Jun 5, 2017

Pegboard Organization Glory

In my previous post (HERE), I detailed out how I created my pegboard.  Well, it looked at me mournfully for a month while I mulled around in my mind how I was going to be able to hang it with me, myself, and I.

Eureka! Finally, it came to me. Using 3 1/2" all purpose drywall screws, I attached a short length of 1x2 to the wall to function as a ledge to hold the pegboard while I screwed IT into the wall.  I made sure it was level!  Since the trim covered the "ledge", I left it there.  No one would know unless they were on the floor looking up -- and why would they be doing that anyway?! 

I recommend having two people install something this large and put wall anchors in.  Since I was using very long screws and a LOT of them, I bypassed the anchors.  I did pre-drill each hole, though.  It saves the plaster from being overly damaged and makes the entire process go a lot smoother.

I pre-drilled holes in each corner as well as every third or fourth hole across the top and bottom. After I pre-drilled each hole, I installed the screw.  Remember the bracing I put across the middle? When hanging the pegboard, the bracket is horizontal (not vertical like shown in the photo of previous blog post).  I pre-drilled holes in a zig-zag fashion so that both pieces of pegboard had screws.  I used black screws but primered them white -- One would never guess unless they were up close and personal, scrutinizing... Ahem, like my Dad. (May he be resting in peace and looking down with pride... I'm my Dad's girl... He was very handy!)

So here's what it ended up looking like after I attached it to the wall and covered it with my junk crafty stuff.

Okay... a little about some of the things I bought for the pegboard.  I bought a couple of Everbilt pegboard accessory kits from Home Depot. I bought pegboard baskets, too, but those are going back since they don't fit very well.  With the shelf brackets that came in the kit, I made the top shelf.  The 6" wood shelf came from the scrap bin at Menards.

If you ever need a small piece of lumber, check out this area!

The ribbon I already had in embroidery floss bags attached to rings.  I hung them on the utility brackets that came in the accessory set.

The black strips on each side of the pegboard are tool magnets from Harbor Freight. I think they're $4.95 a piece and 18" long.  They are a LOT less expensive and wider than ones I've found in other places. There are holes on each end, so I just attached a hook to the pegboard and hung the magnet.  It's overkill for embroidery scissors but would work for holding anything metal.  Plus, it's a nice way to display scissor collections.

The chalkboard and chalk came from Target. Can't beat the price at $3 and $1, respectively.  At some point, I will probably paint the trim on the chalkboard to match the trim of the pegboard. The gold doesn't look too bad, does it?

The smaller shelf on the right is made of a leftover piece of plywood cut down to size.  It's about 4" deep.  There weren't any more shelf brackets in the kit, so I used two of the longer hangers to set the wood on.  Perfect for my glues and Modge Podge.  The paint pallet is sitting on a bracket used to hold tools by sliding down into the center opening.

The larger white buckets on the left also came from Target.  They were leftover 2017 graduation décor.  At $1 each, who could pass that up?

The wood crate that holds my label maker came from a thrift store years ago.  I think is was 99cents?  I drilled holes in the back so I could hang it with hooks.  It has removable dividers... by removing one,  the label maker fit perfectly on one side... and on the other side, I put the power cord and instruction book.

The blue buckets on the right came from a thrift store. Originally, they had candles in them.  I melted the wax enough to pull the candle out and viola... more storage buckets! 

Incidentally, I saw the cutest buckets at The Dollar Tree. They're taller and thinner with star cutouts.  They come in red or blue.  I don't need any, but I just thought I'd throw that out there! 

For my glue guns, I used a double bracket hanger. They're kinda bulky, but fit nicely.

While organizing my pegboard, I found I used the bracket accessories and j-hooks (both large and small) more than anything else in the kits.  It's always good to have variety, though.  You just never know how things will turn out if you rearrange your pegboard.

So there you have it... How I organized my pegboard.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Remember to think outside the box when trying to organize!

Until next time....


Zoe Garcia said...

Very well done...and you are definitely "nifty"! Christina in Miami

Anonymous said...

Love it! You are soooo good at organization - you maybe are working in the wrong field... I especially like the use of the magnets for your scissors and the buckets are really, really cool! I think the blue border on the board looks great too - it should make your whole 'studio' look like it was bought together. Great job! Judi in Phoenix

Donna Pheneger said...

What a great job you did! So impressed. I love how you do things DIY.

Deb said...

Wow, well done!!!

Patricia Green said...

What abilities you have! I love the thought you put into each step. Must have been fun shopping for all the elements. Good work!

Katie said...

Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Kim G said...

It looks great Meari!

Pam in IL said...

I love it! So smart in how you repurposed some of those items to fit your needs. Wish my studio had a wall that I could install something like you did.

Brigitte said...

Your craftsmanship is soooo amazing. I'm totally impressed.

cucki said...

It looking so beautiful x

Carol said...

That looks wonderful! Love how everything is so easily visible and accessible--and the blue frame sets it off so nicely. I don't have a craft room, but if I did, I'd be copying your ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Meari -

Very interestering way to use a peg board. It looks great!


Akila said...

Amazing.. love the way you have organized things