Nov 30, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 11/30/09

Hard to believe it's the end of November already!

I hope those in the US had a great Thanksgiving feast. I celebrated the holiday with my family on the 21st. As usual, Mom outdid herself with all the food she prepares. I know I've said this several times, but I'm gonna say it again. Gotta LOVE being from a bi-cultural family!! In addition to the traditional turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes/gravy, we also had fresh Cranberry sauce (Thanks, Dad!), sweet potatoes (made by yours truly), veggie/cheese tray, spiral ham, deviled eggs, egg rolls, breaded shrimp, sushi, and udon. Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without two different pies and ice cream, along with dirt dessert my Bro and SIL brought. There was a LOT of food leftover. My parents always send the leftovers home with us kids. :)

I do have a story to share from my Thanksgiving. My bro and I were talking about the deer I hit and he asked me if I took it home. Then said roadkill is good stuff. LOL! During this conversation, our mother was in the kitchen preparing the meal (we were in the dining room). Now if you think your mother is not paying attention... she IS! Mom turns to us and asks "What's roadkill?" My brother took this opportunity to go into graphic detail about what roadkill is... AND tells my mom that I've been picking up roadkill for food! Mom was thoroughly disgusted, and my bro went on and on, while I laughed at them both. Thinking he was serious, Mom turned to me and told me in a stern Japanese-accented voice (all 4ft 10in of her) that I DID NOT need to be picking that stuff up off the side of the road... that if I was hungry I need to come HOME to eat. It was sooooo funny!

Even though the shop was technically closed the day after Thanksgiving, the owner and a few of the mechanics were going to be there for a couple hours doing some cleaning. I was able to pick of my car. Good as new!


The humbug I did for Tiny Treasures Exchange Too blog has finally arrived at its destination. Mare was the lucky recipient of my first Humbug along with various other goodies. I'm really happy she likes it. The little sucker thing was difficult to photograph!

Design: Autumn Leaves
Designer: New Berlin Co.
Fabric: 32ct White Evenweave
Fibers: DMC

Sherry of Inhale Life sponsored a giveaway on her blog a couple weeks ago. I was the lucky recipient of a Little House Needleworks chart called "Snowflakes". Thank you, Sherry!


I received a great RAK of GAST threads from Sue. She was so generous! Thank you, Sue.

Mare (Mare's Runway Needle) is hosting a giveaway. Visit her blog for more details.

I wasn't one of the adventurous people who wandered out at the wee hours of the morning to try to snag up the "deals". I really didn't see deals I absolutely had to have. After I picked up my car, I decided to stop at the home improvement store to see what they had for "doorbuster" sales. At 9am, the crowds really weren't that bad. I picked up a few things, and got braver. I went to a 2nd store. Again, the crowds weren't too bad. I picked up another gift. Now confident and braver still, I went to the 3rd store. O-M-G! The crowds there were ridiculous right up to the end of the doorbuster sale. "Dictator" clerks were directing traffic to the checkout lanes. The only way to get through the entrance to the kingdom was to stand in a line that went all the way to the back of the store. *Whew*

One of the doorbuster sales was a doggie bed for $4.99. Isn't it the cutest?

Celeste's old "bed" is actually a cat bed that I bought when she was a puppy. It was perfect when she was really tiny. Now she's practically outgrown it. Celste is not one to embrace change right away. She has to get used to things... no different with the new bed. When I wasn't looking, she made herself at home. I think she likes her new bed!

Since my comforter is getting threadbare and has a non-removeable black stain (from a moving box I set on my bed), I brought home a new comforter set that was a doorbuster deal. (A "consolation prize" for not buying a 27" flat screen TV for my bedroom.)

I love the colors.

Due to having to remove the mattress in order to put the new bedskirt on the box spring, I decided it was a perfect time to clean the dust bunnies under the bed. How do they multiply so FAST?!? After getting the bed "put together", I hung my framed art that's been propped up against the wall since I moved into The Homestead.


Sadie said...

Sounds like you all had a great thanksgiving! Love your new purchases, esp. the colour of the new bed set.
Great stitchy mail too :-)

EvalinaMaria said...

You see, I knew things will get better! Now you have a very happy dogie, beautiful bed and car looking like new. And those humbugs are very interesting looking...
Have a great week!

Emily said...

Love the colors of the bed, and that story about roadkill was great. Glad the car is good as new, now just don't do it again.

CindyMae said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Wow, so much food! Love the roadkill story! LOL They done a great job on your car! Looks good as new! Love your finish and your great giftys!! Celeste looks so cute!! LOVE your bedding, that is gorgeous!

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a productive weekend.
Love the littel humbug. It is adorable.

Sandy In Montana said...

You just have to love moms. I also have a 4' 10" ball of energy mom.
Glad to see your car is back in order again.
I just love the little humbug, sooo cute, and all of that new stitching stash, lucky you.
Celeste looks just precious in her new bed.
Happy Stitching .... Sandy

zaneymay said...

Your car looks great! Love the story about road kill-too funny! Your bed looks great, pretty colors and Celeste is so cute in her new bed.

Sunshine said...

I'm glad you Friend(Car) is back home good as new. I know you've missed it. Celeste looks adorable in her new bed, and love the colors of yours too. You never know whats gonna happen at a family gathering, but you can almost always guarantee a laugh. Love the Humbug. Well Done.

Terry said...

Sounds like you had a great time with the family on Thanksgiving! You also got some really good sales on Black Friday. I think Celeste loves her new bed. Love the colors of your new bedding. You were a busy little bee this weekend. I bet you're glad to have your car back finally. Keep the updates on life and stitching coming! ;)

Marjorie said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I like Celeste's new bed and she is so cute! I don't think I've seen a picture of her on your blog before.

valerie said...

Wow, loads of fun stuff packed in this post! Congrats on the car looking like new! Your mom and brother are a hoot!

Celeste looks so cozy in her bed and love the transformation of artwork. Yay!

~~~Melinda said...

Oh such a great many WDWs!!!

I love the new's so pretty!!!

The link to Mare's giveaway takes me to Sue's page...not sure what that's about lol

I'm happy you got the car back!

stitcherw said...

Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and what a fun story on roadkill and your mom saying you should eat there more often. I'm lucky enough to live close to my parents and get to eat there fairly often as my mom loves to cook, and the more the merrier in her eyes too.

I'm glad you were able to pick up your car, it looks great. Those deer sure can do a number on cars when they get hit. We have a lot of car deer accidents in our area in the fall.

Love the goodies you found, the bed is perfect for Celeste, and your bed set is gorgeous.

Alberta said...

Meari, that is a stunning comforter set! So elegant and lots of detail to make it extra special.

Your car looks amazing! The repair shop did a wonderful job returning it to almost new! Does it have that 'new car' smell?

Mel said...

The new comforter is so lovely! Glad to see a pic of it. :)

Mylene said...

Enjoyed reading your post, Meari. Still grinning here from your Mum's reactions.

Have a nice week.

Daffycat said...

ROFLOL I can just see your mom all aghast at the thought of you eating roadkill! OMG

Your new bed set is LOVELY! That was a great buy. I don't even want to think about how much dog-hair is piled up underneath my bed!!!

Shari said...

glad you got your car back! It looks great! Congrats on your RAK! The gift you made looks great! Love the comforter you got too!

Blu said...

That comforter is just gorgeous! and the doggie bed is really cute too.

I haven't looked under my bed since I moved 1.5 years ago. I figure that keeping the not-covered-by-clothes part of my carpet vacuumed is good enough! LOL~

Your Thanksgiving story is hilarious. In my family, it would be my Granpa lecturing about safe eating habits and inviting everyone to come eat Granma's cooking!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Your new comforter is lovely, love the colours. Like the humbug you made for Mare. Your car looks like a new one.


Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving Meari! I'm glad you had fun with your family. All the food sounds yummy. I love the bedding. It's very you. I'm glad your dog loves her new bed. They did a great job on your car.

Sharon said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was good too-we had non traditional shrimp boil. Love that comforter set-such a pretty color and the threads were and awesome RAK!

MaryT said...

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. I would have loved to see the look on your mothers face when the roadkill story was being told LOL. Really cute stitching on the humbug. Love the color of your new bed linens

Carolyn NC said...

What a nice Thanksgiving you had. Now do we need to send you some food, dearie?? Do you remember the song from 1970's (yes, I know you were a mere babe), but it was "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road." Everytime I hear Roadkill, I think of it! I love the picture of your little Celeste in her bed. I've grown very fond of Pomeranians! We kept Mya this weekend - always funny. Love the new comforter - gorgeous deal!

Rachel S said...

gorgeous bedding!

That dog bed is adorable! So glad she likes it!

Shelley said...

Wow, your thanksgiving feast sounds delicious. Wish I could have been there for the food and the roadkill conversation, lol!! Your humbug is adorable. I have never seen one of those before. The shop did a wonderful job on your wheels. We didn't go black friday shopping this year, furloughs stopped that. But I love the bedding and Celeste looks very happy in her new bed. HAPPY DECEMBER!!

5 Foot Runt said...

Congrats on all your deals. You always seem to find the good ones. I love the color of your bed set. Very pretty. I wish I could get something like that for myself and hubby :0)

Lillie said...

Loved the doggie's bed. Lovely gifts received and sounds like you had a good buy there.

Katrien said...

The humbug looks real cute. Sounds like you had a wonderful meal with your family. Lol at your mother's comment, sounds just like mine!

Barbara said...

Loved the roadkill story. I can just see your mom's look of horror. lol Very nice humbug (but I would expect nothing less of you). What a RAK haul you got. Your new comforter is such a lovely color & very elegant looking. How nice that both you & Celeste got new bedding. Happy to see your car looking like new again & I'm sure you're happy to have it back.
Barb in TX

Nancy M said...

The car looks great, now stay away from trouble! I know Carl has told me if we hit a deer, or see someone hit a deer, we'd be taking it home for processing! Celeste looks right at home in her new bed. Your new bed looks perfect for you! Much nicer upbeat post...hope things are looking up in all areas. Let me know if you're up for a visit sometime in March???

glenda said...

another newsy post. I know, how much more behind can I get? Let's not put that to the test! Love the finish, how can you do such little work? Your comforter is absolutely gorgeous!