Sep 19, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 9/19/11

This past week was the easiest of weeks since the semester started. The next three weeks will be busy with homework, quiz, term paper, and finals. This week, I need to register for my LAST class. Woo Hoo!

Different kind of stitchy finishes, but fun nonetheless. It's been ages since I pulled out the sewing machine to do anything other than clothing repairs. To actually "create" was a lot of fun!

Baby Bibs!

One side is cotton, the other side is flannel. Aren't they the cutest? I didn't have a live model, so I opted for the next best thing:

Now, don't laugh at her. She's been "well loved". My Dad brought her home when I was two years old. As my Mom tells it, she was taller than I was. Can you picture a two-year old dragging around a doll bigger than herself? It's no wonder the poor baby doesn't have hair on the back of her head! I still remember her new in the box. I don't remember the clothes she had on, but she came with regular clothes and pastel orange footie pajamas and a bottle that she could hold. Over the years, I lost her clothes and substituted real baby clothes. I used to have an entire suitcase of clothes for her and my baby doll baby. As you can see, at some point I decided she needed a manicure.

This brings me to a question: Do you have any toys from your childhood?

During my sewing escapade, I had to dig through my tubs of fabric.

Some of it is vintage, some is yardage, some are fat quarters. I realized (yet *another* project) that I need to get it more organized so that I can see at a glance what I have if I want to finish a stitched project, or sew something. I got as far as this in organization:

These are folded into fat quarter size (and is only a small portion of my fabric stash). Does anyone have good ideas for storage? I store my fabric bins in an unfinished basement in sealed tubs to keep out creepy-crawlies and protected from water seepage that sometimes occurs.

Jenn from This Witch's Stitches sent me a dragonfly chart. I am thinking about stitching it as a scissor fob. Thank you, Jennifer!

Over the past couple weeks, a few of my readers have asked about the color floss I'm using the the iStitch SAL. It's a varigated Anchor floss (1315) called "Flame".

Carol sent out Part 4 on Friday and I stitched it up last night.

I stitched a bit on Blossom Splendor, too. Soon, I'll be starting another page!

I did have a stitchy finish, but I can't show it until it arrives at its new home. I finished the "Words of Christmas" HOE ornament.

If you've made it this far, you're probably wondering "Who's the winner?!?" I used the Random Number Generator thingy (so much easier than putting names in a hat!). The winner is Lynn in TX!

On September 15, 2011 Linda said...
I don't know....3 years? I could go back and look I guess. I love the weekly updates, love your writing style, and especially loved the Boyfriend's always an upper! Keep it going.

Congratulations, Lynn! Please email me with your address and I'll get the package out to you. Thanks for being a reader all these years! (P.S. I think it's been longer than 3 years, LoL)

Sidebar: The first person to comment on my blog when I started it six years ago, still reads and comments on my blog today. :)

Until next time,


Parsley said...

Look at all you've been creating! Wow! And the fabric...double wow.

Congrats to Lynn.

Karen said...

Really cute little bibs! Blosom Splendor is really pretty! As for fabric storage solutions - mine are stored in bins too.

Emily in NC said...

Cute bibs, who is going to be the lucky recipient, or donate them?? My, my, my but you do have lots of fabric. Do think the bins is a good idea, maybe clear ones to see what is in them, or sort them by color.

Anonymous said...

Your bibs look great on your well-loved doll ;-) Sewing is like stitching when it comes to improvising!! lol I have some of the bags with clear sides. Just haven't sorted out my fabric ;-) That's a few days work!! lol


Carolyn NC said...

Cute bibs!! Love the fact that you have a toy from your childhood! Happy organization!

Anonymous said...

The bibs look great Meari! I still have my very first teddy bear. He has a bell in one ear and, predictably, that ear is the dirtiest, LOL.

For fabric storage - I never really worried about it until I stared making my own bellydance costumes. Now I have a whole bin (one of the flat, under the bed ones). One side is for costume fabric and bits, and the other side is for crafting fabric and other bits. :) Not too organized, but, since it's not too deep, it's easy to dig through. :)

Karin in CA

Ranae said...

I store my material the same way, in tubs, so I'm of no help
I stitched the La D Da dragonfly, it was fun
Blossom Splendor is looking so pretty
Cute bibs

MaryT said...

Really nice bibs Meari, I have one of my dolls still and I have a whole set of china dishes guess I still have them because i was never allowed to play with them! LOL

Mary Louise in IN

Anonymous said...

Oh Meari

Really good work with your "baby bibs" and stitching too.


Katrien said...

cute bibs.
Your stitching is looking great (as usual :)).
I still have my doll from childhood as well, some other toys as well, but those are now for Jelena (not my doll, though!)

Anonymous said...


My Mom has a whole room full of fabric and she she uses the clear totes as well. She keeps all the fabrics in the same color family together in each tote. It makes it easy to find what she's looking for at any given time!


Kay said...

Love the fabric!!! You have been keeping busy, good for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

I just read your blog & enjoyed your pics. I really like the color floss you chose for the istitch SAL. I'm glad I finally got to see it.

I have a 'thought' for storing your fabric. I have a tall bookshelf with doors. I keep all my sewing material in it. Mine is upstairs, but I suppose you could keep it downstairs in your basement if you set it up on bricks with a piece of plastic between the bottom of the bookshelf & the brick so if the brick absorbs water it won't ruin the bookshelf. I have some of my furniture stored that way in my unfinished basement. I'm not so sure it would keep the creepy crawlies out, but maybe you can put the material in zip lock bags or in clear plastic containers & set them on the shelves. You probably wouldn't need to use all the shelves that come with the might be able to use those plastic open shelves & put clear containers on those....OR....maybe you can put shelves on the walls & set clear plastic containers on those.
I'll be anxious to see other suggestions & what you finally decide on. I'm a container freak & I love organization & anything related to organizing & containers. LOL!

Christine - nannystitch

Pam in IL said...

Just wondering what the bibs are for... They are really cute!

I have a few toys from my childhood, but my MIL kept every single toy my hubby and his sister had. She wrapped the games and puzzles in plastic wrap and stored them all in her huge attic. Not surprisingly, she still has toys from her childhood too.

Anonymous said...

Your give away is amazing. I love purple and have a purple everything I can find including clothes and under cloths. Who are the baby bibs for? They look professionally made. You are a great seamstress. I adore your well loved doll. What a wonderful keepsake from childhood. Your stitching is fantastic as always. You are making good progress. I love your weekly blob. It is so well done.


Berly said...

The bibs are adorable! I love Anchor variegated threads. That one is soooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Those baby bibs are adorable. Great job with the sewing. I don't have any of the toys I played with as a child because my parents sold them at a yard sale when I was out of state visiting my older sister. Boy was I mad about some of the things they sold. Blossom & part 4 of your mystery piece looks great. Keep up the great stitching. I have two Rubbermaid totes of fabric stash. That is how I keep them. It works.
Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ

Sunshine said...

Just look how crafty you are... Baby bibs? Now who ya sewing for? Does Baby Doll always wear a bib? The only toys from childhood I have is the 1st Baby tender Love Doll, along with PJ and Skipper. Boy does that make me feel old :)

Shelley said...

Congrats to Lynn!!

The bibs are adorable and you're WIPs are looking great ;)

I do still have some toys and such from my childhood. A lot of stuff had to be left behind in our travels as the military gives you a weight limit on your stuff when you move from place to place. Then when we were in Italy a lot of my stuffies were ruined by the constant battle with mildew.

For your fabbies, I've seen special plastic tubs in JoAnns meant for storing them just the way you have them folded!

Nancy M said...

Nice job on the bibs, must be school gave you somewhat of a break to get so creative AND organized! Seeing your fabrics stacked up, I'm thinking I need to get some shelves in my craft room and get them out of drawers so I can see them better! Nice job on Splendor, she'll be done before you know it, then you can get back to JG!I think I have some old Barbies of mine in the basement and a set of bunk beds for babies that my Dad made. I kept Lauren's American Girl dolls and accessories and now Amberlyn plays with them.

Mouse said...

well .. here goes .. the bibs are really cute .. adore your model :) I've still got my teddy bears and my pippa dolls and my action girl ;0 and my crib too ..
the fabric stash is great and I've got mine in a plastic tub but need to organise it better ... may be put all the same shades into a smaller box and store on bookshelves raised up off the floor in the basement ??
and finally your stitching is lovely and coming on a treat and love the scissor fob chart as adore dragon flies :) love mouse xxxxx

Sparkles 'n' Stitching said...

Congrats to the lucky winner of your giveaway.

I still have a stuffed monkey my gran gave me on me 1st christmas, I have only recently brought myself to put him away but that was moslty bescuse my girls were being a bit rough with him. He's an old man now so once they can be a bit more gentle with him they can have him.

I love the bibs you've stitched up too

Akila said...

Such pretty bibs. Your story of a 2-year old dragging a doll is soo cute. Took me back in time. Remember having a pink color teddy that somebody got me, I think from Muscat. But don't have anything saved from my childhood.
Love the "flame" you are using for the SAL.
Simply love blossom splendor.Congrats on your progress

Debra said...

Nice bibs. Yes, I still have a monkey and a bear.

Kathy A. said...

Love the Monday update. You always make me smile.
I don't have any childhood toys - I had two younger sisters :( and they pretty well took care of that.
Love the bibs. I have the neatest pattern for a bib that looks like overalls that I have made for gifts too.

Veronica said...

Beautiful fabrics! I still have a few softtoys from childhood. Most memorable is a doggie softtoy... My parents have taken a number of pictures of me holding it. I was probably two or three years old.

"Flame" is a gorgeous colour and your iStitch SAL looks lovely stitched in it.

Kate said...

Cute bibs.
I have a lot of quilting fabric. Fat quarters and smaller pieces are folded and stored in drawers so I can see each piece. Larger pieces are stored in colour ranges in plastic tubs. I use cardboard templates to help with folding to a standard size.
I love your stitching.

chrisstitches said...

I was more into sand toys. My son will surely wreck my metal construction toys...tomboy...
cute bibs. behind on blogs, but stitching, don't know how you do it all....
Take care.
chris b

Maureen said...

I have a teddy bear i got for my first christmas and i still have him and still love him to pieces lol!

Carol said...

Now that's a lot of fabric! Wouldn't I love to paw through that!! Good luck with your organization--be sure to show us a photo when you're all done...

Such cute bibs and so funny about your little (big) doll from childhood. The only thing I have left (and it's still at my mom's) is a stuffed Santa. My brother and I still argue over who it really belongs to (but I know it's mine--all mine!!)...

Congratulations to Lynn!

Vickie said...

Bibs looks so cute! How did you make them? Laughing at you fabric delima....I am in the same boat!