Aug 5, 2013

Marvelous Monday Update 8/19/13

Where has the time gone??  Summer has flown by so fast.

I've been nursing tendonitis in my elbow for the past four weeks or so.  I believe I injured it trying to start the weedeater a few weeks ago.  A couple weeks ago, I helped the BF trim my hedges.  He did most of the work since I can't really hold a hedge trimmer at arm's length with my bum elbow (and of course it's my dominant arm).  Can you say mistake?  Even with the little bit I did, the injured area hurt so bad the next day.  One day last week, it felt like it was almost gone but the next day it was back. Boo.  :(

Despite the vegetable garden not doing as well as expected, my flowers are doing beautifully.

My tomatoes are starting to ripen.  The cherry ones are only ripening about 1 or 2 at a time so they don't even make it inside the house before I eat them, lol.  I had a Big Boy ripen last week and had it for lunch.  Yummo!!

Since the BF's employer is an ag dealership and service center, he was able to score some free passes to one of the local county fairs.  I hadn't been to the fair in about 15 years so I thought it would be fun to go.  I used to love seeing the "home ec" exhibits and the animals.  Plus, who can resist "fair food"?!
The midway... When I was a kiddo, I loved the rides.  Now, in looking at them, I'm not so sure how safe they are, lol.
The Grand Champion bunny.  He's so fuzzy and adorable.

Check out that stripe!
As I was taking photos of other sheep, this little guy jumped up on the fence like he was thinking, "Hey!  What about me?"

A couple of tiny cluckers

There were BIG tractors....

Old Tractors...  
Even Older Tractors...
And small tractors.... 

I was pretty disappointed in the number of textile displays.  In the counted cross stitch category, there were two entries.  This Mill Hill kit...

 And this self-designed counted cross stitch piece.
Each one was the only it their respective categories.
In the needlepoint category, there were two entries.

I've passed the eight month anniversary of starting the "new job".  Things are still going pretty well.  I experienced my first state audit last week.  Talk about time consuming! 

I think I may have mentioned that there's a nice walking path just up the road from the building where I work. The wooded path meanders perpendicular to the road and then crosses it to circle around a man-made lake. There’s also another path that branches off and runs along side a creek. Taking a walk on my lunch hour is very peaceful and beautiful.

Last week, I spotted a critter in the distance.  As I moved very, very slowly toward him, he continued to eat his lunch.  I could tell he was eye-balling me while I took photos and got closer.  I stopped on the path when I saw him stop eating. 

I thought he was getting ready to scamper off into the woods, but he didn’t. The brave little one started hopping toward me. 
When he finally stopped, he was about three feet away.When I moved, he then took cover in the woods.My guess is the critters are probably used to humans on the path so they aren’t as scared as others might be.I see the same behaviors on the college campus.

Have I mentioned what a great place my employer is to work for?!  Just a couple more examples to share… 

#1 -  Last month, they had their annual sales meeting.  It’s held all over the country, a different place each year because our sales force is all over the country.  This year, it was in Chicago.  The company hired SEVEN buses to transport the sales force to the corporate offices (“Podunk”, USA).  The company gave the corporate staff matching shirts and glove clappers.  We all congregated outside the building along with the local high school’s band to welcome the sales force.  The looks on the faces as they came off the buses was awesome!  After the meet-n-greet was finished, everyone was treated to a wonderful catered dinner with live entertainment under a big white tent on the grounds.  We were even given two drink tickets.  I was good and only had one very early in the evening since I had a 45min commute home.
#2  -  The husband of one of my coworkers has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  Last week, he was hospitalized and we were told he’s going downhill fast.  To help them, the company has held fundraisers and bake sales.  So far, we’ve raised a little under $3,000 not including the recent fundraisers.  To do even more, a bunch of us are putting together a quilt to be auctioned off at a benefit being put on by his coworkers and friends.  The theme was Americana in reds, whites, and blues.  I dug through my fabric stash and picked out some fabrics I thought would work and settled on the St. Louis block.

Here are the quilt squares I made yesterday:


Once this quilt is put together, we are planning on doing a memory quilt for the coworker to keep.  We plan to “sell” quilt squares and embroider the purchaser’s name on it.  Of course, the ladies who stitch the squares, will also have their name on one.
I haven’t been doing a whole lot of stitching due to the tendonitis I mentioned earlier. I have been stitching, though. I have the front done and about 1/3 of the back done.I can’t show photos until it arrives at its new home, though.

I can, however, share a photo of my latest acquisition.  I found this custom framed piece at a thrift store for $3.99.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, though.  It is so beautiful!  I’m pretty sure it’s a Stoney Creek design.

Raise your hand!  Who loves chocolate?  Look at this moist, scrumptious brownie!!

The photo is a bit washed out, but trust me… These were G-O-O-O-D!  So as to not eating them all myself, I sent four home with the BF for his son who is by his words, a “brownie connoisseur.  The young man is always wanting brownie mix!  He said these were the best homemade brownies he’s ever had.  I also took a plate full to work.  They were gone in a little over an hour!

I saved the best part for last.  These are zucchini brownies.  You would never know it, though.  The BF was skeptical when he saw me spooning the mix into the pan (It didn’t look “normal” or pretty, lol).  Not being a chocolate fan himself *gasp*, he did say they were fantastic.  They definitely are melt-in-your mouth, rich chocolatey goodness.

Until next time, 


SueH said...

Oh Meari, you lead such a hectic life.
Firstly, what a beautiful colour Rose and those Brownies look delish! Try Beetroot as the secret ingredient in them too….very nice indeed.

You were very lucky with the framed picture. I always have a look in my local charity shops from frames that I might be able to reuse but I’ve never been lucky enough to come across one complete with stitching in.

Happy Stitching!

Faith... said...

You certainly have been busy!

LOVE your flowers...they are so gorgeous. Lovely walking path at your job too. Hope your elbow will be healed up soon so you can get back to your stitching.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy, Meari! I'm looking forward to checking out a fair or two here in New England. The fair I went to in CA actually had quite a bit of needlework.

Karin in MA

Denise SA said...

Thank you for sharing I always love your posts

Fay and Charlette said...

So many blessings for you, Meari. Sorry about your elbow. Sounds like it's time for medical intervention? Those brownies look awesome!

Kay said...

I hope your elbow is on the mend, understandable about not a lot of stitching going on. The plants look beautiful, thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos from the fair, not too many here feature hand stitched items. Have a good week!

Vickie said...

My mother and I used to walk the local park and feed peanuts to the squirrels. Maybe he was looking for a nut?
What a wonderful thing to do for your co-worker and husband.

Gillie said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, Meari. So sorry about the tendinitis, please look after yourself.

We went to the Lake County Fair a few years ago - the best bit was a lovely fireman on stilts spraying a very fine spray over the crowd. An exceedingly hot day so it was wonderful!

What a shame there was not more needlework also that they felt they had to cover them :(

Pam in IL said...

Such pretty flowers! Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen too. My mom says to pick them when they are just orange so the bugs don't get them. This is the first year we've done it and the tomatoes finish ripening on the kitchen counter just fine.

Sorry to hear you're tendonitis is still so bad. Can you take an anti-inflammatory?

Our county fair starts this week and we always take the time to walk through the various buildings too.

*-* said...

Love your flowers & those tomatoes look delicious.
Your wooded pathway looks very peaceful & love the wee squirrel.
Patchwork is coming along nicely.

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

Oh, I miss having a garden! Your flowers are beautiful!

I'm surprised at the lack of stitching at the fair. When I went to our county fair last year, I was pretty impressed by how many entries there were.

And squirrels...we had them at university & I loved them. They were pretty friendly- for squirrels.

- Lisa N.

Chris said...

Great update Meari! I am sorry to hear about the tendinitis. I hope that is is better soon. It sounds like you have been having some fun and I am so glad that you are
enjoying work. The quilt looks great :)
did you get the BBD chart that I sent you?
Have a great week!

cucki said...

You certainly have been busy...
I LOVE your flowers...they are so gorgeous. Lovely walking path at your job too.
Hope your elbow will be healed up soon so you can get back to your stitching.
Big hugs x

CJ said...

Hi Meari -

So good to read your blog, I have missed it the last few weeks. Loved all the pics.


MaryT said...

Meari, You're so busy I don't know how you get everything done. Love your pictures of flowers, path, and wildlife. What a great find with the stitching, and you're right it is a Stoney Creek.

Mary Louise

Berly said...

Wow, you amaze me! Your flowers are beautiful! I love going to the fair. I was disappointed that we had to miss all of them this year, but I'm hoping to get a couple of entries in for next year! Those brownies look amazing!

Vicky L said...

Your flowers are beautiful. The brownies looks scrumptious. I love the pictures from the fair. I haven't been to the fair in years.

Anonymous said...

Brownies look great:) Hope your tendonitis leaves you soon. What a great find at the thrift store!

Jennifer M

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your elbow and hope you get some relief soon.

Your flowers are beautiful and thanks for sharing the pictures from the fair.

Glad that you are able to do some quilt square for the fund raiser to help your coworker.

What a lovely picture you found in the thrift store.


Patty said...

See? This is why I don't want to leave your blog (which I haven't signed on to yet because I finally got my emails under 100 - lol)

Fabulous blog! If you don't know about coneflowers - let them go to seed - if you have yellow finches - they love love love those seed heads.


Anonymous said...

So sorry that your tendinitis is back. Take care. Your pics of the fair & your walk at work are great!!!! Those brownies look yummy. Care to share the recipe?
Thanks for sharing just a little part of your day.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Akila said...

Aww Meari, hope you get better soon. Lovely flowers, the tomatoes look so yummy.
I love country fairs too, especially the rides :)
What a great employer you have. They are really the best I think
The brownies look so yummyyy. Craving for chocolate now

grannystitches said...

Hope your elbow heals soon.I love visiting your blog as usual beautiful flowers, yummy brownies,a beautiful adopted piece, fun at the fair and much more. Oh yeah! That tomato made me drool!! I have been stitching so much my needles are "smokin" lol.
Kim C