Feb 22, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 2/22/2010

You just know it's going to be a good week when....

- The sun shows its happy face most of the week.

- Adam Lysacek wins Olympic gold for men's figure skating.
(OK, so I'm I'm biased... he's from Naperville IL)

- You get notification from the IRS that you're getting more of a refund than you thought.

- You go to take your accounting test, only to find you're missing a chapter from the textbook but still get 100% on the test.

- Your Ethics team gives an unscheduled presentation that wow's the class.

- You receive beautiful stitchy gifts in the mail.

- You get in some much needed stitching time.


As I've already mentioned, I have a bit of a snafu with my accounting textbook. The title, author, and edition are correct. The ISBN # is different. I didn't realize this until I went to take my latest test and one of the two chapters being tested on was not in my book! Between reviewing the online narrated slides/power point, using Google, and my accounting knowledge, I muddled my way through the test. I had fingers on both hands crossed when I submitted my answers... really, really hoping I did OK. I was thrilled and suprised when the score came back 100%. Woo Hoo! Yes, it's gonna be a good week!

I emailed my instructor telling her about my situation:

"This week I ran into a problem. My textbook only goes up to Chapter 12. Even though my title, authors, and edition are correct, the ISBN # is different. My thought was to finish the course by reviewing the power point presentations and working the alternative problems online. Not sure where the solutions are for those problems, though. Do you have any ideas? Help!"

Her response:

"Sorry, I really don't. Can you order the book or borrow the book from anyone? I don't have an e-version of the book."

That's it?? I expected a little more help (like WHERE are the answers to the alternative problems listed online?). With only TWO weeks left in class, there is no way I can get a book ordered in time plus I've already paid $200 for the book I have! I am very, very disappointed in the response from my instructor. Today, I plan on going to the satellite campus and see if I can borrow a book. I'm not holding my breath, though, since no accounting classes are held in-seat on campus. I will probably end up winging my way through the last two chapters and last test, hoping to keep my "A" grade.

In Ethics class, we had to divide up into teams. Each team was to pick a "controversial topic" and then use the workbook to go through a process in order to come to resolution. I think I mentioned in another MM update, our team chose School Uniforms. Last week, our team stayed late after class to finish up our resolution process. What was really amazing about it was both "sides" came up with the EXACT same modified proposal (solution) independently. Based upon our discussions over the past 4-5 weeks, I drafted a transcript of our process and one of my teammates created a power point presentation based on the transcript. When we got to class, we told the instructor we were ready and asked if we could give our group presentation. We rocked the house! Jaws dropped and there were students saying "Wow..." Even the instructor said we did a good job. The bar has been set pretty high for the remaining teams. :) The interesting thing about the presentation is that we're graded by our fellow students, not the instructor. Yes, it's gonna be a good week!

I work as a liason between clients and the IRS/state agencies on a regular basis. Most of the time dealing with them is a royal pain in the @ss rear. Every once in a while, they surprise me. Imagine my surprise when I go to the IRS website to check on the status of my refund and I learn that not only will my refund be deposited that day, but I am receiving MORE than I anticipated! Yes, it's gonna be a good week!

Most days last week were filled with sunshine and beautiful days. I think there was only one or two days it was cloudy. Ever notice how much better people's moods are when the sun is shining???

We did get about 2" of snow on Saturday. It was pretty wet, too. Out came "Push" and "Little Blow" to help me with clean up. It's great to have friends like them, LOL. Last night, we got another 3". *clicking heels together* Two more months, two more months...

In last week's mail, I received a stitchy package from Lorraine at Maltese 7. A while back she had a blogversary giveaway and I was the winner! She does some beautiful stitching. Here's what came all the way from Malta:

Thank you, Lorraine!

For the second week in a row, I was able to fit in some stitching :) Here's my progress so far on ABC Lessons:

Since I'm stitching on white opalescent Luguna, I had to backstitch the white sheep in order to see them. I used a light grey... just enough to make them show up. I also gave their faces a bit more shape.

Yes, it's gonna be a good week!


Shari said...

I agree, that it is going to be a great week! I love Mondays. New week, fresh start, etc....
we haven't gotten the snow you got, but it is suppose to be coming...we will deal with what we get!
Your LK is looking great!!!!
Keep up the great work with school!

Rene la Frog said...

Hope this week is as good for you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on passing the test with a 100%. Hopefully you will be able to continue that streak. Your stitchy gift is beautiful & your WIP is looking great. Keep up the great work.

Betty in AZ

Shelley said...

Wow! You really did have an awesome week.

Good for you on the ethics presentation. It's always great going first when you are so prepared and blow the rest of the competition out of the water.

I would see if there is someone in your other class that you could borrow their book from long enough to photocopy the pages with the answers on them. I can't believe the instructor can't help you, with only 2 weeks left. I wouldn't go buying another book myself. I've got my fingers crossed that you keep your "A".

Your giveaway prize from Lorraine is beautiful. I entered her drawing too. You are lucky!!

I like your ABC lessons. I think the sheep stand out just fine.

I hope everything stays sunny and positive for you in this coming week.

EvalinaMaria said...

Meari, it will be a marvelous week!!! And this is just the beginning... You are working very hard, you deserve it! Did you try publisher? Sometimes they have textbooks in pdf format. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that you will find what you are looking for. Do you write final exams? I'm taking my courses through accounting association and they are brutal, all assignments and test are just qualification to write the final and every course ends with 3 hr examination (4 hr in the final level), written by hand, no computers allowed.

Mylene said...

Congrats on passing the test!

You sure lucky to win those lovely gifts fro Lorraine and beautiful progress on the LK.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had such a good week Meari. The book situation was odd and of course the instructor was no help.


AFwife99 said...

Lovely stitching, what a nice gift. Glad that your test went well. I hope you can figure out what to do about the textbook issue. A little more help would've been nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations on your test!!! It sure sounds like a good week is in store for you for sure


Sunshine said...

Wow, What a Great Week you have had. Here's to an even better one this week. That's a Nice gift you received, and your ABC's is looking AWESOME!Congrats on your Test.

Debbie Jo said...

Congrats on your test! The text book thing is a PITA,,I agree. Hope you can borrow one or do as you have done with the online help. Love your stitching package and progress on ABC Lessons. Have a wonderful week!

Carolyn NC said...

I'll say it's a good week! Congrats on the test scores and presentations! And yes, I do think the prof could have helped you out a bit. Really, you're supposed to buy another brand new book with two weeks left???? Love the giveaway and progress on lessons! And whenever the IRS gives something in your favor it's a good year!!

Habibi said...

Congrats on the 100%.
Have a beautiful week.
Today Monday is 22nd :)

Carol said...

Glad to hear about your great week, Meari--your happiness is contagious!

Kathy said...

All that wonderful news and it's only Monday! Wow. I hope that the rest of the week is a great.

The package from Lorraine is wonderful . What a fun pattern she stitched.

Love the LK piece you are working on. It will be beautiful when it's finished.

The Pegster said...

Congratultions on passing! Well done. ABC lessons is going to be beautiful.

Daffycat said...

Such a lovely gift from Lorraine!

Wonderful stitching, Mearie! You are going to have this finished quickly if you keep it up!

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

yay! It's good to hear the happiness in your postings again!
Great prize you won. And keep up the good work in school.

Katrien said...

Congrats on your test! Your stitching progress looks great

Barb said...

Nice WIP I love the colors. Are you near Naperville? I have a nephew in Carol Steam plus we use to go through Carol Stream and Naperville when we would go to Aurora. Also a friend of mine was from Naperville. I was glad Evan won the gold.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had a really great week in several ways Meari!
Congrats on doing so well with your school!


Ranae said...

Hip! Hip! Hooray for good a great week.
Here's hoping you can borrow that book.
LK is looking good.

Debra said...

You are doing so well with school! Nice gifts and nice progress.

Anonymous said...

Meari, what an awesome week!! I'm assuming that you have a library card. Check the library system. One of the libraries in the system may have your textbook for you to check out for a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

I always look forward to enjoying your Monday update!!! It is almost like reading Fran Ortmeyer’s column in the Stitch World magazine... LOL...I just luv her! Your LK SAL looks fabulous!


Anne Sans Tete said...

your stitchy package is soooo cute!!! i love the pattern!

Donna said...

What an amazing week! Good for you! We all need those once in awhile. And I love your stitchy gift!

Anonymous said...

Wow Meari, what a week! For once living up north has been a benefit! We got about 10 inches of the very heavy, wet stuff. Hurt my back trying to shovel all those huge, heavy snowballs left from the plow. I think the snowplow driver has decided that I actually want all that snow plowed into my drive.

The way you talk about "Push" and "Little Blow" makes me think of the swiffer commercials! "Little Blow" would not have been able to help me today because the snow was so wet. At least we don't have to worry about blowing and drifting when the 30 mph winds kick in tonight.

Love to see your stitching pics! Good job on your school work too!

Pam in IL

Lillie said...

Congrads on your test and your win from Lorraine.

Your WIP looks great.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Congrats on the presentation!! just love that little gift that you received. The LK is looking fantastic!

Nancy M said...

Sounds like a very upbeat week for you! Stitching looks great and the prize??? You win everything! LOL I think for once we got dumped on when you didn't, we got 8" of the wet stuff yesterday! We are hoping for a short 2 months too. I haven't started my taxes. I saw the program at Sam's for $70 and I just couldn't buy it, I guess I will have to sooner or later!

Lisa F. said...

Woo hoo, Meari! I'm glad you had a great week. The thought of going back to school can be intimidating, but once you're there, you see what you can do!!! I went back, too, at 40...and made the dean's list every semester! We over-forty babes rock!!!

Lisa F. in PA

Mel said...

ABC is looking sooo good! :)
And so glad the textbook issue is dealt with.

Felicity said...

Finally a post that I understand, Meari! We have 300+ sunny days a year here, so that means we lead full and happy lives at about 82% of the time, right? Yes, that'd be about right! The ABC sampler is looking lovely.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you've had a good week :) and you're stitching is great xxx

Anonymous said...

Boy, you really have had a good week - I think I'm jealous! Mine has been SO hectic I've had about an hour to stitch ALL week . Good luck with your textbook problem. Have you tried Amazon? Sometimes they have used textbooks really cheap & they ship pretty fast.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for passing your accounting test with such good grades!!! And with notes missing too! My son is taking accounting at University too. Refunds from your IRS sound great too. We don't get many refunds here :(
I hope the sun stays out for you!


Barbara said...

Yep, your week sure was wonderful. Hope all your weeks since have been as good. ;-)
Barb in TX

Carol's Stitching said...

Glad you enjoyed a wonderful week. It stinks about the college text but I agree with you and I think you'll do fine. Perhaps another classmate can share their book with you? Stitching looks great and hope next week is as good as this one!