Dec 16, 2008

Stalked Via Cell Phone

One would think that after at least 4 years of never answering calls and not texting back, an ex-BF would get the hint. Does he? NO! After four years of trying to get me to talk to him... never coming to fruitation... does it sound of "desperation"? (Pathetic? Psycho? Stalker? Take your pick.) What's really disturbing is that he gets frustrated when I don't answer and his "tone" gets agressive as he goes on and on about how he's not a bad guy and why won't I talk to him? The latest....

3:25PM --- I'm at work. Cell phone rings. I see it's him and press "Ignore".

3:27PM --- Phone buzzes to let me know there's a voice message. I ignore it because I know it's his.

3:28PM --- Phone rings again. It's him. "Ignore" again.

3:29PM --- Text from ex-BF #2 (from a year ago) asking whether my snowblower paid for itself. (LOL, what?)

3:30PM --- Phone buzzes. I have a 2nd voicemail message.

OK, curiosity kills the cat, so I listen to the VM messages.

Message #1 --- On and on about why I won't talk to him, he's not a bad guy. Oh, and he did call for a reason. He wanted to know what {insert some unintelligible word} means.

Me: Delete

Message #2 --- "Really" says he. "What is infidel? I want to know. And I don't know why you won't talk to me!"

He seems to forget that I WORK for a living during the daytime hours. He forgot that a LOT when we dated, too. Now "infidel" sounded nothing like the word he was trying to say in Message #1. Apparently, he was watching TV and they used the word. So who better to call than his very smart ex-GF of four years ago! Geesh.

Me: Delete

If it weren't such a PITA for me to change my number, I would. It's unfortunate cell phones don't have the number blocking function. My service doesn't, anyway.

A day in the life..... *sigh*


Penny said...

Meari, Poor you. Our cell phone company doesn't have blockinh for calls either and to change the number costs money. Its a shame I hope you figure out something to do about it.

Louisiana Momma said...

oooh geez!! I feel your pain there again.. he seriously needs a dictionary - or at least a better excuse made up to call you LOL

I had an ex that would randomly call at like 2am after the clubs closed - he's my oldest's biological father - and the only reason he should be calling me is about her. But of course he couldn't possibly expect to talk to her at after 2am. He did this even after he knew I was married.. how I got it to stop - I finally had my husband answer my phone (he hung up without saying anything), and I never got a 2am call again. what a coward.. Perhaps your hockey guy could answer it for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Does your phone allow you to set custom ring tones for individual numbers? If so, set his number to a silent ring. It won't stop him from calling or texting, but it also won't interrupt your day to have to see who's calling you. I had to do this with an energy vampire who couldn't get the message.

Nancy said...

Do you think it would be bad if you text him and told him NOT to contact you anymore and that there is NO need for an explanation? I know you don't want to call and talk to him.

Kristin said... obnoxious. I like the idea of having his ringtone be silent

Sadie said...

So!? Enquiring minds want to know! Did your snowblower pay for its self?! LOL
Could you send out a text saying 'This is my new number 012345678, from Meari'. you could put in an old number from a friend/family/your old phone so that you are not unleashing him on some unsuspecting person. Great gifts BTW. x

Rachel S said...

That would stink.

cowgirlfromhanna said...

Wow...this guy is frightening Meari....He really needs to leave you alone! Have you considered making a police report? Maybe that would get the message across? I would definately change the number!

Jennifer said...

Our service doesn't block individual numbers either, which would be nice. I agree with setting his ring tone to silent. Sure his calls are annoying, but if he's not physically contacting you, I don't think reporting it to the police is going to help, and may in fact just escalate it. If he's just being annoying and not threatening you, that's one thing. The second you feel threatened or uncomfortable, make the call to the police.

Deirdre said...

What a kook! Too bad he can't be blocked!

glenda said...

ok, i've been meaning to talk to you about's time to stop posting your number on bathroom walls! Especially bathrooms in the mental homes!! LMAO

just think about it, ok?