Dec 5, 2016

Marvelous Monday Update 12/5/2016

On December 4, my area was greeted with the first snowfall of the year.  Mother Nature decided to bless us with 5.3" of very wet, heavy snow.  I went out twice to clear the driveway.  The second time, it took me two hours.  Welcome to winter!

I've participated in two ornament exchanges this year. Both of the ornaments I created for my partners turned out so good I wanted to keep them for myself.  Anyone else have this problem?

Design: Woolly & Cosy
Designer:  Valentina Sardu
Fabric: 32ct White Opalescent Linen
Fibers: DMC threads
I finished it into an ornament using a green fabric with tiny Christmas trees and swirling silver dots.  Red felt was cut with a pinking rotary cutter and sandwiched between the stitched design and the green backing.  A green satin ribbon topped off the ornament.  It was such a quick stitch, I'd like to do a couple more.

Design: One More Stitch
Designer: The Victoria Sampler
Fabric: 28ct Natural Linen
Fibers: DMC
Embellishments: Beads, Buttons, String Pearls
This design was featured in the 2014 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue.  I took some creative liberties with finishing it.  Both the front and back are stitched on the Natural Linen.  The back is personalized with the recipient's name as well as mine.  I sent it to Deb H in TX as a Christmas Ornament Exchange.  Doh!  I just realized I didn't stitch the date.  Buttons and beads are on the front and back.  The edge is trimmed with string pearls and topped with a satin ribbon hanger.
Next up is what I received from Deb. It's called Snowy Owl Snowman by Jim Shore.  It's absolutely beautiful... both the stitching and the finishing!  She has a blog that shows lots of her other gorgeous finishes. If you're interested in eye candy, click on over HERE.

Thank You, Deb!

I've been practicing my watercolor skills (or lack thereof) using YouTube videos. I recently did this barn painting using Shinhan Professional Watercolors. One of my classmates bought a set when she was in Korea. The paints work really nice and are very vibrant.

I wasn't real happy with how it turned out so I gave it to a friend who thought it "is awesome".  I am going to do another one and adjust the color values a bit.

I've made a bit of progress on the "masterpiece" as my instructor called our projects.  Once I get farther along, I'm going to set up an appointment to get some critique from him.

Even though my photo shows the dark bank on the left side, I'm not really liking how it looks. I'm going to try to scrub some of it out of there to make it lighter or a different shade.

I'm going to put together a package of things from my stash for the person who can answer this question:  What does an Ott light, needle nose pliers, lighter, and wire have in common?  (Hint: a project)  Leave a comment with your guess.  Giveaway open to U.S. residents, only.  Sorry!



First Snow by The Drawn Thread
Click HERE.


Patricia Green said...

The stitching is gorgeous! I love your watercolors, too. Keep at it.


Anonymous said...

Meari, I have missed your blog updates. You are as good at writing as you are at crafty stuff! The ornaments are really pretty. And I think your painting (the barn) is exceptional. You have so many talents - keep us informed on them more often. Merry Christmas!
Judi in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

P.S. I haven't a clue what the tools, wire, etc are for and knowing your abilities, the guess could be anywhere from creating your own diamonds to some trash you haven't thrown out yet! LOL Judi in Phoenix

Robin in Virginia said...

Lucky you on the first snow of the season! Please send it my way! I really like your barn water color piece. The ornaments you stitched and the one you received are lovely.

Carm said...

I'd say your were using them to finish a project. Cute ornies!

Vickie said...

Hello Meari! We got a bit less of the heavy, white stuff than you.
Your exchange pieces are so great! And so are your paintings. :)

Deb said...

Oh my, snow. Be careful shoveling. Wet snow is the worst.
Wonderful exchanges ornaments you made. And i love mine! Great for my holiday table tree. Thank you very much!

Anne52 said...

Beautiful work all around, Meari!

Anonymous said...

Nice update, Meari - your ornaments are lovely and so is your painting.

As for your giveaway, boy, I have no idea! LOL! I can think of a thing or two with them all but the light has me stumped. Looking forward to the answer!

Blessings, Donna

Faith... said...

Your stitching is gorgeous Meari, I love them both! And of course great finishing too.

Your barn is good! I think you are being to hard on yourself about the finished pieces. They look great.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you, Meari. I've been worried about you. Seems like it has been a while since you've visited. In fact, I was thinking about you the other day hoping everything was okay.

I must say, your ornaments are the cutest. Especially the VS ornament - but then I am sort of partial to those designs. In fact, before I even read the description underneath the photo, I thought to myself - "that looks like a VS design". LOL Deb's snowman ornament is adorable. I love how it glitters from the beading.

I think you are too critical about your watercolor painting. But then, most people are critical of their own work. I think you did a wonderful job on the barn. Much better than I could do.

Stay warm. Hope you don't get too much more of the wet, heavy snow.


KimM said...

Love your stated pieces! They're adorable. About the snow....we had over 10 inches. Good day to stay in and enjoy a fire in the fireplace. light, needle nose pliers and a lighter?? A beaded candle project maybe? I'll be interested to hear what the project is!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your update Meari!

I love the snow & wish you could send some over my way! And your painting is magnificent! I agree with your friend, that barn is awesome! Lovely ornaments, both given & received!

Christine - nannystitch

Anonymous said...

Meari :) your paintings are lovely .... every time I see another one you can see your improving with your techniques ... and I love seeing your DIY skills too :) hope you don't get too much of the white stuff ... love mouse xxxx

Katie said...

We only had 2 inches here so you forgot to send it this way haha. Be careful with that work though you always hurt yourself. Just need a big heater to set out there and melt it. Love your ornaments. I don't blame you for wanting to keep them. The Jim Shore snowman is just gorgeous though so it was a great trade. Good luck with your paintings. They both look beautiful to me. Knowing you the project you are making will be amazing as always but I have no idea where to even start guessing. You always surprise me with what you can do. Good luck with whatever it is though.

Pam in IL said...

I think your watercolor paintings are really nice and am happy you are continuing with painting. Such cute ornaments you stitched and received.

As for the screwdriver, pliers, lighter, wire and Ott light -- I think they were used for a snowblower repair project. I'm looking forward to the answer :)

Anonymous said...

I like your finishes and hope you get to practice more on your water colour pictures.


Pam Koontz said...

Your ornaments are lovely! You did a fabulous job of finishing! And I love the barn!! Thank you for the cute freebie link! As for your project, my guess is you are making a wreath. :) Knowing you though, it could be absolutely anything!! LOL!!

Brigitte said...

Wow, more than 5" for a first snowfall, that's not bad. All this shoveling is not very amusing when the snow is so wet.
Great exchange ornaments that you sent and received.

Anonymous said...


I love both your ornies! Nice work! The recipients will be so pleased. Your snowman ornament from Deb is absolutely delightful. I hadn't seen this pattern before. Love the colors.

As for your painting, you are far too modest. Your barn is really impressive and you do have a natural gift for painting. I have no doubt your masterpiece will truly become a Masterpiece when it's done!


Anonymous said...

Lovely finishes on your ornaments, Meari. I particularly like the one by Victoria Sampler. Will have to pull out the ornament issue ;-)

Your photos of the snow look nice. I'm much happier to look at it in a photo than through the window. Thankfully our snow hasn't arrived yet and they are predicting our temps to go up to 13C (55F) for a few days from tomorrow.


Carol said...

Oh, that is a lot of snow, Meari--at least you are getting your exercise by shoveling! We haven't had more than a light dusting back in November. Sure hope we have a white Christmas.

I, for one, am SO impressed with your watercolor painting--it looks great! You need to give yourself more credit.

Lovely stitching gifts, too--especially love the wee stocking :)

I will guess that you are putting in a fireplace!! Ha ha!! But, knowing you, you could do it :)

Melinda Forbes said...

I can't even begin to guess what to use those tools for - but I do wonder if I went back and read some of your blog posts I could fine the answer. You are so crafty, and always DIYing, Love your ornaments the mittens are my favorite. Thanks for sharing the link to the freebie. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I loved the ornaments you made! I'll have to pay attention in the early part of the year to get a couple done so I can join the exchange! You all did an awesome job of exchanges! I'm going to try and join in next year.

Lynn W from WA

Kate said...

Beautiful ornaments - sent and received!!

Carolyn said...

Hello there! You have snow! We have warm weather and clouds. We could use some rain. Your ornaments you made for the exchanges are adorable. I also find myself wanting to hang onto them and yet I don't. Deb didn't a beautiful finish on yours. I love your barn it has lots of character. We are our own worst critics. Your second one is going to be beautiful when its finished. Your talented and I admire that about you. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us!!!!!

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Lovely ornaments from both directions!

CathieJ said...

Sometimes it is so hard to give away what we spent so much time on. You will just have to make those pretty ornaments again for yourself. Thanks for the links to the other blog and the freebie. I am not an artist, but personally your watercolors are much better than anything I could do. I have trouble just drawing.

Renee said...

The ornaments you made are darling! And the snowman ornament you received is fabulous!!! (I love snowmen...) Your watercolors are fantastic. I particularly love your "Masterpiece"! (I also love trees...) Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Everything you gave and received turned out great, but my favorite is the stitcher stocking. :)

Karin in CA