Oct 25, 2014

Stupendous Saturday 10/25/14

Happy Saturday!

I woke up early... early as in it was still dark outside.  The sky was still filled with stars.  Beautiful stars.  I am looking foward to the day because I get to go shopping!  With everything going on since April, this shopping day will be like a mini vacation away from EVERYTHING:  housework, laundry, cleaning out my parents house, dealing with estate stuff.  I need time away... really, I do!  So, that's my plan and I'm sticking to it.  (Even if I feel a bit guilty with all the "work" that still needs to be done.)

Now that I've shared what my stupendous Saturday is going to be like, I can regale you with other things I've been up to:

Not that I've had a lot of time lately to treasure hunt, but I've gotten lucky with a few lovely finds over the past few months. 

Some of you may know that I love photography... just as much as stitching!  Love cameras, photographs, taking photographs, gadgets, and oh how I enjoy finding unique frames!  For years, I have wanted a digital photo frame.  I didn't want a cheapo one, but I couldn't justify paying a hefty price for a really nice one.  Look what I found for a mere $15:

I know, I know. It doesn't look very exciting right now but it will when I put photos in it!  It's an HP 8" digital photo frame in dark expresso.  It comes with a remote control, too.  It was still in the box in the original wrapping.  The funny thing is... It's been at the thrift store for weeks priced at $39.99.  When I saw it had been marked down to $14.99, I couldn't resist.  This frame sells on Amazon for $80.  So, so happy with my purchase!

Want to hear how anal indecisive I am with certain purchases?  Sure you do.  When I saw it in the thrift store, I thought: "Oh my god, I LOVE it!"  Then I saw the price tag... Did I really want to pay that much?  I made a bargain with myself.  "Self," I said, "if it's still there after you finishing shopping the rest of the store, then seriously consider it.  If it's meant to be, it will still be there when you get done shopping."  LOL, silly aren't I?  So, I did just that.  I continued to peruse the rest of the store... actually, I did go back and look at it at least three times.  Crazy, I know.  When I finished browsing, there it was and I brought it home.  What was it, you're wondering?

A beautiful (and I do mean beautiful!) oak jewelry armoire.  It is so similiar to my bedroom set, if one didn't know better they'd think it came as a set.  The photo really doesn't do it justice.

I consider it a piece of furniture as it stands 39" tall.  It's a well built armoire compared to smaller ones I've seen in stores.  My guess is that it cost around $300 when it was new.  I feel I got it for a steal at $65.  My only dilemma is that I don't want to get rid of my smaller jewelry boxes.  One my parents gave to me for Christmas when I was a teenager, and the other two I've had forever.  *sigh*  Believe it or not, I have contemplated using it as a floss cabinet.  It'd be perfect for that!

I did a slight modification in that I put felt under the legs so that it wouldn't scratch my hardwood floors.  The BF tightened up the screws for the legs and the piano hinge that allows the mirrored top to be opened.

After the above finds, this one pales in comparison.  Even though I'm much more particular about thrift store stash acquisitions, I still can't resist a good floss deal.  For less than $1, I got this:

I think I'm good for DMC 816 for a while, don't you?
My next "find" isn't as exciting as the previous ones, but a great find nonetheless.  Both my brother and BF have this.  They say it's awesome for keeping shoes, boots, and gloves dry.  Retailing for $40, I picked up a new-in-the-box Peet Boot Dryer for less than $5.  Score!  It's quiet and will come in handy.


I haven't gotten around to stitching the buttons on Heart of America yet, but I have been steadily plugging away at Midnight Watch.  I've made quite a few substitutions because I didn't have all the GAST and WDW the chart called for.  Plus, I didn't particularly care for some of the colors in the design either.  Mix it up, I did!

Since the above photo was taken, I've done quite a bit more.  I guess I should put out a new photo:

I continue to receive condolence cards and I must say that you stitchers have brought tears to my eyes with your thoughtful and caring words of comfort.  My heartstrings have definitely been pulled as I read the cards. Some of you I have met in real life and others only online, but I tell you what -- You guys (gals) are wonderful!  Thank you with all my heart for your kindness.

Yesterday, I was surprised to see a package sticking out of my mailbox.  I scanned my brain quickly, but I couldn't remember ordering anything.

Inside the box was a prayer shawl crocheted by Berly in Missouri.  She and I have "known" each other online for at least seven years.  We met in real life a couple years ago at a retreat.  I can't tell you how touched I was to receive such a gift and condolence card.  Thank you so much, Berly.  I have already showed it to a couple of my siblings. :)

I think that about does it for now.

Until next time,


angel parker said...

Your blog always leaves me with a smile. I never find great deals at places like you do! If I had the jewelry armoire I would turn it into a thread haven.

Berly said...

Your shopping finds are marvelous!! I don't know how you do it! I'm so glad you liked the shawl. It was made & sernt with love.

Pam in IL said...

You deserve a day away from it all! You always have the best luck find things at the thrift store! Love all your finds & your stitching progress is great. You're always in my thoughts and prayers.

*-* said...

I'm glad you had such wonderful finds while having the Stupendous Saturday.
What a beautiful gift from your friend.
Your stitching looks lovely, as always.

RuthB said...

You deserve many days where you just get the chance to breathe..... and stitch. Although after reading this post I think you have a real future as a bargain hunter! Good shopping. I'll keep you in my prayers as you work your way through your parent's home. Been there, done that -- still makes me sad. Good luck.

cucki said...

Wow great finds and lovely stitching dear xx

Vickie said...

Fantastic finds Meari! I love a good hunt and score. ;)

Emily in NC said...

The jewelry armoire is indeed beautiful and the sock/ boot warmer looks really cool.

Sheryl S. said...

What amazing bargains. Love the jewellery cabinet and amazing floss buy. stitching looks great.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your shopping spree! Once again you showed what a smart and lucky shopper you are.

Your jewelery cabinet looks perfect for floss. Berly's prayer shawl is a very lovely and thoughtful gift.


Nancy V said...

You sure have a knack and luck to find amazing deals when you shop. I love the jewelry armoire and think repurposing as a floss cabinet is a great idea. Your other goodies were great, too. How nice of Berly to make the shawl for you. I hope each day is a little better for you.
Nancy V in TN :-)

Robin said...

What fabulous finds you found on your shopping excursion! I really like the jewelry armoire and think it would make an awesome thread/embellishment storage unit.

Nice progress on your WIP! What a thoughtful gift you received from your friend.

Robin in Virginia

Denise SA said...

I love all your thrift finds and don't fe guilty about taking some me time

Faith... said...

What a beautiful armoire and such a bargain too! The prayer shawl Kim made you is beautiful!

Glad you were able to have a "Meari" day.

rosey175 said...

I do that talk to myself in thrift stores too! That said, I make myself wait a week, lol. I wouldn't have passed up the floss though~

But that lovely jewelry armoire will make a great floss cabinet!

stitcherw said...

With all you've had going you surely did deserve a day to yourself. It was a gorgeous weekend here too for a change, one of the fall days where you just seem to have so much energy and feel like smiling. Hope the weather there for you was equally nice. You got some wonderful finds, especially the digital photo album, and the jewelry cabinet would be fantastic for storing flosses. Nice progress on Midnight Watch, that is a neat design, and the shawl you received is just gorgeous, what a lovely gift.

Anonymous said...


Loved reading your blog. You made some super purchases. I love the jewelry armoire - I have one very similar to it and love how much I can store in it. Besides stitching, I LOVE jewelry. So much so, my DH has banished me from jewelry stores unless he is with me so he can hold me back - ha ha. Funny he doesn't worry about me at stitching stores. Never thought of using the armoire for stitching stash, but it would be great for that!


Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

It was fun to see your stitching and your thrift store finds. Hope all is well where you are.

Kathleen S. in MD

matt_matts_mum said...

Meari, thanks for a smile on your stupendous sat. blog. I try to take time to read everyone's blogs, but alas the need for time! You found some wonderful things! Enjoy you deserve it! hugs, Queeny

Thoeria said...

You deserve a getaway :)
Love LOVE LOVE your jewelry armoire! What a stupendous find! I'm so glad you listened to yourself and decided to take it home with you :)

Carol said...

Such great finds, Meari!! Doesn't it feel fabulous to get a good deal on something. That jewelry cabinet is really something special :)

Looking forward to seeing the BBD piece progress. I hope to stitch that one myself one of these years.

And what a thoughtful gift from Berly--the prayer shawl is so lovely...

valerie said...

So glad you are taking some time for yourself despite the guilt trip voice in your head. I have that voice too. Looks like you scored some amazing things in your thrift shop. The armoire is a great find!! Great progress on your BBD too. :)

Anonymous said...


Glad you had some time for yourself. You find so many wonderful things in your thrift store and such great prices.

What a lovely shawl Berly sent you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

I just got caught up on your blog. Awesome shopping! I love, love, love your jewelry armoire. What a fantastic idea to use it for floss storage!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was a stupendous Saturday!!

Happy Trails,
Pam K. in TN :o)

Katie said...

Great finds indeed. I do the same thing. I walk around a store and keep checking on something I just think I can't live without.

Loretta said...

That is a lot of DMC 816! Could come in handy for a big reproduction sampler or other single color design though...