Jun 28, 2015

Glorious Getaway - Part Two

Virginia Living Museum

Before we set off on our museum excursion, Butch was kind enough to take our photo.  It was quite bright out and I now see that I've got my face scrunched up a little... but at least my hair is behaving in the humidity, LOL.  Overall, a pretty good pic of us  :)

Off to the Living Museum we go....

Where there is a FROG exhibit!
~ Frogs of every shape, size, and color ~

There was also underwater exhibits
Other (fun?) Creatures...

There was also an outdoor wildlife exhibit and aviary, but I didn't explore it much because it was so darn HOT!  My camera battery died... Boo.

This concludes your arm chair tour...  Stay tuned for Part 3.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Ohhhh frogs! Looks like fun!

*-* said...

Those photos are very interesting, tfs, I love the coloured frogs.

Sue said...

I cannot get over how beautiful all these frogs were............love this museum. Glad you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Nice update & vacation Meari!

I'm so happy you were able to get away.

Had to laugh at your comment on your scrunched up face! The only pic taken of me at Disney World a year ago this past April, I looked horrible....looked like I was mad at the world. LOL! I'm sure your hair behaved in the humidity! Mine is destroyed just walking outside. LOL!

Christine - nannystitch

Donna Pheneger said...

This looked like a lot fun and you're looking relaxed! Didn't go to the museum but enjoyed the local beaches too! So happy you're having fun!

Vickie said...

Yes, I would have enjoyed the indoor, cool exhibits more also. ;)

Anonymous said...


You are so lucky to have such a wonderful visit with Butch and Sue. You both look lovely in the picture. I just hope that you did not bring back any frogs.

Tara Kimberley Torme

Katie said...

Oh love the frogs and creatures. Great pics!!

gominam said...


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures Meari! It looks like you had a wonderful visit.


Vickie said...

The frogs are so cute! Did you bring one home with you???