Sep 5, 2014

Show Your Stash: Threads

I first saw this on Sandy in Montana's blog, but it originated with Anna at Stitch Bitch.  I always enjoy reading about stitching memes and participating when I can, so here goes:

What thread do you usually stitch with?
Mostly I stitch with the tried-n-true DMC, but I'm no thread snob.  I'll stitch with anything... JP Coates, Anchor, cotton threads from kits, silks, GAST, Carries, and the list goes on.

When you shop for threads, do you buy on impulse or do you buy only what you need?
Since I have enough threads to open my own LNS, I usually only buy what I run out of. You know how it is, you can have a zillion colors but not the one you actually need.

How do you sort it? 
The DMC is in numerical order.  My Six Strand Sweets is divided into baggies by alphabet.  GAST,  WDW, Victoria Clayton, JP, and Anchor are each in a large ziploc bag, not sorted.  Really need to get a better system for those as it takes me forever a long time to find the color(s) I'm looking for.

How do you store your thread?
Back in the 80's when I first really got into stitching, plastic floss boxes were all the rage. Several years ago, I actually had ELEVEN boxes of floss.

Then I learned about the "Jammer" cases, which were storage cases for matchbox and hot wheels cars. The brand doesn't exist anymore, but there's been a resurrection of them in the craft area at JoAnn Fabrics.  Here's the kicker.... Jammer cases were less than $6 at Walmart.  At JoAnn's, the same storage cases are about $15.  Can you say ka-ching?! 

On the left are two cases I store my DMC. Some stitchers have been able to get all the colors in one box, but I wasn't able to do it. Maybe their floss bobbins weren't entirely full... dunno. On the right are duplicate DMC wound on bobbins left over from the 11 original cases.

On to Specialty Floss....

I store my Rainbow Gallery threads in an awesome embossed tin I found at a thrift store. I made a simple cardboard divider to keep the threads organized. Works perfectly!

Krenik spools (Yeah, I know *ewww*) are stored in Plano 20 gauge shotgun shell cases. These can be found at almost any store that sells sporting goods. I keep VFB in one, and all the other types in the other.

The different brands of hand-dyed/over-dyed floss (GAST, Carries, SSS, Clayton, etc) as I mentioned earlier are stored in gallon size ziploc bags according to manufacturer.

I organized some even farther by putting the floss in quart size ziploc bags alphabetically (A-D, E-J, K-M, etc). Inside each gallon bag is the checklist (from the manufacturer website) of colors available. I have a checkmark beside the ones I have, so I know at a glance and don't have to go digging through the bag only to come up empty handed!

DMC Light Effects are kept in a fishing tackle box. (They are such a pain to work with!)

What tips do you have for building a stash?
When I was building my stash eons ago, I would stock up every time JoAnn's had a sale 5 for $1. Then when Walmart decided to do away with their DMC section, I bought every skein they had for a nickel a piece. What a deal, eh?  My point.... stock up when it's on sale!  I've also accumulated a lot of threads I probably wouldn't have bought on my own by participating in floss exchanges.  Exchanges are a lot of fun!

How much is too much?
Really.... is there ever too much?!  Well, maybe if you run out of room. Nahhhh.... Okay, if you have tons of the same color, then maybe it *might* be too much. Maybe.

How do you whittle your stash down when it's gotten too large?
Actually, I've never considered whittling down my stash.  Maybe that means it's just not large enough... yet.

Do you have a current favorite in your stash? Let’s see it!
Gonna have to pass on this one, since I don't really have a favorite floss.

So what about you?  What's your floss collection like?

Until next time,


Kay said...

Amazing photos! You are so organized. I am so not organized! I have all my stuff in corners all over the living room since this too is my stitching room, lol.

cucki said...

Yummy threads :)

Unknown said... are super organized!

Melody said...

Thanks for sharing. I always seem to learn something new when I read a post like yours.

Vickie said...

Your floss organization skills are fantastic!
I hope you are doing alright Meari.

Carol said...

Your thread collection is so varied and beautifully organized, Meari! Really enjoyed reading your answers :)

Brenda A said...

Umm, I kinda love the shot gun storage, I just mentioned it to my husband and he was like, I have 40 gauge ones! I told him they were too small. ;)

Next time I'm out I'll have to pick up a box, I only have like 5 spools right now though. I'm not a fan of the stuff.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog, especially about how you store your thread stash - I'm always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of handling supplies. That Eight-Immortal piece is gorgeous!

Also wanted to offer condolences on the passing of your father. I know how difficult it is to lose a parent, let alone all the bureaucratic follow-up. Time eases the pain (LOTS of time). Stitching helps, too.

Meg in NH

Mylene said...

wow! you are very organized!

Katie said...

Great job organizing all your pretties oh I mean threads haha. Yeah I agree with you no matter how many threads you have there is always one or two you don't have.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Wow your flosses are organised. I hope to get a full set eventually I may just have to bite the bullet and start ordering them. I usually find I have to get a couple of colours each time I start a new project

rosey175 said...

o wow, I see what you mean by all your boxes of floss! We have a couple of those Jammer cases too but they're for legos! Somehow I think my husband would be sad if I "borrowed" them. :)

The shotgun shell cases are a great idea!