Dec 29, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 12/29/08

The weather on Christmas Day was absolutely gorgeous. The sun came out and the roads were clear for traveling. It started raining the day after Christmas. It rained, and rained, and rained some more. Wanna talk about fog? I drove out to my parents to get the scarf I left. Fog wasn't too bad until I got halfway there, then it got *really* bad. The trip home was even worse. I had to drive 20-25 mph because I couldn't see much farther than the front of my car. I relied on my knowledge of the area in order to keep me on the right track. Talk about nerve racking! On Saturday night, the wet areas froze, making for slick conditions... and then we got a light dusting of snow to hide the skating rink. Fun stuff had by all!! Today temps are supposed to be in the lower 40's.

Stitchy Stuff
I did a good amount of stitching over the holiday. I would've finished Quaker Rule... but I'm waiting for a floss color. :( Here's what it looks like after 10.5 hours:

I'm kinda irked by the fact that the LNS didn't cut the fabric to the right size. It's about 10 stitches too short, so I had to shorten the length of the chart. I hope it fits into the ruler!

Homestead Chronicles - Basement Edition
Back in August, my Dad gave me some of the old cabinets left over after he finished remodeling Mom's kitchen. I hadn't done any unpacking or organizing of the "stuff" that was put into the basement when I moved here a year ago.


4 hours later:
See the red and blue tubs? That's my fabric stash. Not stitchy fabric, just regular fabric!

Lucky Me!

I was one of the lucky winners of the giveaways Lisa did on her blog. I won the DVD called "The Ultimate Gift". It's a great movie! Thank you Lisa :)


Rene la Frog said...

Love the Quaker Rule. I'm really hooked on the Quaker designs.

Fantastic job on the basement.

Chiloe said...

I'll dare the question: where are the stuffs that disapeared from the "before" pictures? lol You did a great job !!! Can you come here to work on our basement? lol

I have a lot of fabbies myself (mostly from Silkweaver because I'm a member of the FOTM).

Terri said...

Your stitching is wonderful. And congrats on getting your basement cleaned up.

Patricia said...

WOW great clean up of the basement doesn't that feel great, I am going to do a lot of cleanup over the next few months. Will have to look for the DVD and add it to my collection as well.
Happy New Year

swtart said...

Boy what a difference!! You did a great job and in record time! It would have taken me! I just love your work. You are one of the best stitchers I have ever seen!
Dawn in Fl

stitcherw said...

Your Quaker Rule is looking lovely, hopefully the difference in fabric size doesn't cause you a problem. Your basement looks great too, you got a lot done in that amount of time. Loved your earlier pictures of Christmas, so glad you were able to get everthing you needed to do done quick enough to get there by 2 after the last minute time change. Sounds like we've been getting pretty much the same weather you have. However, at the moment we are snow/sleet/ice/fog free, and even have some sunshine. Hopefully the nicer weather will stick around for a while.

Kristin said... got a lot done...both stitchy-wise and cleaning up.

Carolyn NC said...

Love that Quaker design! I'm impressed with your organizing abilities - isn't it nice to have it done? Congrats on the win.

Shari said...

the basement looks great!!!! Wanna come & organize ours?!?!?!?!!
So sorry about the fabric being the wrong size. BUMMER!!!

Sandra said...

The ruler is looking gorgeous!

I'm also on home improvement. My door frames, windows (and their frames), terrace fence and the front door are white now (used to be brown), looks great. Now I just have to get my hands to the messy room, which I promised nit to call like that again. Hope I can do such a wonderful job as you did on your basement.

Sharon said...

Quaker rule looks beautiful and what an amazing job that you did on your basement! Please come to my house-LOL

Nancy said...

Looks like Freecycle had a few listings over the weekend! Bummer if your fabric is too small. But that just gives you a reason to stitch it again! LOL

glenda said...

I read this entry on three different days, and each time I read "the LNS cut the fabric 10 INCHES too short" LMAO. I start to feel very indignant for you, then burst into laughter when I realize my brain has shut down, yet again.

you did a great job with your stitching and nice work on that basement!!