.

You hardanger pieces look lovely and have fun learning how to serge.

Vickie said...

Beautiful hardanger. Good for you two on the car repairs, your car is a real looker.
We are waiting on the snow today also up here.

Cindy said...

My kids got me a Brother serger for Xmas and so far I am scared to touch it. I have been reading the book but I am a visual learner & need to be shown how to do it. So far I haven't found a good video on you tube but I will keep looking. Good luck with yours.

Faith... said...

Thank goodness you checked the oil! That could have been a very costly lesson.

I just got a serger too...also a Singer but I got mine from freecycle! I haven't been able to play with it yet though I am looking forward to it! Your hardanger looks very pretty.

For Sale Or Trade dannmurray said...

Your work is gorgeous Meari. I have never attempted anything like that before. Hopefully you will be in for warmer weather from now on. I am hoping spring is just around the corner.

Kelly Smith said...

Your Hardanger pieces are lovely Meari.
What a great find on your serger, hope you have many hours enjoyment with it.

Ruth said...

Sorry to hear you have all that snow, and car problems. Thank goodnes your BF knows what to do.
Your hardnger pieces are wonderful.
Terrific find on the serger I myself have been trying to find one. Maybe I can search the thrift stores and be as lucky as you. Have a great day. spring is on the way. Rrhie

Katie said...

So glad you were able to fix your car before it was more damaged.

Your stitching is gorgeous! I'll send you a box of fabric I need serged haha.

Marge Bobo said...

Love the Singer Serger. Your stitching looks great! Glad that you got your car fixed. I know that I have had to replace an engine, and it still never ran the same.

Elena said...

Glad to hear that you got your car fixed. I know what it mean to replace an that process now.

Your Hardanger look beautiful.

What a great find on the serger.

Hope you stay warm....spring will be here soon.

Rachel S-H said...

It is a wonderful thing that he fixed that when he did. And that it was something he could fix that did not have to go to the dealer.

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

You're probably the only person who could find a serger at a thrift store!

I think your hardanger looks really good. Those Dove's Eyes look nasty- just like your weather. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

- Lisa N.

valerie said...

Wow, so much snow! Waking up at 4am just to be able to drive to work. It sounds so crazy. Good of BF to fix the blower and the car! So good you caught the oil issue when you did. Congrats on the awesome serger find. Woohoo!

Karen said...

It's been snowing and raining here for what seems like forever. Fortunately, it's not accumulating to much anymore, just makes everything really slushy and messy.

Glad you didn't have to do a whole engine overhaul and that you caught it in the nick of time!

Your cutwork looks great!

Shelley said...

Nice car!!! So lucky your BF is automotive knowledgable. Paul is totally clueless about anything other than changing the :)

Your hardanger looks fabulous and I am so jealous of your thrift store find. I have got to come out to Illinois and check out your thrift stores 'cause ours don't hold a candle to the great things you find.

glenda said...

Holy crap! That's a lot of snow.

I'm sure your serger will get more use than mine. I've had mine for at least 7 years and have never used it. ha! My mom gives her old machines when she gets a new one.

Glad you caught the car in time!
Your stitching is looking very good.

Mylene said...

Love your Hardanger pieces. Missed doing this kind but just don't have enough free time lately..

Carol said...

I've had it with snow, too, and we haven't even gotten half of what you have this year, Meari!!

What a great find at the thrift store--I know you'll have it figured out in no time at all :) Love your hardanger, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow Meari! You're really lucky on the no oil situation!!! ! Did your BF use one of those thingies advertised on tv, Car MD or something like that? My car is 15 years old and fortunately at this point is running well....know on what a find at the thrift store....a serger! i've been wanting one too but from what i've heard the hardest thing about sergers is learning how to thread kidding....i&# 39;ve heard so many complaints about how to thread the.....but, having said that, i'd sure like to have the opportunity to ...btw, i'm down to one item remaining on my to do list for the ....i need to get money out of the bank to seed my cash box!!! so basically i'm done and if anything drops on my head it's too late to do much about anything that i've forgotten... .lol....i&# 39;ll be glad when it's over and i can shed this major case of nerves....


Anonymous said...

So glad that you got your car fixed before anything major happened. Your Hardanger looks great!!! Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Anne said...

I sure hope the snow is going for you Meari. You two are lucky that the car made it in time to get the oil changed. So glad your car is working properly again! Lovely hardanger pieces you are stitching. Serger!!!! WOw!! I've always wanted one of those too! Have fun playing with it!