Nov 9, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 11/9/09

The past two weeks have left me emotionally exhausted, and I’ve been trying to think clearly and put together a plan of action. To those of you who have emailed me personally, and taken time to talk to me on the phone – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s nice to know that you care what happens to me and I really appreciate your friendships. Big ((hugs)) to you.

Heads up, lucky PIF recipients! Robin and Debbie Jo, your packages are going out in today’s mail. Mel, yours will be going out soon. Sharmila and Mary, I'm still working on putting yours together. Most of these ladies have done their part and posted the PIF on their blogs. If you'd like a chance at PIF'ing, check out their sites. :) (PIF'ing is fun, I tell you!)

Last year, I went through 14 hours of mandatory training to become a Literacy Tutor. Then due to cuts in state funding, summer sessions were discontinued. By the end of summer, the Adult Ed department received word that funding would continue (even though they haven’t received payment yet), but even with funding some parts of the program have been suspended... such as student transportation. A couple months ago, I got a call asking if I’d be willing to come back as a volunteer tutor. This time, I chose to be an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor. I have two regular students – a young woman from Columbia and an older gentleman from Laos. Intermittently, I have students from Mexico. I have to say it’s very rewarding to see the look on the students’ faces when the “lightbulb” goes off in their head.

I haven’t done much stitching over the past two weeks. Actually, I have but I decided to scrap my original idea and start over. What am I talking about? I’m participating in a Humbug exchange (my first one). I started stitching some roses, but the thing was HUGE and I kept having problems with frogging – two reasons for scrapping it. Instead I decided on a different them that is much smaller. I’m not sure if I’m always up for trying new finishes, but I don’t know if I’ll do a Humbug again. (LOL, I said that about biscornus, too.) I finished the Humbug this past weekend. Sorry, no pics as it’s a “secret” exchange.

We had absolutely gorgeous weather for the past 3-4 days. Temps in the 70’s… unusual for this time of year. I opened my windows to let in the fresh air. I took advantage of it by finishing up my fall yard work – pulling dead stuff out of planters and putting the planters away for the year, pulling dead stuff out of the flower beds. I also hung laundry out on the line to dry. Mmmm... love the smell of that!

Incidentally, Robin is celebrating her 3 years of blogging bliss! She's hosting a giveaway. So, if you're interested click on over to HERE.

Nina of Between Crosses with Nina is hosting a Christmas giveaway on her blog until November 30th. Some beautiful stuff there!

A while back, we had an EHM in my county. I found out that the show is airing this Sunday, November 15th. Photos of the house can be seen HERE.

Several months ago, I received a personal email from someone regarding a situation I posted on my blog. I responded back and left it open in that if this person needed my support, to contact me. Last week, a comment was left on my blog (which I have not published) which has caused me to be concerned. I no longer have your email address, so if you could PLEASE email me – do so. I have been very worried about you.


J Rae said...

Meari, I'm sorry for whatever has been going on the past few weeks. I hope that things are better for you.

Take care and happy stitching!

Shari said...

so sorry things haven't been good. I hope you are doing better now. I know we all have our times of downness! (that isn't a word, but oh well!)
We have been having the gorgeous weather here too! Gotta love it!!!!
Take care, my friend!!!

EvalinaMaria said...

Meari, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You are a very smart and creative girl, I'm sure you will put together very quickly your new action plan. Here is a big (((((hug))))) from me.

Nancy M said...

I'm totally clueless.....but just sent a private email. What the heck is a *humbug*? I loved this weekend weather too. We were warmer yesterday than any day in October!!! Who'd thought Indian summer would show up in November. Take care my friend.

Katrina said...

Ahh, Meari... I've wondered about you and hoped you were well! I hope things are getting better and you're feeling a little closer to yourself!

Terry said...

Hope things get better for you soon. I think the weeks are dragging together for me, didn't realize you hadn't posted in a while. Keep your chin up! Lots of big hugs coming your way.

Carolyn NC said...

Thinking of you - glad you're able to come out now. Hang in there. You have truly been missed.

Kathy said...

I am soooooo glad to see you posting again. Hugs to you that you can get your spirits back up.
I'm glad you enjoy teaching. I loved it when I did. It is rewarding.
I look forward to seeing your humbug.

Rachel S said...

I hope things get better for you.

Mylene said...

I really wondered about you as i missed your monday postings. Do hope all is well with you. Take care!

Mel said...

Meari! Welcome back. I do hope things have settled down for you and that you can get back to stitching. I miss seeing your great updates.

The ESL sounds very cool. I hope you'll tell us more if there are any good stories about it.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get things sorted out, I enjoy reading your blog.


Robin said...

So glad to see a post from you. I saw activity on the Blog Frog and was wondering. I hope everything falls into place for you and all is well again soon. Stitching always proves to be good therapy for me.

Donna said...

Meari, I have thought about you so much. Glad you are doing better and whatever is going on I hope goes away soon!

Mary said...

I'm sorry things have been draining for you. I have been behind in my blogs but I noticed the dates didn't match up with your weekly posts. I look forward to Meari's Marvelous Mondays. I hope you are feeling better. I hope the great weather gave you a boost as well.

I can't wait to see the pictures of your stitching once your secret exchange partner receives your piece.

Congrats on doing Literacy tutoring. I love seeing the light bulbs go off when people learn something new. ESL tutoring is definitely very rewarding.


Barbara said...

Oh Meari, I'm so sorry you've had a rough couple of weeks. I'm sending you LOTS of positive thoughts for all to improve for you. Also sending cyber hugs.
Barb in TX

Rene la Frog said...

Sorry to hear life isn't being good to you but I know you will pull yourself up and be stronger in the end. I did miss you!

What is a "Humbug" other than what Scrooge said or the English Candy. I looked it up but found no reference to it having anything to do with stitching. You have me courious now.

Deirdre said...


Debra said...

Hope things are better soon. Looking forward to seeing your finish.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Meari - I'm so sorry life's not been great lately - big hugs from the UK. Looking forward to seeing your humbug - I'm thinking I've got to give one of those a try soon!

5 Foot Runt said...

We've beeen enjoying the weather here as well. Too bad about the humbug project but glad it worked out. I hope you and who ever you may be trying to contact are ok and things work out.

Patricia Cecilia said...

{{{{Hugs}}}} and prayers. I am glad you have solid friends out here in cyber-stitching-land. May you continue to grow and thrive!

mbroider said...

Hope things get well for you soon. *Hugs*

Chiloe said...

I'm sure you're a great teacher ;-)


Cindy L said...

I'm so behing in blog reading and just catching up. I have been reading your blog for aes it seems. Love the Marvelous Mondays. You are always so upbeat in your life that I am really sorry to hear that is not the case right now. You always put me in a good mood and give me a few chuckles along the way. Thanks - and hope things are looking brighter.

I was remembering some of your blogs and remember the one about Extreme Makeover completing a project near you and that it was ugly yellow. I was courious to find out if you have heard when it will be on yet. I haven't seen it on tv yet but definately looking for it.

Love your maxine funnies!

Your stitching is gorgous as usual

the ESL classes sound so like you -but I have no idea how you get everything done like you do :-)

take care, Cindy

PS Love your music also -it always gets me singing along with it :-o

Becky J said...

I'm so behind in everything, blogging, stitching, reading emails. Sorry to hear things are not up to par for you. Hope things will get better for you soon.

Love and Hugs,
Becky J

Sandy In Montana said...

Hope things start to get better for you. I did miss your Monday update last week, but know that life sometimes gets in the way. Take Care.

Gabi said...

Even I'm completely clueless why you're feeling emotionally exhausted, I hope with all my heart that you will feel all right and happy soon. You're such a lovely person who only deserves happyness (and lots of that) in life.
Looking forward to admire your humbug.

Cindy L said...

Just wanted to respond to my earlier comment to you. Finally saw the extreme makeover house on tv - gorgous house but the yellow would have to go!! We had a local house and a not-for-tv project completed by the exteme team in my area and it was fun to watch.

Sure hope some good news comes your way! You certainly deserve it! Take care
Cindy L