Sep 17, 2012

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

Have you ever seen the Sandbox commerical on TV?  Every time I see it, I laugh at the tortured cat commentary. LOL

Just poop, already!!

Since the summer weather took a toll on my flowers and garden, I haven't been able to share many photos. I have to give them credit, my Double Knockout Roses and Hostas are hanging in there.

I scoured four thrift stores in search of a frame for Fleurs et Papillons since it's almost finished. I couldn't find the right size, so the search is still on. With that said, I didn't leave empty handed.

I found 4 Hallmark Ornaments still in the box for 29cents each and 2 boxes of Christmas cards for 59cents each. For about a month now, I've been looking for a small side table to put next to my stitching chair. I found a small 2-drawer dresser that's no bigger than a TV tray for $7.99 (actually $7.98 because there was a penny in the drawer, lol). It needs some work, but that's OK. I'm the Queen of DIY, remember??

I also found a set of 11x17" Qsnaps with aida still on it for 59cents...

I don't use Qsnaps very often, but these will come in handy when I do.

I also found a framed southwest stitched piece on 32ct evenweave for $2. It's a beautiful piece and I was saddened to see it at the thrift store so I *had* to bring it home!

The only stitching I did last week was for a scissor fob exchange. It's going into the mail today, so I can't show photos until the recipient gets it. I can say that it turned out so cute, I'm thinking about making one for myself!

My not-so-local needlework shop is closing its doors at the end of this week. Right now, practically everything in the store is 70% off! I spent three hours looking through charts, chart packs, kits, fabric, and floss on Friday. I grabbed up what remained of the WDW and Kreinik silks. All the GAST was gone already *sniffle*. Somehow, a nice stack of 28 and 32ct linen found it's way into my bag, too!

Next week, I'll share some of the charts I picked up. At 70% off, I couldn't resist... When I was in the store, the BF texted me: "Just buy the whole store!" Too funny. I definitely used up my needlework budget for this year and next year!

Since I got some new stuff, I had the urge to purge some "old" stuff. I've added a bunch of items to my For Sale or Trade blog. I have another stack I've scanned and will be adding soon.

Lastly, I'll leave you with more humor... Ya just gotta love Maxine!

(As an allergy sufferer, I know how she feels!!)

Until next time,


Katie said...

I never saw that commercial but oh my gosh how funny! Thanks for sharing.

Congrats on your finds at the thrift store. Love the Q-Snaps. The stitched piece you found is beautiful. It was worth that price for the frame and mat.

Wow love that stack of fabric. LOL At your BF's comment. At least that means he supports your hobby which is so important.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great addition to your stash! Those other finds...someone
didn't know what they were pricing. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing.


Berly said...

Great shopping!!!

Vickie said...

Whoo hoo! .59!! And 70% off!! Wow! Good for you Meari.

cucki said...

Aww sweet stash ...
I love fall so much
Hugs for you xxx

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad you saved the stitched southwestern picture – that is always a fear – that someone you gift a picture to will not appreciate it or that their relatives will not appreciate it.

That was quite the find on the large Q-snap – I was just inquiring about that size in the HAED Facebook page.

Have a great week!!


Mylene said...

wow! i am so jealous here seeing all those fabrics! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your LNS is closing, Meari...wish I could be there to help reduce the inventory. :)

You're right, that southwest piece is beautiful!

Karin in CA

Faith... said...

Great fabric you got there!

I can not wait to see the table :) hope it is just what you needed.

Anonymous said...


Sad that you LNshop closing. Your flowers are great and that southwest picture is wonderful. Great fabric shopping


Joy said...

Lucky you with the bargains!! I never find anything neat in our thrift store. :-( Sorry about another LNS closing, but I am glad that you were able to get some good deals. Your BF knows you well! LOL

Anonymous said...

Meari I really enjoyed your blog today.

The cat in the commercial is a double of our cat Spot - and has the same attitude as well.

Congratulations on your shopping sprees - you always find the right things at the right price!

By the way, how is your vegetable garden doing this year - are you enjoying some of the fruit of your labour yet?


E.L. Chard said...

Lol, I hadn't seen that commercial yet but it's hilarious! TFS!

While I don't like to hear of another LNS closing, glad you were able to score what you did! I just love having lots of fabric to choose from. I need to find a decent sale ,lol.

The southwest piece that you rescued is lovely. I'm sad to see them in the thrift store too and often wonder about the person who spent many moments on the piece.

Pam in IL said...

Yep, I can relate to Maxine too.

You always have such good luck at the thrift stores. They only thing I get from the thrift stores around here is an allergy attack.

I placed an online order from the LNS since I couldn't get to the physical store. Love all that fabric you got too! The total of my purchases was $135 and I thought "this is a sale?" Turns out I didn't scroll down far enough. The actual price after the discount was $32.45! How cool is that.

Anonymous said...

What lovely finds from the thrift store. Sorry your LNS is closing.


Chris said...

That commercial is so funny! You always have to wonder what our cats are thinking.
Lovely new fabrics!
Have a great week!

Bette said...

What a great commercial! Too funny!

Love your new stash. It's always nice to get things at such a bargain but I'm always sad to see another LNS close.

Anonymous said... found some fantastic bargains at the stitching shop that is closing!

I love the Sandbox commercial... and of course I had to watch the other cat videos! Teared up at some of those great stories!

What amazing finds in the thrift stores... now I would have loved to have found those Q-snaps! They have been on my wish list forever.

Its always kind of sad to find completed stitching pictures sitting in thrift stores and flea markets thinking about how much time and love someone put into them and when they are gone family just tosses the stitching. I am glad you took the southwestern one home!

Hugs...Linda J

Kelly said...

You got some great finds Meari!

Kay said...

Thanks for sharing all around. I love the commercial. You always find such amazing steals!!! I love the finished piece you found. Have a good week!

Akila said...

Such amazing finds at the thrift. Wow and 70% off everything!!! What a haul!! How could anybody miss such a deal

Denise SA said...

That commercial is so funny. Congratulations on all the stash you bought. Looking forward to seeing a table makeover.

SoCal Debbie said...

Wow! So many amazing finds at your thrift store and LNS. What bargains! Lucky you!

Carolyn said...


That commercial made me laugh hard. I needed it.

Your roses and Hostas are stunning.

I can't wait to see what you do with the table you are always so creative.

You always find the best treasures while at the Thrift Store.

Look at all that fabric. You are set.

I like Maxine she always gets to the point.

Have a great week!

connie said...

LOL at the commercial.I had never seen it..You found some great things at the stores..I always love getting a deal.Look forward to seeing your table finish..

Melinda said...

You find the best bargins... Qsnaps for .59 - amazing. So sad about the Local Needlwork Shop - they are disappearing all over.

Katrien said...

those were great finds, enjoy all the new stash!

Carol said...

What great finds at the thrift store, Meari--I'm glad you rescued the southwest piece. It looks like some stitcher put a lot of time and love into that piece... And what a haul--all that linen and threads--you are one lucky girl. Can't wait to see what charts you came home with.

Love the color of the rose--glad you at least got some pretty flowers this year. You guys had it pretty rough with the heat and lack of rain, that's for sure! I hope this doesn't mean that winter will be colder and harder than normal!

Marge Bobo-Smith said...

Great finds at the thrift store, and your LNS. Sorry that it is closing. Can't wait to see the pics of the dresser after you get done with it.

Anonymous said...


Wow, I wish our thrift stores had prices like yours. I would certainly come home with more stuff. You certainly scored some great deals.

Karen H

MaryT said...

Love the cat! LOL also what great deals you got Meari.

Mary Louise in IN

stitcherw said...

What great finds, the q-snaps especially would be for me the best. Wonderful new stash too, sad though it is because another store is closing down. Your earlier mail art looked lovely, as does your progress on the papillons piece. Thanks for sharing Maxine, unfortunately I can really relate to her at the moment, LOL.

silentsgirl said...

That may be my favorite commercial of all time. No matter how often I see it, I still laugh out loud at it.

I'm so sorry that the LNS closed, but what a great haul you made. I'm terribly jealous of those beautiful fabrics. They're hard to get over here, so I've got myself quite a little wish list for when I'm next in the States.

Love the Maxine cartoon, too. :-)

Anne said...

ROFLLLLL!!!! That's the best commercial ever!!!

Your flowers are gorgeous!! Wow great thrift finds! I always find it sad too when I see a beautiful piece in a thrift store. Glad it has a new home to be appreciated in!

Look at those fabbies! Wow! So sorry to hear about the local-not-so-local shop closing :( So sad.

rosey175 said...

Oooh, congrats on the thrift store finds! I swear, they're my favorite place for stash enhancement 'cause if you get lucky, you REALLY get lucky! I'd love to find a set of Qsnaps and frame!

Also, the fabric is my weak spot. If things were on sale around here, I'd realize I might, in fact, have a problem, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand about fall allergies, Meari. They're hitting me too. The zucchini bread looks really good. May have to try that sometime.

Sandy in NM