Sep 21, 2011

Confessions of a Stitcher

A recent question on one of the Yahoo groups prompted my confession. The question was asked:

"We all have WIP/UFO'S, all the best stitchers do.
How long have you been stitching each project?"

Now I do realize that I don't have as many WIP's and UFO's as some of my stitchy acquaintances, but the ones I do have are getting up there in age. Time does fly, doesn't it?

Without further adieu, I confess. My name is Meari. I have the following UFO's/WIP's:

Elegance of the Orient -- started 2001 or 2002
Japanese Garden -- started in 2006
Simply Elegant -- started 2009
Blossom Splendor -- started 12/2010
iStitch SAL -- started 08/2011


This was the first Dimensions kit I'd ever used. Prior to this, I kitted up my own projects. The threads had to be sorted. The fabric is 18ct aida. There is a fine gold thread which is a pain to work with. It was also my first asian-inspired piece. As I stitched it, it just wasn't looking like I thought it should. Over the years, it got pushed aside for other projects while I tried to decide what to do. I lost the chart not once, but twice! Luckily, Dimensions has sent me replacements both times. I am probably going to start this over on evenweave. Does it still count as a UFO if I'm going to start it over? LOL What it's supposed to look like is HERE.


Lorri Birmingham is the designer of this kit. I've always thought her elegant designs were really pretty. I used to take this kit with me to do during my lunch hour whenever I worked out of town in another office. I stopped working out of town in December 2009. And stopped working on it. (LOL, that just happens to be a coincidence.) I am not fast at specialty stitches -- they are not my favorite either. I love how they look, just don't like doing 'em. With that said, I have to really have time to concentrate on the stitches, hence why it's taking me so long to finish this tiny project.


I was so excited to start this piece back in 2006. It is the first project I'd ever used evenweave on. It is stitched with silk threads, has specialty stitches, and beaded -- also all new to me at the time. It is one of those pieces I really have to have a big block of time to be able to work on because I have to read the directions several times to figure out what goes where and how. Once I do get going, I find I really do enjoy stitching it. All the WIP pics can be seen HERE.


Ever since I saw her on the cover of a magazine, I wanted her -- to stitch her, that is! In 2009, Viv granted my wish by RAK'ing me the magazine. After hand-dyeing the fabric myself, I started this project in December 2010. Working on it steadily since, my plan is to have it completed by the end of this year. Progress pics can be seen HERE. It's amazing to see a project come to life!

iStitch Mystery SAL

I've been a reader of Carol's iStitch blog for several years. When I saw that she was going to open up her Mystery SAL to an additional 25 people, I jumped on the opportunity. It's a pretty tiny piece, only about 3 1/2 x 5". I'm stitching it over-one on an unknown brand of linen. I'm using a varigated Anchor thread called "Flame". I will probably re-stitch it once the SAL is finished because I'm really not liking how big the holes are on the linen... and I'm not sold on the color. Love the design though!

So there you have it... My secrets exposed, confessions out for the world to see. Now, what's YOUR confession?


Julie M said...

I am neither confessing nor admitting anything about WIPS any more. Used to be I never had any. I stitched on something till it was finished. Those were the good old days! And that Meari, is all you are getting outta me on the subject!!

I think the color on your SAL is gorgeous! Why aren't you sold on it?

demeter83 said...

Some beautiful pieces... I especially like Blossom Splendour and Elegance of the Orient

Carolyn NC said...

Yours are pretty mild! I wouldn't dare

Kay said...

Those are some beautiful pieces that you have shared. Once completed they will be beautiful. I try not to have too many WIP's going, although I admit I have had my times where I have started on something and just dragged my feet about getting it done so I put it to the side for a while and grabbed something else. Sooner or later I push myself to get it done though!

Anonymous said...

All of your WIP are beautiful.


Mouse said...

heheheh ... well you read my blog you know what wips I have ... ufo 's though I have only three .. on the castle , one celtic autumn and the embroideress sampler... the first two started end of last year and the sampler the year before .. this was a stitch along with some one but not any more :( ... will get them done though asap as I love them all ... :) this is my confessions ;) love mouse xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Great confession, Meari. My confession is more about unfinished-finished projects than WIPs/UFOs.

WIP - Happy Nappers by Kustom Krafts, started in 2010
UF-FO #1 - Thursday class by Martina Weber, finished in 2004?
UF-FO #2 - Sat/Sun class by Martina Weber, finished in 2004?
UF-FO #3 - Variegated class by Vickie H, finished in 2008?
UF-FO #4 - Tree of Stitches by Abi, finished in 2011
and multiple small finishes from RRs and exchanges, to be finished into ornaments.....

I do have one UFO that will never be finished - my DH wanted it, and then told me not to worry about it when it turned out to be very difficult. :) I'll probably restart it one day on different fabric.

Karin in CA

Lesleyanne said...

They confession is good for the soul Meari. I love blossom splendour and enjoy seeing your progress on it.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Meari. I admire all you do when do you have time for all this. I'm early retired. Bored and still have so many UFO's and WIP'S. I'd be ashamed to tell about them all. Congrat's on all. I love to read your blog. I takes me away for a little while.

An admirer.
Diana B

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I have way too many UFO's and I am not sure at this moment how many WIP's I have going....

I do know that my oldest UFO is from 1990 as it is a 11x14 french mime.... I taught myself to do counted cross stitch with this piece. I need to get back to it.

Wanda said...

I used to be someone who did one project at a time, but now I find I have multiple ones on the go. Some are 'smalls' that I can do on an airplane or in the truck when we travel with the fifth wheel trailer. Others are gifts that need to be done - like the SanMan wedding sampler I did in less than a month this summer. And some are ones I just fell in love with and felt like stitching NOW.

I do have a couple of WIPs/borderline UFOs. One is "Evangeline", which I started for a Lavender and Lace SAL on a Yahoo group a couple of years ago. The other is a snowman piece that I thought I would love and just could not get it right. I am thinking about starting a rotation of those two, along with my Chinese Money Men. Hopefully, I would get all three done eventually if I did that. And that is my confession. Wanda in Edmonton

Nancy said...

Oh boy!!! From reading your responses, I got to thinking and I have one UFO that I am ashamed to say was started in the 80's. It is a baby blanket and hopefully eventually it will be finished and given to someone. Not sure who. Maybe it will be given to my nephew when he has a child. This blanket was started before my nephew was even thought of. Geesh! Now I hang my head.

Veronica said...

Elegance of the Orient is a pretty design. You've got to stitch that one ^.^ I think it qualifies as a WiP if you're gonna start it over :)

I love your Simply Elegant sampler and Japanese Garden too. Both are lovely.

Can't believe you have only 5 UFOs/WiPs. If I were to list all of mine... Gosh, I think I'm too embarrassed to do so. LOL! I am however, trying to get that list reduced this year.

Patty C. said...

Great progress on your SAL Meari ;)

Pam said...

You have some really fabulous WIPs and UFOs.. I have all of 2... And I look at them and I'm still not motivated to finish them. I'm hanging my head in shame. lol

MaryT said...

I have one UFO Meari that has been laying around for years. Its a Cross My Heart Timberwolves as for sort of WIP and UFO LOL I have one that comes to mind my Coca Cola Santa. Just laid it aside for the Summer really.

Mary Louise in IN

Anonymous said...

Thank you Meari for your confessions - you made me feel much better.

Now I don't feel so bad that I have pieces from over a year ago that I haven't finished yet.

Some of your pieces predate my staring to stitch - rememeber I am still learning many things.


Katrien said...

I love your confession :)
Beautiful pieces you're working on; I'm usually only working on one or two pieces at at time, but alas, I do have one UFO.

Kathy A. said...

Wow Meari - your WIP's are beautiful and inspiring. I am afraid to list mine - I would have heart failure and then I couldn't stitch.
Hmm - better not for now.

Debra said...

not so bad. I was expecting more.

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing your wips. I only have 2, both started in Jan 10.

Carol said...

I think your list of UFO's is pretty reasonable, Meari--I have seen a lot worse, that's for sure. I think I just have one--and it will most likely never get finished because my tastes have changed :)

chrisstitches said...

Thanks you admitting....a 30 square quilt started at age 19 was placed on the bed 8 years I guess that makes 17's yellowed, but was embroidered with pink flowers & lots of work....chris b

Anonymous said...

Meari -
Your UFO's and WIP's all look great! I will have to go thru my stuff to see what all I have. I do know that I am trying to finish all of them first before I start on anything else. Right now I am doing the backstitching on my "The Castle" by Teresa Wentzler. I am finally on the last page of the backstitching, and am anxious to finish it for my son.


EvalinaMaria said...

You are a brave lady with your confession. I have a few of these myself but wouldn't dare to confess...

Barb said...

I am not admitting to how many UFO's I have! But your former UFO's now Wip's look nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari

I really love all of your stitching and that blossom splendor is coming gorgeous

I dont even think my other WIP/UFO before I have finish my piony stitching
( oh and someone sent to me link to Lanartes newest pictures , LOL )


Alberta said...

You, Meari...UFO's? I'd have never known! You do such stunningly beautiful work and post your Ta Da's so often, I was surprised. Keep it up, your secret is safe here!

Vickie said...

I have so many I stared a blog for them! Waiting for japanense garden to be posted!

Akila said...

Wow, those are some very pretty pieces. But I can say I do have a mind block when it comes to specialty stitches. I have a dimensions bookmark kit that has a lot of them, and am yet to muster enough courage to pick it up
I can't say I have any UFOs, but I take far tooooo long to complete what is supposed to be a "quick" project.
Those are my confessions, haha

Rachel S said...

It took me a long time for Elegance of the Orient. Mine was headless for a few years. It's a hard chart! Your progress is awesome!

Anonymous said... don't have any WIPs and UFOs. Five is hardly worth
mentioning!! ! lol

You need to start some..right now!