Feb 1, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 2/1/2010

One word....

This week is going to be a brutal one. I have tests in both classes.

Remember how boring interesting I told you Ethics class is? First test is over SIX chapters. Our little group project is chugging along. We had to pick a "controversial" topic and are in the process of discussion (debate?) on each side of the issue. I took the side of "Uniforms are an equalizer. Children are in school to learn, not flaunt there social status, be fashionistas, etc." My two team mates chose the "other" side. Personally, I really don't care which side I'm on but I do think that children are in school to learn. Period. If uniforms help to achieve that, I say go for it.

The instructor for my IA II class assigned a TON of homework questions in preparation for the test. I managed to finish all of them over the weekend. Hopefully, I'll do as well on Test #2 as I did on the first one.

I received more birthday gift certificates from bloggy friends... Carolyn and Sharmila. You know, you sure know how to make a girl smile. You gals are the best! I'm going to have one fantastic shopping spree . Thank you very much to both of you!

I received another card from the CSE BFC. It traveled across the big pond from Lily in England. She sent it over a week ago and hoped it'd get here in time, but the postal system didn't cooperate, lol. Look at this neat tri-fold card:

Update: I also received a GC from one of the club members that hadn't sent me a gift according the the rules. There's a bit of controversy surrounding it that I won't get into. Regardless, I'm appreciative. Thank you very much.

Julie from I'll Cross That Leg hosted her first giveaway a while back. I was the LUCKY winner! Yay for me!!

Julie sent a chart by Bobbie G called "Life's Journey", along with fabric and floss to stitch it up. She also included a bundle of fabric and a pretty pair of scissors. Thank you so much, Julie!

The photo above doesn't show this very well. It's a froggie holding onto a candy cane! I got a giggle out of this .

I'm feeling pretty blessed. I just found out that I am the winner of Lorraine's blogversary giveaway. Click on over to Maltese7 Cross Stitch to see what it is!

Guess what?!? I actually did some stitching last week (mostly on my lunch hour) -and- I had a finish! I don't have photos yet, since I'm not finished with making it into a cube. Going to JoAnn Fabrics on my lunch hour today :)

I'm in need of recommendations for an inexpensive, decent, dial-up internet provider. I have a friend who lives out in an area of the county who can't get DSL service. The only option is dial-up at this point. I tried installing NetZero last night and got nowhere. Couldn't even get to the point of registering; each time the software logged on, it immediately got kicked off once explorer opened up. After four hours of that, I'm giving up on NetZero. So, I was hoping if any of my readers use a dial-up service that isn't local to them, they could me some recommendations???


Emily said...

Good luck with your tests, and that froggie is cute.

Rene la Frog said...

Love the Froggy...but I'm sure you knew I would hehehe

For Dial Up I also tried NetZero years ago with the same problems you encountered. We has the best luck with AOL. I know alot of people don't like it but it worked good for us.

Ranae said...

You really received some awesome BD stash.
The froggy is funny.
We can only get dial-up here where we live. We have AOL, but also have Sprint wireless, it works better then the dial-up, it's 61.26 a month. I think I am going to try Cricket wireless, it's 40.00 a month.
My friend just got Hughes satelite, don't the price or how well it works yet.

Mel said...

Your tests will go just fine. I know it. :)
Great gifts!

I wish I could help... but being in Canada I don't know your internet providers... sorry girl.

valerie said...

Good luck on your exams! Great gifties for your birthday...everything looks great!

socialsue said...

Love the frog! U got some wonderful stash! Good luck on your tests!


EvalinaMaria said...

You will do just fine on your tests, I know it! Congrats on more birthday stash and on the wining the giveaway. I entered Julie's draw because I loved that journey chart, I wasn't lucky so I bought it. Now it is in my stash also (big smile).

I can't help with the dial-up. I think it is an ancient history and practically you can use it only for email... Here if we can't get DSL we are installing satellite...

Carol said...

Hoping your tests will be easy, Meari! That ethics course actually sounds quite interesting...I'll bet there are some good discussions during the class time.

Congratulations on your giveaway wins :)

Jo said...

Good luck with your tests. I'm in favour of school uniforms personally, it takes out the competition kids have on the latest designer labels/gear. The froggy is soo cute as well.

5 Foot Runt said...

Oh my goodnesss I don't want to think about your tests, but much luck your way concerning them. I think cricket is doing dial up but other than that I can't help you. Sorry about that.

Mylene said...

Congrats on your giveaway wins. Goodluck with your exams.

Carolyn NC said...

Love your gifts! And good luck with school. I wish schools would make uniform wearing just a little less expensive. Instead of ordering from just one company (at double and triple the cost, I might add), pick and choose several, even chain stores that carry the style you like in the colors asked for. Just my take, as that's the problem we ran into at our school. Sure does make it easy picking out what to wear!

Nancy M said...

I'm not entering any give aways you do. You always win them! School? Just glad I'm not doing that. I just read that dial up is on it's way out. I've had cable internet since the beginning of time, so I can't help your friend out!

Anonymous said...

Before I had DSL I had AOL & it was reasonable. I don't know
if it is available where you need it. There is also a satelite system available for areas where you can't get DSL, named Hughes Net. It is supposed to be available everywhere. I don't know what it costs.

Hope this helps,
Pam in PA

Blu said...

Enjoy your wins! And good luck with the exams!

Shelleen said...

I had dial up for 9 years and loved Juno. never had a problem with them.

Gabi said...

Good luck with the exams. Crossing fingers here that all will go well.
Lovely gifts all over.
About the uniform...you are right. My daughters went first in Europe to school where it was a big issue what to wear each and every morning (from a certain age onwards)- phones ringing early on to discuss these important matters. And you HAD to be hip. Imagine looking stupid!!
That all changed in Australia where they had to wear a school uniform. All these fights ended...all these "important issues" how to look ended in one go. Everybody looked the same, no matter if the parents could afford fancy stuff or not. LOVE it.
And you know what? My 2 fashion queens became way more easy going on their clothing in general. School uniforms...LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Besides...even they are expensive, you need less other clothing. In the end parents do save money too. Am I rambling again?...lol.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Just love that froggie!

Terri said...

Wonderful gifts Meari. I hope your tests went well :)