May 7, 2012

Marvelous Monday Update 5/8/12

Oh wait... that's rain, rain, go away.  Yep, the pain in my neck is still there.  At least I'm able sleep on my back and right side with "minor" discomfort.  Minor is relative, isn't it?  Let me just say, I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks.  The pain not only travels down the outside of my upper right arm, it now sometimes skips the upper arm and goes to the inside of the right forearm into my thumb.  My thumb is partially numb now.  I'm sure I have a pinched nerve somewhere!  I started massage therapy last week so I'm hoping it will help.

Despite still recovering from the neck/shoulder/arm pain, I had a mini finish last week.  I finished Part 1 of Fleurs et Papillons:

Since I finished Fleurs, I switched to Sampler aux Bouquets.  I am not liking the fact that when I frog the reds, the fibers are staying in the fabric.

I have tried the Boo Boo Stick, a toothbrush, a piece of tape... to no avail.  Anyone know how to get these out?  I can see it in every place I frogged. (FYI... these are DMC threads on 32ct Zweigert evenweave)

Other than that, I'm liking the design.  Here's what it looks like so far:

My not-so-local LNS is going out of business. Since I had a gift certificate from the store, I went stashing! LOL

I bought the rest of the beads for Winter White Santa.  I just need to buy the fabric and it'll be ready to start.  The shop had it on display... it was beautiful!  I also bought another Lorri Birmingham kit.

My niece loves horses and wants to be a horse breeder someday.  She saw a Gentle Strength needlepoint kit.  How could I resist getting it for her?

She says she likes needlepoint better because she only has to do he half of an X, lol.  Here she is diligently working on it:

Just a shoutout to anyone who uses Excedrin, Bufferin, Gas-X, and NoDoz.  There's a recall on these products.  I use Excedrin Migraine and I was taken by surprise that I didn't know about this until Tobie (a fellow stitcher) emailed me about my recent pains.  I have since mailed my product in to the company for a refund.  To learn more about it, go HERE and HERE.

If you didn't know, the artistic gene runs in my family!  My 14yr old niece was one of 71 "Young Artists" from all the area schools whose artwork is being featured at an art museum until the end of May.  Artists are in grades Kindergarten to 8th Grade.

Her artwork is called "Elephants on Parade".  She carved a stamp out of linoleum of an elephant head and added the word "Rome" diagonally, and a sun in the corner.  Then using paints, she made four images.  She was so proud, she even showed me the stamp she carved. :)

Here are some other student pieces worthy of mention:

Created by a Kindergartener!
6th Grade Artwork
Those are actual crayons at the top!
Until next time,


Nancy M said...

Is it the store that we went to?? I am being gifted Winter White Santa!! As for the red issue.......don't frog! LOL I hope to pass down my needle passion to Amberlyn since Lauren didn't get it! Glad you can enjoy it with your niece.

Lisa said...

Hope your pain gets resolved soon Meari. Liking the stitching so far on both pieces of work....but boy am I envious of the needlepoint kit...I love horses. Finally, that artistic gene certainly does run in your family, congrats to your niece with her artwork being displayed. Looking at the pictures taken there are certainly lots of very talented and artistic young people and its nice to see their talent being promoted.

Faith... said...

Those are some very talented artists on display! Congrats to your neice!

Sorry you are still having pain. Hope with the therapy it will soon disappear!

Your stitching looks amazing as always - hope you can get that color off your fabric.

Jo said...

Congratulations to your niece, a very talented family. So sorry to hear about the pain you're in, hope massage therapy helps.

I just love the stitching you're working on. Fleurs et Papillons has really caught my interest, look forward to seeing your progress.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the Therapy helps you with your pain.

Your niece is lovely, and congrats to her on her artwork.

Your stitching is really coming along. I can tell you have more time to stitch now-a-days....

I have no idea about the red stains. Good luck with that. I have to agree with the the posted comment. To avoid red stains from floss, Don't Frog...LOL....


JoAnn McLaughlin said...

sorry your in pain, know the feeling. does sound like a pinched nerve, my leg does what your arm does, go numb. i hope you find and answer. meanwhile about your red boo boo I have no cure of my own, sorry.the rest of your stitching is great.

Mouse said...

ohhh bummer about the pain ((((HUGS))) hope you get sorted soon .... lovely stitching shame about the red floss .. try using a wee bit of low tac tape to lift it ??? like cello-tape for furbaby's hairs .
well done to your niece too on her award and gosh there was some wonderful talent there as well :)
love mouse xxxx

Katie said...

Hope your pain goes away soon. You've been suffering too long for sure. Congrats on your mini finish.

I agree with Nancy's comment Don't frog! LOL

Berly said...

That sounds like exactly the pain I had a couple of years ago. I had a very badly pinched nerve in my neck. Chiro worked wonders, but it took adjustments, massage, and heat several times to fix it!

As far as the red, try a disposable mascara wand with a VERY fine brush on it. They work wonders!

Bette said...

Meari, give the massage therapy time to work it make take a couple of months to do the job. I had pain that sounds remarkably like yours does and I went weekly for a massage it took 2-3 months but suddenly I woke up and realized I didn't hurt anymore.

It's amazing the artwork done by the children. There is some real talent there.

Sue said...

Meari, your Sampler looks fabulous; I am so sorry you are having problems with the threads. I have had this happen; it seems nothing really helps.

Your niece is very talented! Way to go! Those pieces are all great. It is amazing how artistic lots of children are these days.

I am sorry you are still hurting....have you mentioned Fibromyalgia to your Dr.? At this point, everything needs to be ruled out girlfriend! Right now, two fingers on my right hand have 'triggered'; haven't had this in some years. Five of my ten digits had to be fixed. Now it is the pinky and thumb; I can feel a ganglion cycst under the thumb in the crease of your hand where you bend is awful. I tell you, this getting older sure does bring things to the surface!!!! lol Feel better sweetie.


Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear you're still in pain. It'll take time, but give the massage therapy a chance.

Your niece is so cute! It's awesome that she has an interest in needlework. How lucky you were to see the Young Artist Show and your niece's artwork is cool.

Over spring break, my girls each made some artwork with crayons like that too. They also did some artwork by using crayons in a hot glue gun and putting the melting crayon on a canvas.

Great STASH shopping!

Barb said...

Sorry to hear about your pain, it's no fun. Hope it goes away soon. Your niece is very talented. Nice stitching on your pieces.

EvalinaMaria said...

Oh Meari, I can relate to your pain and sleepless nights. After being in pain for over a year I cured mine with vit. D (25 IU per pound of body weight, daily). After 2 weeks pain went away. Massages are great but the relief is only temporary. Now since my pain is gone I'm able to do exercises and finally again I can clasp my hands together behind my back.

Congrats to your niece. Your stitching is lovely as always.

Mel said...

boo on pain Meari. :( I hope it gets better soon.

Love seeing all the art from the kids. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Your stitching is just amazing as always.
As for the red fibres staying stuck I've found that stitching something else through (say a white DMC or something) and then ripping it out can help. I know it sounds a bit odd but it has helped me before. The other thing to do is take a blow dryer on cold to it (not hot!) and see if some of it will whisk away.

RhondaWoman71 said...

i hope your pain is gone soon, me today I am trying not to get this migrane that is trying to over take. CONGRATS toyour neice what an honor for her.

Anonymous said...

I think the red on your stitching is the dye from the red thread. You can try using a tooth brush and scrubbing the area with some sort of gentle cleaner. You may have to cover it with something red there anyway! The art work is amazing - hard to believe it comes from ones so young. I'm jealous - wish I had some of that talent. Your niece is a real cutie. Judi in Phx

Lyn said...

Your finish looks great. The only thing I can think of as far as the red fibers is a lint roller. Worth a shot maybe!

Your nieces come by their crafty talent naturally. It runs in the family!

The art in the museum is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are still in pain and hope the therapy helps you.

Congratulations to your niece and what lovely art work from the other students.

Your stitching is lovely as usual.


Veronica said...

That does sound real painful. I'm surprised you're still able to stitch with your thumb being partially numb. Hope it goes away soon.

Your SAL is proressing well. I love the blue you're using for the flowers in the middle. Then again, my fav colour is blue so not surprising.

Can't help you with the leftover fibers on the fabric though :( So when will you be starting Winter White Santa? ^.^


Chris said...

I hope that you are feeling well soon. At least you are still making stitching progress :)
Your niece's artwork is amazing and its wonderful that she is doing some needlework!

Carol said...

Gosh, Meari--it sounds like your pain isn't getting any better at all. I'm so sorry! And not sleeping just adds to your troubles :(

I'm glad you're still able to stitch a bit...How sweet that your niece enjoys needlepoint... Tell her I loved seeing her art work :)

Hang in there--hope you start feeling some relief very soon.

Anne said...

Awww...wishing your pain will go away :( I hope the therapy works and you start to feel better soon. I'm amazed you are still stitching! Great progress on your WIP's! Too bad about the stubborn red stain :( Don't know how to help you there.

Your niece is so sweet! I love how she likes needlepoint! She's quite the artist too!!

Katrien said...

I hope the massage therapy works fast.
Beautiful stitching.
Your niece is doing beautiful artwork.
No idea how to get rid of the red stain on your fabric, I get the same problem with frogging red

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with that shoulder, Meari. I hope you can get some relief soon. At least it's not stopping you from stitching - both the pieces you show are very pretty. Congrats to your niece on her success with her art.


Vicky L said...

Your stitching is beautiful. The artwork is awesome. The fairy piece can easily be from Heaven and Earth designs. Congrats to your niece. Her piece is wonderful!

lesli said...

awww...I'm sorry to hear that your pain hasn't gone away! :( I can't believe you're getting any stitching done...I'd be so frustrated!

Congrats on your mini finish, it is lovely....can't wait for the other pages!

I've never had the issue with the fibers being left behind....can you use tape to pull them up (like one of those lint rollers?)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your muscle pain and hope you can find something that can help. Love your WIP but have no new suggestions on removing the "poop" from the frog that came to visit. Congratulations on your niece's art being displayed. That's very special and I know you are proud of her.

HUGS, Dee in TN

Akila said...

Hope you feel better soon. I hope the stitching does not increase the pain. Do take care.
Goodness, what creativity kids have at their age. Each piece is unique, have never seen something like this. Congratulations to your niece

mab3500 said...

Fabulous stitches! Great artwork. I hope your neck feels better soon. Try rubbing it with some eucalyptus oil.

Anonymous said...

Oh Meari

I Hope that your pain going away soon and you heal quickly.

Your stitching looks really beautiful.

I really enjoy to look your blog


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!! Frog poop!!!! That's just too funny!!!!

Wish I had a suggestion Meari, but I don't know what else to tell you that you haven't already tried!

Happy Trails,
Pam K. :o)

Kay said...

I hope you are starting to feel better from the pain that has been bothering you for a while. Have you considered going to a doctor just to make sure nothing is going on? Your stitching is coming along beautifully! Your niece is a very talented lady all around, love the artwork. A lot of talented children out there including your niece!

Anonymous said...

i'm loving the sampler work. great job! What is the Japanese Garden? That looked interesting, but i really couldn't see the detail.


Anonymous said...

Silly me! and here I thought that you too were on the list that asked for rain - I am geographically challenged!

You must find a solution to stop the pain ASAP!

Your niece is very talented and creative - I loved the art work by the young people - the crayon one is my favourite.

You are making great progress on your SAL - Tina's tip for spot remover may work - try applying it gingerly with a Qtip - or like Karen suggested - STOP FROGGING!