Jan 21, 2010

Terrific Thursday Update 1/21/10

As you may have noticed, I missed my usual Monday update. Life has been a whirlwind since school has started, and busy season has commenced at work. Also add in my "gear-up" for the annual Get Fit Challenge, and training for tax season at work. *whew* When can I take a breather?

So anywho... Here I am on Thursday!

I'm pleading temporary insanity when the college counselor talked me into taking two accelerated classes (which is considered full time, btw) while I work full time. This route will have to be re-assessed at the end of the semester.

This is what has been consuming (and I'm not exaggerating) my time outside of work. Intermediate Accounting II and Business Ethics.

IA II is an online class which requires at least 1½ evenings of textbook reading and another 2 evenings of homework. We had our first test this week. It took me two evenings to answer the questions. I was pretty confident when I submitted my answers. I got an 85%! It just irks me when I go back to review the questions I missed only to find out I made "stupid" errors/omissions in which I knew better. Oh well... I'm happy with the 85

For BE, we have to write a paper a week on an current events article. At the end of the semester a compilation of the articles is turned as a portfolio. In class, we have this group project where we have to decide on a controversial issue, then write a little "skit". At the end of the semester, we have to give an oral presentation on one of the case studies in our textbook, then write a paper on it to be turned in. Oh, and there's also a 4-page paper which will be assigned next week. .

I can still hear the college counselor saying, "It's mostly class discussion. It will be a good one to take with another class. Just try it." Ummm..... Yeah. I am already two weeks behind on writing the papers for the articles, and a week behind on the reading. Which, btw, that blue textbook is the WORST book I have ever read. I consider myself pretty intelligent, but when I have to exclude what I call unnecessary "chatter" from sentences just so I can understand what the hell heck they're getting at, it's pretty frustrating. I'm also finding myself re-reading a lot of sentences/paragraphs.

Oh, and the instructor... He has got to be the most boring monotone instructor I've ever had. His lectures? He uses a powerpoint presentation (great!) but goes through them so fast and really doesn't elaborate on what he's talking about. Our first night of class (last week), several students asked him to slow down. It worked for 2-3 slides and then he was back at it again. There will be 2 tests in the class. I have NO idea what they're going to be like. *sigh*

I just heard on the radio that my county is the second top producer of dairy in the state of Illinois. Who'da thunk it?

The weather really hasn't been too bad (considering it's winter!), until yesterday afternoon. It started raining. Then it froze.

I couldn't even drive my car up my driveway because of the ice. Halfway up the incline, my car started spinning and sliding sideways. So, I stopped and it started sliding backwards down the driveway! Panic set in as I scanned the street for cars (I live on a busy street). It stopped sliding just as I got the end of the driveway. Hey, if ya didn't know... Brakes don't work on ice!!

I parked my car out on the street until after I put some salt down. Yes, I fell on the driveway trying to WALK up it to get to the house/garage. Annoyingly, my neighbors were being nosey neighborhood watchful and stared at my progress. It rained/froze a bit overnight and I ended up putting more salt down in the early morning hours today in order for me to get to work.

Once again, my office is participating in the Get Fit Challenge offered by the local hospital and fitness centers. Once again, I am participating. It officially doesn't start until January 31st, but I thought I'd get a jump start on a routine.

Week One (last week)
Mon: 30 min ab workout, 50 min cardio/strength
Tue: 30 min ab workout, 25 min cardio/strength
Thu: 15 min ab workout
Sat: 15 min ab workout, 15 min cardio

Week Two (this week)
Mon: 30 min stregth/cardio

As you can see, I'm failing miserably this week. In my defense, I've worked a lot of overtime so far this week. When I get home, I try to study and then go to bed. Thursday night, my class goes from 5:30-9pm (or later). Excuses, excuses! (Hey, 30 minutes is better than none, right?!)

I did take a couple hours for myself over the past few weeks to visit the two thrift stores in my town. The second one had ALL their ladies sweaters and long sleeve tops for ONE DOLLAR each. I'm not one to browse the clothing racks very often, but I couldn't pass the opporunity up. Especially since I was in dire need of sweaters and casual winter tops. I looked through every-single-rack there was. I came home with a new winter wardrobe of sweaters and shirts for less than $20! Some of the sweaters still had the tags on them! The best part? People say, "Oh that's cute. Is it new?" LOL "Why yes it is!"

You can't help but smile when a package like this shows up in your mailbox:

Last week, I was the lucky recipient of a RAK (random act of kindness) from the "Cowgirl from Hanna", Christine. You're probably saying saying, "Well, what is it?!"

Q-Snap Huggies

Christine actually makes these. She told me a while back how to make them, and I intended to make some for myself. Christine sent me not one, but 2 huggies... for my 8" and 11" q-snaps. Thank you again, Christine!


silentsgirl said...

I love those huggies! *want!*

Mel said...

You can do it! That is what I have to say about school. And just think once it's done it will pay off.
Hang in there!

That is brutal about the ice on your driveway. Rude neighbours, the least they could do is help if they want to be nosy.

Wonderful RAKs in the mail!

Binky's Blog said...

I hear ya about school. It's like you hit the ground running.
A real whirl wind. Best of luck with your really really busy schedule. The best part is when it is over and you see how talented and smart you really are.

Rene la Frog said...

Sounds like you'll be very busy again this year at school.

Nice RAK.

Happy Birthday a few days early. Hope all your Birthday wishes come true.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, that is quite the school schedule. I admire anyone who goes to school to better their education. Especially when they are working full time and trying to live a life. You have my admiration.
Love that RAK. Qsnap snuggies - how do they work? I have never seen them before.

Emily said...

I'd comment on each and every thing but there us just too much. My hubby laughed at the ice story, he was reading over my shoulder and thought your slipping on the ice was great fun. Hope you didn't hurt yourself. Good luck with the Get Fit challenge as well.

Marjorie said...

Wow, I hope you find some time to stitch with that schedule! I'm right there with you on the exercise...I always start out with the best intentions but life tends to get in the way.

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

I thought about you the other day and guessed right...busy at school. Good Luck with the new schedule, maybe you can tie in all that running around to your new getting fit program! (two birds~one stone) Love the huggies. Does she sell to anyone?

Carolyn NC said...

Whew - I got tired just reading about it all!!! Don't you love advisors who really don't paint the full picture, but you still like them! I love intellectual stuff, but when you have to look up every other word and concentrate on each sentence to figure what the heck they're saying, someone's just trying to impress people with their massive vocabulary - not talking about subject matter that's Greek to everyone else - good luck! Love the RAK - Enjoy your BD on Sunday!! Happy, happy, Birthday, Meari!

Jo said...

School will soon settle down, hope you manage to fit some stitching into your very busy schedule, sounds like you don't get to sit down lately. Your RAK is lovely, so different from the norm. x

Mylene said...

Best of luck with everything that's keeping you busy, Meari.

Donna said...

Busy, busy girl! I love your RAK!
But don't forget to smell the (somewhat frozen) flowers once in awhile.

Blu said...

Ahh, welcome back to the school system where profs are bores, material is incomprehensible and you're forever behind on your readings!

I've actually taken to walking on the street leading up to my building to avoid the ice on the pavement after I fell a couple of times. (Yes, I'm one of those pedestrians) I feel your hatred towards the ice.

Carol said...

Wow, you are amazingly busy, Meari! Don't know how you keep up with everything... Good luck with those hard looking courses :)

Debbie Jo said...

That is crazy that an advisor would have you do 2 accelerated classes at the same time..bless you. I know you will do great tho at least you have your fitness challenge to take the school frustrations out on then you can do some stitching to help you relax! Congrats on the nice winter wardrobe. I would love to find a place here to browse like that. Have a geat weekend and a very Happy Birthday.

Nancy M said...

Are you impressed? I commented the same day you posted! Ugh, school, glad it's you not me. You can do it. I got Amberlyn a few outfits for a $1 at the thrift store with tags! Those are great finds. Have a great birthday on Sunday, try to relax and do something fun. Now I have 86 more blogs to read.......

Mary said...

Your classes do sound like alot especially when working full-time but you are really smart and have such great ambition that you definitely will get it all done. I'm still throwing around the idea of going back for a second bachelor degree. Some days I think oh yes, this would be so cool especially now that I know how to do awesome research but then I'm like, I don't know if my brain can absorb anymore information...lol.

Your new q-snap huggies are pretty. I love Christine's RAK label.

I'm glad nothing happened to you or your car with the ice. You know I have learned that about breaks too.. they just don't work on ice. Luckily I was sliding into a parking space and the sidewalk with some snow was a good bumper. It is tricky with it being "warm" during the day and freezing at night. Rock salt has been my friend lately...lol.

I'm glad you are making sure to have you time so you don't go into information overload.


Vicki in CO said...

Oh boy, think I need to go take a nap to recover just reading all you've been up to! BUT, you GO GIRL!! I've done the college and working full time; it can be brutal, but so worth it in the end! The feeling of accomplishment is awesome.

A slanted driveway and ice do not mix. Nasty weather!

Love those huggies.

Shari said...

you are so busy girl! I don't know how you do it. Our youngest just started second semester of his junior year & he is swamped. He comes home to work on Thurs. & he was exhausted yesterday.
We have the same icky weather as you...take care of yourself in it.
Your Q snap huggies are great! How sweet of Christine!!!

Debra said...

Good luck with school. Nice RAK. We had the rain and ice too. Is it spring yet? LOL!

Katrien said...

Congrats on the RAK.
Good luck with the school and Get Fit challange, you can do it!

Chiloe said...

Monotone voices are the worst ... make me sleep !lol Good luck for your study. You are a smart woman and you are going through that one too ! ;-)

Lainey said...

Sounds like you are going to be really busy, hope you find time to stitch. Good luck with everything.

Louisiana Momma said...

congrats on starting school.. and on your 85%!!

Shelley said...

Holy Crap Girl!! You are gonna be insanely busy with those two courses. Good for you for taking the initiative. I'll be your #1 cheerleader!!

Congrats on the awesome thrift store shopping.

The RAK is fabulous.

glenda said...

ahhh, intermediate accounting..sure brings back the memories :)

You had quite the week!