Aug 22, 2016

Have Paint, Will Travel

In my last post, I shared my photographic checks. Thank you all for the compliments. They are really cool, aren't they?  I've had several inquiries as to where I got them.  I ordered mine from Artistic Checks  One caveat... Look for a coupon code to get them really inexpensively.  Normally, they are $20.95 + shipping!

A while ago, I picked up a set of Loew Cornell watercolor pencils and a new adult coloring book called Magical Garden by Cra-Z-Art.  I really like the pencils. They cover and blend really well and are not too expensive.

Two weeks ago, I started a 6-week watercolor workshop taught by a local artist.  This week, we had to come up with ideas what we'd like to paint for our "masterpiece".  These were my choices.

The instructor critiqued our choices.  He really liked all of them except for the hot air balloon. He said the sky didn't have interesting detail in it.  I chose the autumn river scene.  It will be very difficult, but I will give it my best!

One of the supplies recommended for class was an 18x24" thin board for drawing and painting on.  Ahh... a DIY project!  I bought an inexpensive piece of Masonite and cut it to size.  A bit of primer and quite a few coats of polycrylic makes for a nice waterproof painting surface.
On my own, I've been doing some fun things with my watercolor paints.  I've created color cards so I know what the paints look like on paper.
I also did a mixing exercise with the Reeves watercolors using primary colors: red, blue, yellow to make secondary and tertiary colors.

When I was a teenager, entertainment on a Friday night was cruising around the square downtown.  From that, Cruise Night was born.  At first, it was a bunch of people with cool cars, trucks, and motorcycles that drove around the square.  There was a beer tent with music.  Decades later, it has turned into a huge event featuring car shows, music/entertainment, and competitions.  This year, my brothers and nephew decided to take their cars and enter the burnout contest.  My oldest brother placed 3rd out of about 20-25 cars in the competition.  Pretty cool bragging rights, if you're into cars!

My brother in his 1969 Pontiac GTO convertible.  He restored and painted it himself.
Photo from 2008

My nephew entered his 1973 Chevy Nova - He created a lot of smoke, which is one of the factors they're judged on.  He didn't place, though.  Not bad for his first time!

My youngest brother entered his 1968 Pontiac GTO.  Both my brothers vamped up the motor the day before.  He had a hard time keeping it on the pad, and the facilitators shut him down early.

Photo from 2014 - My nephew in his Nova next to my brother's GTO.

Road Trip by Ursula Michael
Get the freebie HERE.


Donna Pheneger said...

I enjoyed your update. I was never into cars but my brother was a "gear head" so I went to car shows occasionally. He now has a son with which to do that! He also restores.
Thanks for the freebie - it's really cute.
You're really branching out in other craft and art areas, aren't you? Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

nice cars - wow!! Looking forward to your painting!!

Deb said...

Lovely artistry!
Very cool cars!
Thank you for the freebie link!

Katie said...

I can't wait to see how your painting class turns out. Not something I would enjoy at all. I'll just stick with needle and thread. The burn out contest looks like fun indeed. Jeremiah enjoys old cars. Love the freebie. Some day I'll have a camping and be able to stitch all these fun designs to fill it up with pretties.

Robin in Virginia said...

Good for you on creating your 18 x 24 thin board for class. I really the autumn river scene photo you selected for your masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing a water colour painting. I bought the water colour, acrylic and oils but never got around to using them. I will see if Michael's or the community center has a class for them.


Anonymous said...

Love the freebie! In fact, I printed it out as soon as I saw it and showed it to my DH. He even said they would look cute in our future camper. I'm going to look through my stash that I have with me here in Prague. I know I have the floss, but not sure what linen I brought with me. If I have the right stuff, I'm going to kit it up and bring it back with me when we fly back to the States. And I'll work on these projects until my household goods arrive, and we get set up in our new house. I have been trying to figure out what small projects I wanted to work on, as everything I have going on currently are pretty big projects. I think this will fit perfectly! Thanks, Meari, for including this in your blog.

Love your blog, as always. I'll be interested in seeing your progress on the painting class. Sounds interesting, but not sure I would be very talented with paint. I'd probably get more on me than the canvas! LOL


Anonymous said...

Very nice Meari. I am sure you watercolor workshop will go along very well.

Karen V
Fitchburg MA USA

Sandie said...

Nice job on the watercolouring practice. Always a help to know what they look like au naturelle! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the actual painting. You seem to find more hours in the day to be crafty than I do! What's your secret? Thanks for the freebie too.

Anne52 said...

Your many endeavors are inspiring, Meari! I'll be sitting here with needle in hand, cheering you on. :-)

Faith... said...

Good luck with your watercolor class. Can't wait to see your paintings. I used to own a '73 Nova and I LOVED that car and thought I was "something" driving around in it.

Anonymous said...

I love your watercolor work! I'm anxiously awaiting pictures of your progress.

Kim Mattox

Carol said...

I admire you for tackling a watercolor class, Meari! I know you'll be successful--as in everything you do :) Really love all the scenes you picked as possible painting subjects. Best of luck with the autumn river painting!

Had to laugh when I read the part about the 1973 Nova--our first car as a married couple was a 1977 Nova. My husband picked it out (without me!) and I just about died when I saw that the interior had plaid seats :) Fun memories!

Anonymous said...


Your autumn water color project is a beauty and looks challenging. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!


Vickie said...

I am so impressed you are painting!!! I love your coloring book.

KimM said...

Lovely painting! Looking forward to your watercolor adventure.