Jun 26, 2018

Quaker Mailart Exchange

This was my first time participating in a Quaker themed mailart exchange so I was pretty excited.  I chose my designs and decided on the envelope layout.  I had a lot of fun stitching it up.

Now that the recipient, Pam in IL at My Stitchin-N-Stuff, has received it, I can show it!  Most of the design came from a chart called Quaker Blues by From the Heart Needle Art.  I used DMC 931 floss to stitch it monochrome.

My initials on the front
Her initials on the back
Goodies I was able to shove inside

Linked to: Stitching Lotus SAL
This was the first time I did a triangle flap and the design I used was just perfect for it.  Despite the enjoyment I had planning and stitching this mailart, I had such a frustrating time assembling it.  I made rookie seamstress mistakes which I shook my head in disbelief when I had to rip it apart not once, but twice.

I also tried a 'new to me' fabric by True Colors.  It was 28ct evenweave, but felt a bit plastic-y and I think the mottled fabric design was painted on.  Very pretty, though. 

The person sending to me stitched mine up really fast!  Mailing date was July and I received this beautiful mailart at the end of April!

Thank you so much, Kita!  I really love it.

In addition to the envelope, Kita sent a pretty butterfly note card, floss, and some beaded kits.

My "secret" goal is to get a mailart from every state as well as other countries so I was thrilled to get one from Tennessee where Kita is from.

P.S.  If you're interested in learning how to make a mailart, I have a tutorial on my left side bar, or you can click HERE.

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Meg Hopeful said...

They are just beautiful! I love the stitching and the colours. I've never seen an "envelope" made like these before. What a joy to give and to receive such handmade goodness. Meg:)

Meg Hopeful said...

Hi again! I would love to make something like this for a friend's birthday. May I ask please where you got your design from? Meg:)

Akila said...

Love your mailarts Meari. Hey, you know what I think I have the Quaker Blues pattern :d Great choice of thread

The one you received is so pretty too, love to colors

Vickie said...

The triangle flap design is cool! I had not seen it before. And now to see it twice!! :) Sweet!! Both of these patterns are so amazing.

Deb said...

Beautiful mail art!

Katie said...

These always just amaze me. So beautiful.

CatsnCorgis said...

Meari, I love the Ort Basket! What a great idea. I can sympathize with you about painting the basket. It does take forever. You have been so busy and have achieved a lot. Stitching while camping. Yes, yes, yes. My husband likes to fly fish. He’s up and out before I get up. I do the requisite beach walking, etc. Then I settle in for a nice stitching session. I take either my floor frame or lap stand (System4) all the time. I was lucky enough to find a second magnifier lamp at a garage sale. I just leave it in the trailer. I hope you have a great 4th of July. This year I don’t have to worry about my dog, Jack. He is now totally deaf. He keeps track of us visually or by floor vibrations.

Pam in IL said...

I stitch while camping, but I've never been near a LNS while camping, lol. I love your Home of the Brave finish. I looked at our Dollar Tree for the envelopes. They had them, but none of the cute designs like you have. I still got a few though.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finishes Meari. I might have to check our dollar stores this weekend for the project envelopes, sounds better than a tote bag.


Anonymous said...

I love the mail art. It's awesome! I hope some day I'll be adventurous enough to try it.

Lovely work, Meari!


Carol said...

What great mail art both sent and received. It still amazes me each time I see one of those arrive at their destination intact!

Mary said...

They are both very lovely.

Elfie said...

So creative! And very pretty.