May 21, 2012

When Will It End?

I don't know, but it can't be soon enough!  I had my annual exam at the chiro's last week.  The thermo scan of my spine was actually better than it was last year at this time.  What the heck?!?  So, the conclusion is that the problems I'm having is mostly muscular, which means continued appointments with the massage therapist.

I have noticed that any activities that require me to reach out, up, and forward cause my arm to really hurt  (i.e. computer use if the keyboard is higher than lap level, stitching at the lapstand, looking through clothing racks, and driving).  Last night, I was watching TV and I felt and saw the muscle in my upper arm spasming. The BF said he could see it spasming all the way down to my elbow.

The BF and I planted my vegetable garden yesterday.  It was his idea to put the fencing up to keep the critters from eating the seedlings like they did last year.  (In the background you can see my compost bin).  Hopefully, the garden will do better this year than it did last year.

I bought flowers for my planters, but this is as far as I got on putting them in the planters, lol.

(From car trunk to garage floor)

I cannot believe how many blossoms are on my double knockout rose bush this year!

(Just one of the blooms)

I've really been trying to rest my arm, but it's been hard when I'm surrounded by stitchy goodness, lol.  The only stitching I did all week was finish the Partridge ornament.

Partridge was a Stitch-N-Frame ornament kit from Needlemagic Inc.  I used the threads from the kit and swapped out the fabric for a piece of hand-dyed 22ct aida leftover from a project I did last year.  Here's what the original ornament was supposed to look like:

To this:

Partridge 3387 Stitch-N-Frame Ornament
Designer: Needlemagic Inc
Fabric: 22ct Hand-dyed Hardanger
Embellishments: Pearl beading, ribbon, buttons


Kay said...

The partridge ornament is beautiful how you finished it! The flowers are beautiful! Take care of yourself and I hope very soon you are starting to feel better.

Berly said...

See, I just need to send all my ornaments to you for finishing! I will gladly send materials, money, etc.

We took a class with a Master Gardener last year. She told us one good way to keep the critters out of the garden is to put small jars throughout the garden area. You can put candles in them if you want to and then light them when you sit outside at night and it looks like fairy lights!

Sandie said...

I love the little ornie you were able to fonish - looks great. Keep taking things easy with the arm/shoulder area - although it's tempting to stitch loads, you must take care of it. Hope the garden produces lots for you this year.

Bette said...

Meari, I so feel for you with your pain having gone through it myself. Is your massage therapist working on your pecs as well as the muscles in the back? That's where a lot my my pain stemmed from. The pecs were a trigger point for everything. Now I get equal work done on both the front and the back. Whatever happens I'll keep you in my prayers.

The ornament is lovely. Love the ribbons you used.

Emily in NC said...

Fantastic job with the ornament, it looks so elegant that way. Sorry to hear the shoulder and arm still giving you trouble, are you on muscle relaxers they help with the spasms. Garden looks nice too.

Sunshine said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. The Ornie looks Great!

Cindy said...

Love your finish of the Partridge Ornament. Much nicer than the original.
Hope your arm gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the way you finished this ornament ! I hope that your arm gets to feeling better soon...hugs...Linda J.

Katie said...

I really hope your pain eases soon.

Your garden is too cute. Hope the critters leave it be for you. Your flowers are beautiful.

Love the ornament. It looks a million times better your way.

Julie M said...

Cute finishing Meari!!

I hate that your having so much trouble with your arm. At least with my ankle I can still stitch! Hope it gets better for you soon.

And you've gotten further on your flowers than I have. I haven't even thought but once about going to buy any. Been too much too busy!

Take care!


Akila said...

Aww your poor neck/shoulders!! Really hope it's alright again
I love the way you have finished the partridge to what it was supposed to be. Lovely

Anonymous said...

Ow!!! Just reading about your arm makes mine hurt. I banged my elbow on our love seat's arm ( it is wood) over a month ago. I banged the same place a week later. Dr. told me I have bruised the tendon. Needed to ice & rest it. I couldn't pick anything up with my left hand without a lot of pain. Did what Dr. said & now I am doing much better. Still have pain but no where near what it was before. Still need to watch what I pick up with left hand.
Your Partridge is adorable. Love how you finished it. Much better than that cheap plastic frame. Good luck with your garden. DH wants us to have a veggie garden. I will be honest with you. I hate gardening. I hate all that weeding. Plant me a garden without have to weed & I'm there. Will do it though as with this economy, we must do what we can to save money.
I did tell my children not to get me any house plants. There is no one to take care of them when we go away, so the end up dying.
Feel better soon.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

mab3500 said...

I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with your garden.
I like your partridge much better. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're still having muscle issues, Meari. Your garden looks great so far!

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

Enjoyed visiting your blog. Sorry about your muscular problems. I sure hope that the therapy helps. Your garden & flowers are nice.

Your little ornament is so cute. I think it's a lovely finish! I like it because it's not the 'normal' type of finish but it's different. I seem to like different & unique finishes. You always finish your ornaments so nice though!

I just saw you are doing the Jardin Prive' 'Sampler aux Bouquets'. Looking nice so far. Are you stitching all 3 charts as one design or just #1? I will be getting the set of 3 Sampler au Bouquets charts for my birthday in July. I've had them on my wish list for a while now. How are the instructions? Are they easy to understand...most specifically when combining the 3 charts together as one design. I have a friend that has the charts & she's intimidated because they aren't in English. I myself am not too worried, but just thought I'd ask to get another opinion.

Christine - nannystitch

Faith... said...

Meari, I do hope your arms start to feel better soon. I know it must be quite frustrating for you. Your ornament looks fantastic!

Katrien said...

the partridge ornament is gorgous! I hope your arm gets better soon

Daffycat said...

Such a beautiful ornament, Meari. Love the finishing, especially the plaid ribbon.

Pam in IL said...

All you need is aluminum pie plates hanging on the corners of your garden fence and a black rubber snake laying inside the fence. My neighbor swears this keeps all critters and birds out!

Sorry to hear you're still having so much pain in the arm. Been there and done that--and still doing it.

Your partridge looks way better than the original kit!

Denise SA said...

Hope your arm shoulder is better soon.
I envy your plants. It's getting to hot here for pot plants

EvalinaMaria said...

Good luck with the garden!

Evalina, This and that...

Anonymous said...

Meari we're in the high 50's today - tomatoes and basil still have to wait - turtlenecks are back out again!

I love your ornie finish!


Nancy M said...

The kit? Not so cute, your version is much better. If bunnies are eating your veggies, I would try the spray you get to keep the deer out. Any TSC store or farm type store has it. We did that last year for the first time, no fence, and I actually had beans for the first time in 3 years!!! It really works! And I beat you to the planters this year!!! LOL I posted photos in my last blog post!

valerie said...

Hope you start feeling better! Massage therapy is great help even though it can be expensive. Love your partridge finish!

Lyn said...

Your Partridge looks wonderful! I will pray that your arm issues are resolved soon.

angie stitchings n things said...

your finish is so cute. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Now you know what is causing your pain and it does take time when it is muscle related.

Lov the way you finished your ornament.


Veronica said...

Pretty finish, Meari. Hehe... It sure is hard to resist stitching. You need to rest though :( Hope your arm heals soon.

Beautiful flowers!


Sue said...

Meari, I love the way you finished your ornie! Very very nice.

Your flowers are lovely and I am sure your garden will be beautiful. I look forward to seeing your veggies growing too!

I hope your arm, neck and shoulder don't give you too much trouble; keep up the therapy.


Shaunterria Owens said...

Hi Meari! I am sorry to hear your are still in so much pain, but the ornie you made looks great. Your finishes are always so well-done, and they add so much to the beauty of the piece...congrats on a job well done :)

lesli said...

Oh your poor muscles! :( I hope you're getting some time with the massage therapist a few times a week!

Love your garden! I'm looking forward to pics of it as it grows.

Look at your cute little Stitch-N-Frame change up! What a lovely idea! I have a handful of these little stitches in my stash (they were on sale somewhere for $0.25 each!)....I might have to steal your finish for mine!

Mylene said...

Such a cute ornament and you finished it perfectly!
Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it heals very soon.

Anonymous said...

Meari - I absolutely LOVE how your partridge ornie turned out!!! Those little plastic frames look so cheap and make the whole ornament look cheap, but you made yours look gorgeous!!!!!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful finish!!!

Glad your injury is muscle. I think that's lots less problems than skeletal. Hope it's much better soon! Your garden looks great!!

Happy Trails,
Pam K. :o)

Carol said...

You know, it almost sounds like you're having the same problems as my son, Meari. He just started seeing a massage therapist, too, and says is has helped a lot. Hope it does the same for you.

Good luck with your garden--a little fence like that wouldn't work around here... We have such problems with the neighborhood deer gang that we have to have at least a six foot fence up to keep them out!

Love your version of the Partridge--much, much better than the original in the plastic frame :)

Hope you get some relief from your pain--and soon!! Enjoy your long weekend :)

Anne said...

Good to know that the massage therapy is working, although that muscle spasm sounds awful. Love your little vegetable garden! And nicely done on the ornie!!

Anne Sans Tete said...

Your flower choices are beautiful!

I really miss planting flowers with my mom in the spring. I used to hate doing it, but in the past few years, I actually started to enjoy it.

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Ranae said...

I think your partridge ornie is beautiful, love the ribbon
I think you need some stitchy therapy to feel better, lol
Anna is coming down on Sunday, would you like to meet us at Needle and I, then some lunch at Panera or Applebee's
Nancy's sale is now 30% off
Anna has never been there, so she would like to go there before they close
I'll let you know for sure the plans and time, middle of this week I'm suppose to talk to her to confirm and will let you know, if your interested in meeting us
Take Care!!!!

Shelley said...

Love what you did with that cheap orni kit. That gives me wonderful ideas!! Thx.

glenda said...

I need a personal lesson on how to finish ornaments!

May already? I could swear half an hour ago it was March!