Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Let's all raise our needles and thread... Here's to a new year, and hoping it's a good one!

Stitcher's Village hosted a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.  I was a winner on one of the days.  Here's the goodies that arrived in the mail:
Home of a Needleworker
A Stitcher's Prayer
Little Sheep Virtues - Simplicity
Little Sheep Virtues - Joyfulness
Little Sheep Virtues - Courage
What a nice early Christmas gift, eh?  Thank you Stitcher's Village!

Haven't had much time to stitch lately... Time and inclination, that is.  However, I've been inching my way along on Midnight Watch.

Progress as of 12/18/14: 

Progress at the end of today:

I started a new project to do on my lunch hour at work. It's a Sugarplum Express snowman ornament called Marvin and Pal.  I think this one is an OOP kit because I can't find it anywhere online. Those Sugarplum Express characters are so adorable!

My last finish of 2014 is Merry Christmas Grumpy Kitty.  I plan on making it into an ornament.

Designer: Brookes Books Publishing
Fabric: 18ct Red Aida
Fibers: Unknown Cotton, DMC
Embellishments: Snowflake Button

In yesterday's mail, I received a small Christmas present.  It's so adorable.  Debbie B in Canada stitched it for me.  I've really appreciated her reaching out to me throughout this year.

Thank you, Debbie!

Once a year, I empty out my Ort Bag and start anew.  These are the snippets of my 2014 projects:


Anonymous said...

You're doing great on your stitching Meari. I need to get mine out again.

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

beautiful sttiching

Zoe Garcia said...

Congrats on the win Meari! your stash keeps growing and it didn't cost you! Hoping 2015 is much better for both of us! Hugs, Christina

Kay said...

You are doing so much better on your stitching than I have been in some time. Love the grumpy cat ornament!!! Great patterns you won! Happy stitching and happy new year to you!

summer said...

Lovely gifts from stitches village! I love grumpy cat, he always makes me smile :) and you captured him perfect lol happy new year ✂ and happy stitching!

Ruth said...

And a Happy New Year to you as well. Congrats on your Stitchers Village win, that's a nice Christmas surprise. Love the grumpy cat ornie -- he just makes me giggle.

Denise SA said...

Great winnings and great stitching
Happy New Year
Hoping the urge to stitch comes back with a woosh

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Happy New Year!

Jo said...

congratulations on your win, great stash. Love the Grumpy Kitty, reminds me of our cat who died just before Christmas.

Vickie said...

Such nice wins there.
Happy New Year Meari!

gominam said...

Happy new year. Congrats on the win. Grumpy cat is so cute!

Katie said...

Happy New Year and I hope your 2015 is a great one. Beautiful stitching.

Robin said...

What a cute ornament you received and nice lot of charts in your Stitcher's Village win! Your BBD piece is looking great. Love the colors in it!

Happy New Year, Meari!

Robin in Virginia

CatsnCorgis said...

I missed the last one...love Grumpy Cat! I can't wait to see the house finished. That really can't be the homestead, with no snow. Was last year's weather enough for both years?


jhm said...

It will be good to see your progress on Midnight Watch. I literally just got it before Christmas and it almost was my New Year's start but I opted to go with something smaller.

another Hoosier stitcher

htimcj said...

What a nice way to end the year-winning stash :)
I love the Grumpy cat. I might have to find that one, DD and her friends think he is hilarious.

I hope you have a very happy, healthy and stitching filled New Year!


Anonymous said...

Oohhh! Congrats on your win!!
Lovely stitching!
Grumpy turned out soooo cute!


Donna Pheneger said...

Congratulations on your winning! A really nice grouping!
My ORT collection is like yours. Except mine went into a glass ornament. Weird, I know..LOL!

Justine said...

Great stitching, especially Grumpy Cat. He's so cute! Hoping that 2015 is a good year for you.

xs88fan said...

Happy New Year Meari!
All of your stitching is beautiful.

Vicky L

Chris said...

Lovely stitching and stash! The grumpy cat is on my to do list!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win Meari! I love Grumpy Kitty - sooo cute!

Tara Kimberley Torme

Anonymous said...

Meari, I wanted to wish you A Happy New Year and hope this year brings you much happiness.

What a nice Christmas gift from Stitcher's Village and the lovely ornament from Debbie.


Vickie said...

Congrats on your win Meari!! Your stitching looks great as usual. Love your exchanges and your grumpy cat is just too cute!!!

Pam in IL said...

Your stitching is always great! Can't wait to see the new lunchtime project. Love all the LHN designs.

Carol said...

What a nice package to win, Meari! And I love your little grumpy cat finish--I printed that chart off, too, and am thinking of stitching him for my middle son. Will enjoy watching your progress on Midnight Watch as that is another design in my "must-stitch" pile :)

2015 has to be a better year for you and your family than 2014 was--I hope you all continue to heal after the loss of your dear parents and that brighter days are just around the corner...

craftingpaws said...

All of your stitching is lovely and I just adore the Grumpy cat ornament. So cute!

Lyn said...

I always love your projects! Cute finish!

Akila said...

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 Meari

Sheryl S. said...

Love the grumpy kitty, real cute.

Anne said...

Happy NEw Year Meari!! I hope this year will be a good one for you. What a fabulous win! Those charts are great! Grumpy cat ornament?! That;s the best ornament I've seen yet!!