Oct 6, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 10/6/08

Stitchy Stuff
Last Monday, I met with D, who is a member of my local Freecycle group, to give her the flatfold "Peace Love and a Cure". She really liked it! D kept saying, "It's so pretty!" I was thrilled to find out she used to stitch. She gave it up during chemo because she said she couldn't concentrate on anything... stitching, reading, not even TV. D and I had a nice chat over smoothies (yum!). We talked about gardening and Freecycle. LOL, we went on and on and on about Freecycle (her experiences and mine as moderator). Before we knew it, the hour was up and she had to get to her eye doctor and I back to work. I had the feeling we could've talked for hours. A couple days after our meeting, D sent me an e-card and she wrote:

"I want to again thank you so very much for the beautiful cross stitch picture you made for me. I am so touched that you would do that for me. The cancer was an experience I would never want to relive but the kindness and wonderful people I've met make it less painful. People like you are why :) Please keep in touch ! I so enjoyed our "tea."

Wasn't that the sweetest thing? She's such a nice lady.

I started working on my UFO called Treasured Memories Afghan Quilt. It comes from The Cross Stitcher magazine. I started this project back in 1997. This will be my next BAP UFO to finish. (Cheer me on, Nancy. LOL Or, prod me in the rear!) Progress as of 12/2005 can be seen HERE. Since that time, I've finished the pinwheel and am 2/3 done with a dresden plate. I'm thinking about changing the center to a poem I found back then, but I need to figure out how to chart something that big onto afghan fabric. Ideas, anyone?

You're probably tired of hearing about my "wonder tool" as Petra puts it, and technically this isn't about the crop-a-dile itself, but about the eyelets. I had several packages laying around taking up more space than I wanted, and I'd been contemplating how to "lose" the packaging and keep all the eyelets in one place. So, I went digging into one of my many boxes yet to be unpacked and found this:

It works out perfectly!

I also spent a little time stitching on Believe. Not a lot of change to show.

One of the groups I'm in coordinated a Blind Ornament Exchange. No, the ornaments aren't blind... well, maybe they are... I don't know! LOL Each person stitched an ornament, sent it to the coordinator along with a postage paid envelope to send back another a stitched ornament from someone else. Mine was from Gabi in Australia. As I recall, it was Gabi's first time doing a triangle ornie and I think it turned out beautifully. Thank you, Gabi!

I started -and- finished my October ornament for the SAL's I'm participating in. Actually, I stitched two of the same one over the weekend. I'll get some pics when I actually make the into ornies.

Getting Fit
Week before last, my routine became a dismal failure, as I spent my free time studying for that darn test. I only worked out one time. But hey, one is better than none, right? This week I didn't do much better:

• WAYW DVD 3miles (cardio/strength training) 48 minutes
• CS Sexy Abs (ab workout) 15 minutes
• WAYW DVD 3miles (cardio/strength training) 48 minutes

What can I say??? The instructor always starts on the other side of the room when he passes back the tests/scores so I get to hear the moans and groans of students as they see how they did. It doesn't do much for my morale, I can say that! Simulatenously, I look at my score and hear the "smart" guy say he got 27 on the MC. My score was 26 and I quickly tried to figure out the percentage as I flipped through the test to get my score for the essay and definition portion. You can't even imagine my reaction when I realized I got a.......

After some discussion about the MC questions, the instructor gave us credit for a couple of them, which bumped my score to a nice solid B! Apparently, my random choices, and scribbled essay answers had some merit... and talk about relief on my part. I *seriously* thought I'd be lucky to get a C and realistically thought I got a D. (Even told one of my nieces I got a D. LOL)

Stocking Up
Thanks to a Freecycle member, I got a heads up on a HUGE 1-day meat sale going on at one of the local grocery stores. People were like piranhas in the meat section! In order to get the deals, meat had to be purchased in bulk. I spent 20 minutes standing in a line to have my bulk beef cut into steaks. Normally $15/lb, I was able to snag NY Strip Steak for $4.99/lb. Chicken was 89c/lb. Pork Loin chops/roast was $1.69/lb. I came home with 50lbs of meat and spent two hours packaging it into normal serving size packages. It all went into the freezer for this winter.

With that preface, here's what I made Saturday night:

I ended up saving half the steak for breakfast the next day... Just couldn't eat it all.


Shari said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend Meari!!! You accomplish so much in your freetime!!! I am so glad your new friend enjoyed her stitched piece. I hope you are able to keep in contact. Stitching friends really are the best of friends!!!

Barb said...

Love the Lizzie Kate piece. Glad your friend liked it so well. You sure got a lot done over the weekend. Your Christmas piece looks cute too. I'm not big on Christmas things but that is a nice piece.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

You had a great weekend. Great friend and gift giving. Along with the stitching you have been working on.

Terry said...

I told you about the test. There I said it. LOL I'm soooo glad you did better than you thought. Since you had to give up your much loved work out time it was well worth it! As always, the food looks Yummo (Yes I do watch Rachel Ray LOL) What a bargain on the meat! Your purse will thank you in the coming weeks/months for doing that. Love the ornie from Gabi; she did a fantastic job. Your stitching is looking good as always. Hope you have more time this week for your workout and some much needed stiching time.

Kristin said...

Glad you had such a great time chatting with D.

The ornament is gorgeous. And, if you have the stitch count for the center part of the afghan, I could probably chart the poem for you.

Congrats on your B!

Anonymous said...

Lovely exchange piece and yummy steak! Now I need to run to the store tonight and pick up some steaks and potatoes for dinner...enabler!!!

Megan said...

Your weekend puts mine to shame - I was so jet-lagged, I accomplished NOTHING! LOL Love the "Believe" piece, that is really pretty!

Carolyn said...

Yum, yum! Sounds like a great weekend. Nice to meet a new friend; stitching is great, too. Love the ornie Gabi sent. You've about talked me into getting one of those crop-a diles! Looks like too much fun!

J Rae said...

Glad D liked the piece you stitched her.

Lovely ornament you received. :-)

The steak looks yummy! :-P

~Kim~ said...

I always enjoy your Monday Updates. You get so much done thru out the week/end.


Dawn B. said...

Isn't it such a good feeling to know that something you stitched could bring joy to some one. Love the eyelet holder and I'm gonna do that with mine..Thanks. I blind ornament is cute though I don't think they can see...LOL

Maggie said...

And all i did with my weekend was grocery shopping, cleaning and stitching! you make me feel very idle, lol. I love your afgan, beautiful :-) Your exchange piece is lovely and i'm glad your friend was pleased with her gift.


Patricia said...

Blind ornament you rec'd is great, and your meat deal sounds great, it will be nice for the long winter ahead.
Patty Smith

Nancy said...

I can *prod* you all you want! I don't know about the wording in the middle, that would take quite the graphing!!! Too much for me to think about. The flatfold was screaming at me to finish it and it strangely sounded like your voice!! Found out my niece built a house in Aurora, Il. Maybe another reason for a trip to Illinois for me.

Gabi said...

Sounds like a great week. And what a good deal for your meat. Glad you like the ornament. And that tool for your eyelets looks great. Waiting here eagerly to receive my Crop a Dile.

Debbie Jo said...

I am so glad your friend liked her flat fold. All your stitching is very lovely "B" on your test! Congrats. Supper sure looks good!

Laura-Leigh said...

What a nice flatfold you made for D. I really enjoy reading your weekly updates.

Deirdre said...

Your stitching and finishing is to die for! You do beautiful work!

Carol R said...

Congratulations on the B Meari I am sure it was well-deserved!

I'm in love with my 'wonder' tool too! Mine came with the case so it has little compartments for the eyelets but as I have since been on ebay to get some of those fancy ones - stars, flowers and hearts I may need to look for something else to put them in.

Lots of pretty stitching pics and your dinner looks yummy - if I'd known you had extra I would have called round.

Debra said...

Meari, sounds like a great weekend.
Debra in Indiana

Gillie said...

Meari, enjoyed your update and I do like the triangular ornament, she did a great job! Am sending an email on the group

Rene la Frog said...

All the stitching is beautiful as usual.

Congrats on the "B". I'm not surprised you did so well, maybe an "A" on the next test.

Dinner looks yummy, wish I could find a deal like that on meat.

sales said...

It sounds like you had a nice chat with the freecycle gal. I love that design. I like the ornaments that you made and received and the afgan will look stunning when finished.

Sharon said...

What a great update!! Your stitching, (as always!!!) inspires me to greatness - both in quality and generosity. Keep up the good work! Congrats on the "B" and the "food find" too! :)

stitcherw said...

Peace made such a beautiful finish, what a great present. Sounds like she really appreciated the thought, and understood the time that goes into the stitching of a present like that. Glad you had such a good time on your visit, sounds like you really hit it off. Congrats on getting the B too, and on the great sale you found, sounds like you're set for the winter.

glenda said...

i adore the cancer piece, it's gorgeous!