Jun 14, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits 6/14/11

The beginning of last week was unbearably HOT and HUMID. My car thermometer said:

A few days later...

The past couple days the temps have been in the lower 70's with no humidity. My kind of weather!

Finally, the weather has been *just right* for a bike ride. I mean the pedal kind, not the motorized kind. lol

I feel lucky that I have a beautiful bike trail nearby. It's surrounded by trees, creeks, pasture, and fields. You can't go far without seeing the local wildlife: chimpmunks, squirrels, cardinals, red-wing blackbirds, and more. For the first time since I've been riding the trail, I saw a mama deer and her fawn. It was very cool! The Jane Addams Trail is rich with history, too.

On Saturday, I rode 17.5 miles. What a stupid crazy thing to do my first time out this season! My legs felt like jello by the time I got back to the parking area. As the evening wore on, my legs thighs ached more and more. Around 8:30pm, I had to take three ibuprofen. I took three more when I went to bed. In addition to the aching, my legs felt like they weighed 50lbs each. I was still recovering yesterday when I went to work. I was glad I have a job where I sit! Today, I'd say I'm 98% recovered.

When I blogged about my shelf project a couple weeks ago, there were a few people who asked what was going on them and/or *expected* to see stuff on them, lol. For inquiring minds, behold...

These are things I gathered up from various other places in the house. Places where it didn't make sense to store them. You can't see it, but my iron is next to the spray starch and wrinkle releaser.

I'm happy to report that the seeds I planted are starting to come up! Yay. In addition to the veggies I planted, I also planted the sunflower seeds Betty in NV sent me in the mailart exchange. Those, plus the watermelon and cucumbers are up.

Here are more photos of the flowers I have planted at The Homestead:

These are Double Knockout Roses. They bloom all summer long. They are doing very well this year!

A couple years ago, I was driving down a country road one day and another homestead had some roots in a plastic bag with a "Free" sign on them. I took them home not knowing what they were. These are sundrops, I think. They open up when the sun is out and close up at night. Toward the back of the photo are Coneflowers, which aren't blooming yet. Both perrenials are spreaders.

Thanks to a couple of my blog readers, I've found out the kitty I rescued last week is part of a series called "Cats, Baskets, and Quilts". Originally, it was a series in a stitchy magazine. Now, it's sold as a kit.

Edgar from Blacksheep's Bit of the Web received the HOE snowman-themed ornament I stitched for him. I had a hard time sending it off cuz it's so darn cute!

Design: January Stamp Flip-It
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Fabric: 32ct Silkweaver Solo Evenweave (Turquoise)
Fibers: GAST and DMC
Embellishments: Tiny Snowflakes
and Runched Ribbon

OK, I lied last week when I said I was going to put Blossom on the back burner while I stitched on the mailart. She now has a hand!

I stitched on the mailart, too. No pics, though cuz it's surprise! Whoever sent the frogs my way... Thanks. Thanks a lot! I stitched an entire leaf in three colors and ended up frogging it all. Good news is... I've restitched the entire thing and then some.

Until next time,


Sunshine said...

Nice update Meari. Love the flowers, your stitching is Great as usual. Time for another Bike ride to work on those muscles.LOL!

angel parker said...

As always, a great read! I enjoy your blog whether it is Monday or Tuesday!

Lynette said...

You have been very busy Meari! Sounds like you have a great place to ride your bike - maybe a shorter ride would have been better!
I love the snowman ornament!

EvalinaMaria said...

I am so glad you've recovered from that bike ride. Next one will not hurt so much.

Your stitching is lovely! Go ahead and stitch Blossom, we will have to reschedule our mailart exchange. I went to see doctor yesterday and I have to wear a splint! I'm sure I will find a way to stitch with the splint on but that needs some practice...

Pam in IL said...

I find it funny that I remember certain designs that were in magazines YEARS ago and when I saw the kitty you rescued, I knew right away where it came from.

Your snowman ornament is absolutely adorable! How did you get that ribbon scrunched up like that and how did you attach it to your piece?

Of course, I love your flower pics as well. The double knockout roses are my favorite. Might have to talk DH into getting some.

Emily in NC said...

Wow, that was a big temperature change, ours was not quite that dramatic. Very cute ornament. And thanks for sharing the shelf, everything needs a home.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy! Your flowers and stitching are all lovely.

Karin in CA

Kelly said...

Your stitching is lovely.
Thank you for sharing all the pictures.

Nancy M said...

Yep, you've had the exact same weather as us! The past few days have been heaven and I want to bottle them up and bring them back out when I start complaining of heat or cold! Love the exchange piece. I've got to try that ribbon on something! Glad to see your shelves in use now. This rainy weather must have been perfect for the roses because mine have never had more flowers on them as they do now! I just love them!

Kay said...

The flowers are pretty! It was a hot one where you were, it was a hot one in Ohio as well last week. The one day it shot up to 96, I was sweating just standing outside waiting for my dog to do his business, lol. Love the Lizzie Kate snowman, I made this one as well during the holidays, it is cute!

Wanda said...

Love your garden - and love "Blossom", too!

Gabi said...

LOVE your snowman. Great stitching and finishing. Your Oriental lady looks great too. Glad she didn't put on the backburner.
Great garden and house pics :)

Claudette497 said...

Your garden looks glorious, and the stitching does too. I think my frogs went to you..I've been having a nightmare time with a piece I'm stitching, and this last week all of a sudden every stitch was the right color in the right space. I'm glad the green guys left, but I don't know why they picked your place to stop. I hope they leave soon!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this beautiful weather. Take care of yourself when doing something you haven't done in a while like bike riding. Take it slow. Blossom is looking great!!! Your new storage area turned out great. Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Anonymous said...

Hope your pains have gone now. Lovely flowers and love your exchange piece.


Debra said...

Funny, I was just thinking about you and your bike and was wondering if you had been riding this spring. I still haven't gotten mind out yet, not enough time.

Anonymous said...


You are the most organized woman I know lol.

I am curious where did you get the percentage bars that you use on your blog. I love those and if it is okay for me to have the link to that. Thanks

Jennifer Wall

Carol said...

Isn't this weather the craziest, Meari? We must get the same weather as you only a couple of days later. I'm sitting here in my winter robe and warm pjs--just can't get warm!

Oh, that snowman is adorable with the ruched ribbon--I can see why you had a hard time saying goodbye to him. Hope he doesn't melt in California :)

Biking is something my DH is very into--I need to get a new bike before I can join him. It really is a great way to see the countryside and get exercise at the same time. Hope your "jello legs" are back to normal today!

Have a wonderful week...

Akila said...

The mercury is dropping here too, and it feels real great.
Very pretty flowers. Especially love the sundrops.
That's such a cute snowman!! Can understand why you had such a tough time parting with it.
LOL on the blossom splendor. Great progress :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice update Meari. I can definitly relate to the biking as we just got our's out too.

I haven't forgot about the cat pictures. I have to find a pattern for Karin so hopefully I'll find them together.

Penny B

Niina said...

Hi Meari, you are the winner of my giveaway. Could you contact me at ilmatar_lady (at) yahoo.com?

Katrien said...

Blossom looks great.

Shelley said...

Your ornie is way too cute! I would have had trouble parting with it myself, lol!

WIth each stitch Blossom is becoming more beautiful than she already is.

Ugh! The heat...we are having our first mini heat wave. It has been in the high 90s for 3 days now. Thank goodness we don't have humidity like you do. One thing I definitely don't miss from living in Illinois.

Hope the legs are feeling better. I haven't ridden that long of a distance in decades. I'd probably be comatose at the end of the trip, lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh Meari

You have had hot there. We have had hot weather in last week here too, but now is much better :)
Your stitching looks good, I love your snowmen ornament and your flowers looks really good too. My first peonies blooming, I really love them :)
Have a nice week


glenda said...

Love the snowman! Great progress on blossom.

I didn't send you my frogs..because they are still here...damn things :)

Patches said...

Love the double knockouts. Have 2 here to plant this weekend.

The snowman is just so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the snowman finish and your flowers!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely update - the flowers are wonderful. Agree with you about that snowman, I don't think I COULD have sent it away. I love the way that you've finished it.