Sep 21, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 9/21/09 - Part One

The "big reveal" occurred last Tuesday. Personally, I'm not impressed (architecturally) with what the outside of the house looks like. Of course, we won't get to see what the inside looks like until the show airs... sometime in December (according to my Dad). Meantime, here's some pics to wet your taste buds:

House - a work in progress

Volunteers who did the siding enjoy a
jump into the pond built in front of the home.*

Move That Bus!*

Front of House*

The Driveway*

Another Front View of House*

Aerial View*
*©2009 Journal Standard


Shelley - ILCS said...

Those yellow shutters and door are *ugh* not the color I would have chose. Thanks for sharing the pics.

5 Foot Runt said...

The white with the bright almost yellow/green shutters, yuck but I think it's looks alright.

Gabi said...

That yellow wouldn't be my color of

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I agree.... the colors chosen were not the greatest.

Chiloe said...

I love that show!!! Yes, we can see here sometimes (old shows ...) I don't really like the yellow. They did better than that before ;-) The pond is amazing though.

Ranae said...

I can't wait till it airs, I will probably miss it.
I don't think it is very gorgeous on the outside, as most I have seen.
Maybe there is a meaningful reason behind the yellow shutters.

CindyMae said...

Not impressed with the yellow either but I am sure that the family will be truly pleased and not really care about the color. AT least not at first! LOL

too_busy_to_stitch said...

How exciting - I love this show, but I think we're probably years behind with the episodes here in the UK!

Mary said...

The yellow door is a bit too much but knowing it's a farm and not a regular house makes it a bit more acceptable. It does look like a typical farm house with additions. I can't wait to see the inside but waiting til December... Ugh! I want to see it Please let us know when you find out the exact date so we can make sure we watch the show that night.

Vicki in CO said...

I agree, the yellow is a bit much. I'll have to watch for this particular show, I'd like to see the inside.

Anonymous said...

Love the show but am not impressed with the way they built this one.


Katrien said...

I love that show. Wouldn't have chosen those colors for the outside though.

Barbara said...

It does look like a typical farm home and I'm sure the family will be thrilled with it. I gave up watching the show because I think the mansions they build for the families are just way too much over the top. I'd be happier if they would build a few modest homes to help out more families. JMO
Barb in TX