Dec 25, 2014

It's Time! 12 Days of Christmas

This year I participated in a private 12 Days of Christmas exchange.  Shelley drew my name and she put my wrapping abilities to shame. ;-)  I don't have my tree up yet, the sofa doubled as a display shelf.

Aren't they beautiful?!
The participants decided that today would be the starting date for opening gifts.  So here goes:

Almost too pretty to open...
A cute little Santa snowglobe!  I love snowglobes!!  This one is going to work with me to put at my desk.  Also included in the adorable snowman box was Lindor chocolates.  Mmmm...  Yummo!

Wonder what it could be?

I use highlighters when working on BAPs so these will definitely come in handy!


More candy!!  Oh, and adorable holiday socks  :)
I think I'll save these to wear on Christmas.
Ohhh, it's the BIG box!  Should I shake it?
All right!  Velveeta Shells & Cheese!!  Waaiiit a minute....
It's an adorable snoman mug!  It's huge, too.  I'm going to use it to hold all the candy I've been getting.


Yummo!!  Hot cocoa :)

Woo Hoo!  A chart from my wishlist.

 I tried to be good and not feel it up.  It was heavy.
I thought it was a chocolate bar, LOL!

Not chocolate, but I do love the saying!
It fits right in with my theory of life.
"Make Happy Happen!"

A jungle bell place card holder.
Very cute!
 Oooh! Love Burt's Bees stuff!  :)

 Cute candy ornament to go with all the candy!
 Shelley actually made the ornament.
It looks so professional, I thought it was store bought!

I was in such a hurry to open my present this morning,
I forgot to take a photo of the package. As you can
see it's a pair of Christmas towels. :) 
There was candy, too.  I forgot to include it.
DAY 12
Shelly really spoiled me on Day 12!
Not only did she get me a chart from my wishlist,
she also gave me the fabric and threads to go with it!
I so want to start this!
Must. Hold. Off.
(or maybe not...)
This concludes the 2014 Twelve Days of Christmas exchange. A big thank you goes out to Shelley for all the wonderful gifts she's given me... and more importantly, the online friendship and support she's shared with me over the many years we've "known" each other.


Robin said...

What a lovely way to begin your 12 days of Christmas exchange!

Robin in Virginia

Sue said...

Just adorable! I love these exchanges; its been a while since we did one on ESC.

Sue your SM

Berly said...

Very nice!

Pam in IL said...

How fun! Love the snowglobe and chocolate too.

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful idea for the 12 gifts! Very clever.


Anonymous said...

That was a very cute idea!


Vickie said...

Oh how fun! And sweet. And yummy.

Katie said...

Oh too fun.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh, I'm going to have fun watching you open your 12 gifts :)
Love the first one!

Angela P said...

Great exchange idea! Day 1 is cute.

Thoeria said...

I don't know if I'd be able to resist opening them all in one go!
Cute cute snow globe :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun exchange Meari! I love all of your different bead storage systems, too.

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

That is a fun exchange. I wish I was in on this one. I love that 12 days of Christmas exchange.

Hug and love
LA frog II

Ranae said...

How fun! Hurry up and open the others so we can see what they are, lol
Happy holidays!!

Anonymous said...

What a great exchange so far, Meari.

Sandy in NM

CJ said...

I love the mug. TFS.


Sue said...

Great gifts! Lots of comfort food and drink! LOL

Sue your SM

Anonymous said...

Awesome gifts! I love the hot cocoa tin!

Kim Mattox

summer said...

wonderful gifts, so love the snowman mug,I can just see hot chock in it now :)

Carol said...

What fun gifts you've received, Meari--can't wait to see the other days :) Enjoy!

Debbie said...

Beautiful gifts!! Definitely a fun exchange. Very pretty wrapping too.

Kay said...

Such beautiful wrapping and wonderful gifts as well!!! Merry Christmas!

Jennifer M said...

What fun and wonderful things to look forward too. Great for 12 days of surprises!

Shelley said...

Hey...that is a really pretty card in that holder!!

Anonymous said...

Meari those are very sweet gifts and I am happy that you are having so much fun opening them. Thank you for sharing the experience with us.


Akila said...

Lovely wrapping and cute gifts. My favs are the snowglobe and the mug :)

Anne said...

So much fun to open up gifts each day! I hope you have a good Christmas Meari. Been thinking about you and sending you hugs and prayers.

Donna Pheneger said...

What a wonderful Christmas for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Meari, what great gifts! I know you'll enjoy all of them, but if you need help with any of the chocolate or hot cocoa, let me know. LOL

in cool, breezy Czech Republic, where we are finally supposed to get snow over the weekend

Faith... said...

Lots of great stuff there, you really got spoiled Meari!

htimcj said...

Those are fantastic gifts!

Denise SA said...

Wonderful gifts you deserve them all

Mouse said...

ohhhh such lovely thoughtful gifts for you :) and the candy does look good :) love mouse xxxx

Shebafudge said...

What gorgeous gifts! Such a lovely exchange to participate in. xx

Anonymous said...

Your exchange partner really did spoil you, Meari. You got some great gifts in your exchange.

Sandy in NM

Anonymous said...

You made out great. Enjoy l your wonderful gifts.

Betty in AZ (ilcs)