Feb 2, 2015

Marvelous Monday Update 2/2/15


It matters not if Phil sees his shadow...
It's still 6 more weeks until Winter is over.
Just look outside!

Here in the midwest, we've just been dumped on by Mother Nature.  On Sunday, I woke to our first major snowfall of the season.  Three and half hours of shoveling led to shaking and shivering like you would not believe. I've never experienced such a thing before!  It was so bad that I couldn't operate a pair of scissors efficiently and pouring hot cocoa powder into a mug proved to be a spectacular feat.  After imbibing on two mugs of cocoa, a 2 hour nap ensued.  Later in the afternoon, I went out again... only 2 hours that time.  And again at 4am this morning... 50 minutes.

View From My Front Door

Snow Pile in Backyard - All from one snowfall!

Street Side

To the right of the snowpile is my sidewalk.  I had it cleaned yesterday morning. Thanks to the snow plows, it's now covered in the hard-packed nasty street snow.  As you can guess... I'll be shoveling that mess later today.

The Homestead

On the lower end, the pile along the driveway is about 3ft high.  The pile on the upper end is about 4-5ft high.

Somewhere in there are two bushes that are 5 ft tall!

The remaining cards arrived from the Birthday Card/Floss exchange I mentioned in my previous post.  (The floss in the background are the same ones from last week.)

Thank you, ladies!  I enjoyed opening all the cards.

My SM Sue, sent me a wonderful birthday surprise.  Two handmade infinity scarves and a cute little owl locket.  Those scarves are so soft!  Thank you, SM!!

I had hoped to share my Little Heart Swirl finish (Yes, I did finish it without throwing it out the window!), but I decided to wait until it is finish-finished.  So, maybe next time.  In the meantime, please enjoy my other WIPs.

Other progress can be seen HERE.

I am pretty excited that I've gotten so much of the border done.  As I looked at the flower vine on the left side, I realized I used the wrong colors and ended up frogging/restitching it.  Why didn't anyone tell me???

Other progress photos can be seen HERE.

It's been quite a while since I've worked on this.  It's my "work" project that I stitch during my lunch hour.  The great thing about progress photos is that I can see how much I've really done since the last time I picked the project up.  It's encouraging to see the progress!

Anyone going to the retreat?  I've been meaning to go for several years but the timing never seemed to work out, or I'd find out too late, or I'd already committed to another retreat.  This year it just worked out!  I've arranged for time off work and paid for my lodging.  Who's going?

Until Next Time,


Anonymous said...

Ick. Stay warm in that snow, Meari.

Karin in CA

Deb said...

Wonderful birthday selection of goodies!
Wow! Lots of snow to work your way out of. Happy you finally thawed out.
Great WIP's! Didn't know the wrong color was present on your piece.
Too far away for the retreat.
Hope you stay warm!

Ranae said...

Stay warm and safe out there, love how midnight watch is coming along

Barbi said...

Oh my word!!!! Please take care of yourself! It's better to just leave it and do the shoveling in small increments. Midnight Watch is one of my favorite charts in my to do pile. I have to pull it out one day. I would like it displayed by Halloween this year. I'm thinking of having it as my "camping" project this summer.

Robin said...

Happy belated birthday wishes, Meari! Wow, look at your snow! I am pea green with envy. Nice progress on your WIPs.

Robin in Virginia

Fay and Charlette said...

Great progress...and I would have told about the color but I wasn't familiar with the design. I don't think you should shovel snow for 3 hours but that's my mothering kicking in. People die shoveling snow! You know best but be careful. Nice scarves, too!

Sue said...

Wow! You did get bombarded with snow! I just hate that you have to clear off that driveway. :(

I am so happy you liked your scarves and the owl necklace. I was a bit disappointed in the size of the locket.

You have really made great progress on your Halloween piece and I just love your balloon piece! Can't wait to see that one finished.

Glad you are home today; stay warm and maybe even sneak in some stitching..LOL

Love ya,
Sue your SM

Mylene said...

Wow! Lots of snow...take care!
Lovely progress in your stitching!

Faith... said...

You have a very big driveway! I am hoping that was the first and LAST big snow we get for this year. Just please be careful out there shoveling.

Nice scarves from Sue. Balloon Glow is looking pretty good!

Vickie said...

We "enjoyed" the same snowstorm here above you.
Nice to see your work project again.

Anonymous said...


I am jeaulous of all your snow. We have not had any at all this winter, only rain. Now we have snowdrops and crocuses blooming and the other bulbs are already showing their greenery.

Sorry about your resident frog, but in spite of that you have made great progress.

Instead of shoveling, maybe you could build giant snowmen.

Tara Kimberley Torme

Anonymous said...

I can identify with all that snow...we got a bunch here too, lol. I am really really really glad it happened this Sunday and not last Sunday. It would have been a horrible drive home from the retreat and we only live an hour away!At least the sun is out today and the white stuff is so fresh it sparkles. :D


Anonymous said...

You have posted many beautiful things Meari! Thanks for sharing.

Karen V
Fitchburg MA USA

gominam said...

Belated birthday wishes, Midnight Watch is so cool! Balloon glow too:)

*-* said...

I always think of snow as being so pretty. I don't live where it causes such problems. Reading about the effort, required to clear a pathway, makes me appreciate our ordinary winters.
Your stitching progress, as always looks great.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Meari - you've really been hit with some snow! I'm impressed, but not envious - LOL. Hope the shivering has stopped and the stitching has begun.

Czech Republic

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Hoosier retreat?

Carol said...

We only have about 10 inches here, Meari--please keep it out your way :) Those are some seriously big snow piles!

Lovely birthday gifts and your WIPs are both looking great. How nice to be able to stitch at work during your lunch hour :)

Anonymous said...

that is a lot of snow, beautiful stitching

Claudette497 said...

Your stitching looks great - if you spilled coffee on your work I'd think you had done it on purpose for effect, it just wouldn't occur to me that you made a mistake. Consider it a compliment to your artistry!

Thoeria said...

Oh wonderful snow! I do love snow! But I'm pretty sure that's because we don't get any. Stay warm!!!
Great sttichy progress....that Halloween piece is divine!

Chris said...

That is a lot of snow! Beautiful stitching Meari!!

Donna Pheneger said...

Glad to see you've dug yourself out by so much work!
Your stitching is beautiful! Great progress!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's a lot of snow Meari. We haven't had any this year just lots
of rain. The ski hills aren't too happy but I am.

Cheryl Kinkaid

Anonymous said...

Your yard and driveway looks like mine. Now we have a wind chill warning from tonight through tomorrow morning. Having to take the puppy out every 2 hours has made me cold and that makes me tired so I have been sleeping ALOT!!


Denise SA said...

Sorry about all that snow take care and stay warm

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your Halloween piece is coming along beautifully!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Katie said...

Beautiful stitching. We got 13.5 inches and it's beautiful but I can only say that cause I didn't have to shovel it. I wish you didn't have to either. Love the gift from Sue. Very nice. I'm pretty sure I'm going to the retreat. I'm so glad you get to attend!!

DUSTY said...

Happy Belated Birthday Meari !! Hope you had a wonderful day ! Your yard looks like mine. We have been dumped on twice so far by Mother Nature. Come on Spring !! Your stitching and gifts are lovely !!

rosey175 said...

Yuck, I'm almost glad we didn't get a lot when I see that mess! I did not like shoveling our driveway last year but with 4ft drifts, it had to be done! It's really healthier to do it in smaller increments but once you're out there, you just want it DONE.

Lovely stitching, Balloon Glow is nice to watch grow. :D

Anonymous said...

Nice update Meari,

You got a whole lotta snow there! Wowzers!

I'm going to duck when I say this, because you might want to throw some snowballs at me, but I sure would like some of that snow!
Being a Michigander, I miss the snow. We've had snow flurries but nothing exciting in my neck of the woods.

Christine - nannystitch

Nancy in IL said...

You got a LOT more snow than we did, though I think it's about as cold here as it is there.

I really LOVE the Midnight Watch. Balloon Glow is a soothing lunchtime project. When I look at your two WIPs here, I see how mine look and wonder if you stitch right to left as I do.

Kay said...

The weather your way looks the same as it is here. So much snow as of late, for many of us. Spring will be here before we know it! Loving the progress on your stitching!!

Vickie said...

I keep dreaming of one snow day...not as much snow as you have but just one day! Love your stitching! That Halloween piece is so cute!

stitcherw said...

We've gotten way more snow that I'd prefer her too, however, at least we've not had the horrible ice storms we had last year that knocked out power to so many for so long. Like you thought I can't wait for winter to be over. Midnight Watch is looking great, you've gotten a lot done. This is such a neat piece, I adore the black cat at the top :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your update Meari! all the snow would give me a headache. My husband and I are receiving tour guides of colorado. we are actually thinking about moving there but I can't see myself shoveling snow! and wow you sure did shovel a ton of it! great pics. I showed him and said, 'really??'

Hugs, and Happy Stitching,