Sep 4, 2012

Wonder Woman, I am Not

As much as I'd like to think I can do it all... my body tells me, "Whoa there Nellie, hold up now!"  If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you'd know that as a single girl, I do a lot of things on my own.  Last weekend was no different.

After investing in a new hedge trimmer, I *had* to try it out.  Plus, I had a hairy abbazabba bush that hadn't been trimmed in quite some time!  Did I stop at just that one bush?  No!  One led to a second, then a third, and next thing I know it's an hour later and 3/4 of the bushes were trimmed.  The only reason I stopped was the battery needed recharging.

So, then I pulled the trimmer head off the weedeater with the intention of re-stringing it.  Imagine my surprise when there was still string on it!  Guess what I did then?  Oh yeah, baby!  After yanking and yanking and yanking that darn thing, it finally started.  I trimmed the entire yard.

Did I stop there?  Oh, no.  Not me... I was on a roll.  I got out the lawnmower (a push mower, btw) and mowed the yard.  I was so proud of myself and how the yard looked when I was done!

Here's where my body decided that it didn't like what I did the day before.  See, back in my early 20's I injured a muscle in my lower back (by mopping the floor, of all things!).  The doctor threatened to put me in the hospital if I didn't go home, take the painkillers, and stay prone for several days. At that time, I literally had to crawl on all fours to go the bathroom... that's how bad it was.  It was that same muscle that was hurting on Sunday.  Standing and walking wasn't so bad.  Going up/down stairs, or getting into or out of a a sitting position was not so fun.

I am feeling much better now.  As much as I'd like to have super powers and be Wonder Woman... alas it's not to be.  Wonder Woman I am not.

My Dad was pretty proud of himself to pick up some cucumbers from a roadside stand for free.  He gave me a few cucumbers and a zucchini.  Then he asked me if I wanted more, and that we could take a drive.  Apparently, the gardener has a roadside stand with a "Free Vegetables" sign next to the highway a couple of villages from my parent's house.  So, I came home with a small bag of cucumbers to make more pickles.

Last week, I mentioned I had a finish.  I received word that it arrived at its new home, and the new owner is thrilled with it.  You know what that means, don't you?  It means I can show it!

Fabric: 22ct Hand-Dyed Hardanger
Fibers: Six Strand Sweets, DMC
Embellishments: Handmade Cording

Over the weekend, I started on Part 5 of Fleurs et Papillons.  Here's my progress so far:

Other WIP photos can be seen HERE.

I had another finish over the weekend, but again, I can't show it until it arrives at its new home.

Until next time,


Berly said...

The entire yard in 1 day? Really??? Your stitching looks great!

Berly said...

The entire yard in 1 day? Really???? :) Your stitching looks great!

Kaisievic said...

Make sure that you take care of that back. An impressive effort in the yard though and gorgeous stitching.

Veronica said...

I hope your back is feeling better. Beautiful stitching. Fleurs et Papillons is really coming along.


Melinda said...

The whole yard? Seriously - you are Wonder Woman. Rest your back, please.
Love your pickles and of course your stitching.

Sue said...

Oh Meari, you REST that back! We don't want you needing surgery! Backs can be very tricky.

To me, you are a wonder woman! All that yard work; then putting up more pickles.......YUMMMMMM...........

Your stitching looks fabulous; love the scissors and fob you made also! Can't wait for your next update.


Parsley said...

So sorry about your back. I'm not single but I do most of the yard work too. I think some of us gals do it better anyway. Rest up and stitch when you can.

Julie M said...

Really Meari? That's all it took? Why I could do all of that and my neighbors yard too and not feel it at all. NOT!!! LOL!! I'd have been down and out after the hedge. You silly woman, part of being Wonder Woman is knowing your limits! You need to take better care of yourself. Glad you are feeling some better now.

Lovely stitching!

Kay said...

Your stitching looks great, Take care of yourself. I hope you are feeling well.

cucki said...

i hope your back is feeling better now..
beautiful stitching..
hugs and love x

Chris said...

Wow! I don't think that I have ever used either of those tools. If I lived by myself I don't think I would have a yard to take care of. But that is me. I could be a city girl. I am glad that you have recovered quickly.
Your fob for Dana is beautiful and the garden piece is lovely.

Denise SA said...

It's so easy to wear our bodies out take care. Lovely stitching and those pickles are making me hungry.

Anonymous said...

Oh Meari

I Hope that you are OK soon
Your stitching looks really wonderful


Akila said...

Uh oh, hope you are better now.
Looove everything about the ornament, the rich blue, the cording.. everything. Fleurs looks beautiful

Anonymous said...


Your Fleurs et Papillons is really progressing beautifully - I also love the scissor fob for Dana.

Wonderwoman - you should have a man do some of the heavy work.


Vickie said...

Oh I hear ya with the Wonder Woman thing. My hip gives me such issues. My brain still wants to do it all. It is so very frustrating to be limited.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I can totally relate, Meari! I spent an hour the other day trimming a huge bush in our front yard - huge enough that half of the time the trimmer was either over my head or waaaay out in front of me. I was so sore for the next couple of days. And, of course, I did a new hula fitness class the day after. Great workout, bad timing LOL.

Karin in CA
Tsarina of Tsilks

Katie said...

You are wonder woman to me! Sorry you were in pain though.

Love your stitching as always.

Carol said...

Oh, your poor back--no wonder it complained! That is a heck of a lot of work you got in on Saturday!! It's hard when our bodies start failing us--just wait until you hit your late 50s!! Oh my :(

Your pickles look great--my dad always made his own, too. And I love the fob you stitched for Dana... Thanks for the link to those great old alphabets--I keep losing it :)

You take it easy this week, Meari, and rest that back as much as you can...

Anonymous said...

Ouch! You be careful. I am glad that your back is feeling better. (((hugs)))

Your pickles are going to be delish along with those zucchini. Your making me hungry.

What a cute job on the scissor fob!

Your progress is looking great on Fleurs et Papillons!

Mary said...

Wow Meari, that is a whole lot of yard work. The pickles look delicious. Your stitching is very beautiful.

Pam in IL said...

I'm so glad you didn't tell us you had cut something other than your bushes with that new trimmer you got!!!!! Then I thought, oh oh, she messed up her neck/shoulder again. Your back is bad enough to mess up and next time, you need to slow down and only do one job per day.

Your scissor fob is so cute and your Fleurs is coming along nicely!

Faith... said...

Hope you are feeling better Meari. Your stitching is beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

It is great when you start something and just want to keep going but you pay for it next day. I hope your back is ok now.

Your ornament is really pretty and your stitching is lovely as usual.


ChrisG said...

Super progress om Fleur! Sorry your body is feeling bad after all that work. Hope you are better by now.

Carolyn NC said...

The body is a funny thing sometimes. Stops us in our tracks when we want to keep on going! Hope you're better now. Lovely stitchy progress!

Anonymous said...

Meari -

Love the stitching! It is beautiful! Congrats on making more pickles.


Jo said...

Wonderful stitching as always Meari. Impressed with how much gardening you got done, I'd have stopped with exhaustion after the trimming.

Anonymous said...

What a busy weekend, Meari. Glad you're feeling better now. SO and I did yard work, too, but not nearly to that extent!

Sandy in NM

Anonymous said...

Wow with all that you did I would say you are a close second to Wonder Woman. Sorry that you hurt your back though. Hope it is feeling 100% soon. One of the things I do miss living here in AZ is that there are no road side stands that sell veggies. your pickles look yummy even though I myself don't care for any kind of pickles my family does. Love the scissor fob. Your WIP is looking great!!!! Keep up the great stitching.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Katrien said...

Your finish was gorgeous! Fleur et Papillons looks great. Waw, the entire yard... are you sure you're not wonder woman??

Shelleen said...

Wow. You were energetic. Take it easy next te.

rosey175 said...

I'm "just" a housewife, so everything is my domain around the house, yardwork included! Luckily, I love doing it! Unfortunately for my hands, the only engine-powered machine is the pushmower; all trimming of sidewalks and around the base of the house is done with a tiny pair of shears! I usually need a day to recover hands & back after that one though, hah.

Of course, I don't often do them all in one day so you are definitely Wonder Woman!!

Your stitching looks wonderful and that is such a great fob! Even the homemade pickles are awesome! My mom used to make them but she hasn't be able to have a productive garden for years (too dry). Thank goodness for farmers markets though!

Anne said...

You've gotta be a little more careful my dear with your back!!

Those pickles look so tasty. Nothing like a crunchy pickle to stave off those salt cravings! Beautiful little scissor fob you made and Fleurs is gorgeous too!

Mangogirl said...

We all wish we could be wonder woman.

Vickie said...

I hate reading posts like this because I am so lazy I just hired a lawn guy. Best $45 every two weeks I spend....

Your stitching looks amazing as always!!!