Jan 6, 2014

Dang! It's Cold Outside....

Starting early last evening, schools and organizations started putting out notifications that they were going to be closed today due to weather conditions.  This morning when I left for work, my car registered friggin' frigid temps:

According to weather forecasters, this is the coldest weather my area has seen in 40 years.  Absolutely bone-chilling!  I drove to work with the heater on HIGH, the heated seats ON, and a heavy blanket laid across my lap.  I had boots, scarf and hat on, too.  In addition to the subzero temps, there was blowing and drifting snow.  Lucky for me, the main highway was mostly clear.  I'm hoping that the plows go through before I get off work otherwise I foresee roads with snow drifts across them.

I said good-bye to Yuku on Saturday... She's now on her way back home to Debby.  Originally, I had planned to start something new when I finished her.  Kinda like a reward after doing all that backstitching and French knots.  I decided instead to finish the Thinking Positive Sampler by Jardin Prive.  I've made quite a bit of progress since my last WIP pic at the PALS retreat.  Last night, I finished Part 2:

Other WIP photos can be seen HERE.

The colors are a bit washed out in the photo.  Taking a photo in the dead of night doesn't work very well!  When I used incandescent lighting with bounce flash, the fabric color was truer to real life, but the stitching was washed out.  Using direct flash, the fabric color turned purple and looked like it was stained.  Ugh!  Daylight is the way to go, I'm tellin' ya!  I'm going to hold off on a new start until I get TP finished.

That's all I have for this week. Short and Sweet.

Until next time...

(Who's freezing in the Upper Illinois Tundra!)


Sandy In Montana said...

Looks good Meari. I also have this one waiting for me to start.

Take Care & Happy Stitching
Hugs, Sandy

Addicted to crafts said...

Be careful in the weather Meari. Your Happiness SAL looks lovely. I will be starting it soon too.
Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Faith... said...

Be careful on your way home Meari. I love the color you are using for the words in Positive Thoughts!

Donna Pheneger said...

Yuku is beautiful and I know Deb will appreciate all that hard work. I have saved the SAL also but have not started it yet. Too many coals in the fire! Your work so far on it is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Stay warm, Meari! We had those temps late last week with 14+ inches of snow, today is rain and 50F, and tonight it will all freeze again as your airmass comes this way.

Karin in MA

Ranae said...

Stay warm!!

Vickie said...

HA! I am not in Illinois, I am up here in Wisconsin. And believe me, it is frozen tundra up here too. Our bathroom sink pipe froze. Brian fixed it this morning. The kids got off today and tomorrow from school now. Their last day of school was December 20th.

Pam said...

Be safe on those roads. Glad you were bundled up this AM. Love your TP! Look forward to seeing her completed =)Pam

Anonymous said...

"Well, shut my mouth!" The weather is not that bad around here. Glad the inside is warm enough to keep on stitching...that part looks good.

Donna in TN

Katie said...

It's been horrible here too. Hubby even got a snow day from work because of it and the snow we received. Congrats finishing part 2.

Shelleen said...

Looks good Meari. They just upped my weather to a blizzard

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your "Positive Thinking"! I need to start this one soon. Hope your staying warm!


htimcj said...

I hope the roads weren't too horrid on the way home. Stay warm!

Your stitch is fabulous as usual.

*-* said...

I hope your weather improves very soon & the days are full of sunshine.
Will look forward to seeing your progress.

Chris said...

Stay safe and warm Meari! These temps are crazy. It is cold here but not dangerously so like up north. Your current project is looking great!

Anonymous said...

Meari , your stitching looks beautiful

That weather . It is reallystrange in this year.

We have warm here , about 3-7 celsius everyday and raining, not cold , not snow, so dark, grey days.

That is unbelievable and now is January.

I cant remember that we have ever had so warm in this time in year :(

So I miss and want snow and cold :)


Berly said...

It looks great! Stay warm!

Carissa said...

Making good progress Meari. We're freezing up here in WI too!

CJ said...

Hi Meari -

Please stay warm. We ar cold in North Texas but it will be over today. So nice of you to back stitch for a fellow stitcher.


Carol said...

Your weather has been much worse than ours, Meari! Our coldest was -7 last night... But, the big warm up is coming tomorrow :)

Love your progress on the Jardin Prive piece--I'm sure it is even prettier when seen in broad daylight :)

Anonymous said...

Dang that's cold, Meari! I don't think I could handle that. The Thinking Positive Sampler looks pretty.

Sandy in NM

Penny said...

My next car will definitely have heated seats. :) Hope this harsh weather blows back to wherever it came from soon! Beautiful stitching - it looks warm and spring like!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog and your drive to work in the cold, I am retired now and so glad I no longer have to go out in the freezing temps.

You finished project was very cute.


Sue said...

Hi sweet girl!

Your Jardin Prive freebie looks fantastic; of course, mine has been sitting...lol

Our schools opened two hours late today here in NN; wind chill 5 below, and 12 degrees. I know this is nothing compared to what you and the rest of the country is experiencing, but for us it is a MAJOR weather change!

Take care, stay warm!
Love ya,
Sue your SM

Anonymous said...

Your temps are too cold for humans and that I was very thankful for my warm home and electric blanket. Not everyone has either one.

And I hoped you had a warm blankie to snuggle in as well. Hope your weather turns more springlike soon!

With thanks,
Lynn Carr

Pam in IL said...

Thinking Positive Sampler looks great! I still haven't started it, but it's in my to-do basket.

Looks like we might get a little heat wave later this week. It'll be nice to be able to look out my windows once they defrost again.

glenda said...

Sucks, doesn't it? Damn arctic.

Glad for you it's finally coming to an end :)

For a change it missed us in Missoula...stayed on that side of the Continental Divide...yes!

Anonymous said...

Our temperature has been really cold even lower than yours but no snow so far.

Your Jardin Prive looks great, I am on page 2 using the colours called for.

Hope you got home safe and no snow on the highway.


Kay said...

Beautiful stitching as always! Glad that cold is gone it was very cold here as well, mostly stayed under the covers where it is warm!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Meari!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Shebafudge said...

Looks absolutely lovely!

EvalinaMaria said...

Wow, that's colder than here!